The Black Card

Chapter 348

Chapter 348 - Cruelty Behind Modesty

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Editor: llikia

The record had many things worth learning, but Shi Lei didn’t have the time to go through all of it. He could only continue reading and memorizing as much information as possible.

At 8 PM, as Shi Lei finally finished reading Yao Keji’s information, he felt starved and could barely able to keep his eyes open due to the pain.

However, Shi Lei was unwilling to waste any time eating. He knew that his phone had rung a quite a few times, but he chose to ignore it.

Yao Jiafu.

Shi Lei began reading through his information.

This time, he was smart and didn’t start from the first box.

Since part one of Yao Jiafu’s records only filled half a box, Shi Lei skipped to part two and began reading from there.

Shi Lei picked up another pile that described Yao Jiafu’s life in university and skipped it without hesitation.

After going through another two piles, Yao Jiafu had graduated from university and, as mentioned in Yao Keji’s information, that he joined Yu Banzhi manage his business. At that time, Yu Banzhi was merely twenty years old and had been running his business for less than three years.

Yao Jiafu’s information had nothing useful either. He basically repeated what Yao Keji did and acted as the executor since Yao Keji was already fifty years old.

After the year 2010, the information on Yao Jiafu gradually increased. He inherited his father’s job and could independently manage the majority of Yu Banzhi’s affairs.

2010 was also the year in which Yao Er decided to quit school. He was sixteen and just like Yao Keji, Yao Jiafu insisted on stopping Yao Er to act as proxy for Yu Banzhi, even though Yu Banzhi wanted him to convince his little brother by offering him great benefits.

However, Yao Jiafu wasn’t tempted by Yu Banzhi’s promise. Instead, he strictly warned Yao Er that it was entirely thanks to Yu Family that Yao Family worked for them, or acted as the medium for Yu Banzhi.

Although the Yu family seemed to be helping them when they encountered trouble, in fact, the Yu family directed Yao Keji’s company to sue him. Although there was no concrete proof, Yao Keji and Yao Jiafu didn’t believe it. Except they knew that they couldn’t do anything against a powerful family. Hence, they pretended to be grateful of their help and remained under Yu family’s protection.

In reality, they wished they had never come in contact with the Yu family.

Regardless, this was rather unexpected.

At 10 PM, Shi Lei finished reading Yao Jiafu’s information. There was a little over an hour left and Yao Er only had one box, so he should be able to finish it all, especially since Yao Er was only twenty-one. There probably wasn’t much information on him.

However, when Shi Lei picked up his files, he knew he was wrong.

Yao Er was young, which was why he only had one box. However, Yao Er’s experiences was indeed too different from those of ordinary people. He left school at age sixteen and underwent the trials in the society. Although he had his family, he was also resourceful. There were no high-class people whom he didn’t know in Wudong city and the regions in its surroundings.

In fact, Yao Er’s record showed that he went to university at age fourteen. Even before that age, his information was much more valuable than his father’s and his brother’s.

Shi Lei couldn’t tell at all. Although Yao Er looked fair, he wasn’t very tall and was as modest as one could be. In reality, when he entered high school at the age of twelve, he was naturally bullied by his fifteen to sixteen year old classmates due to his height, even though he was normal for someone who was far from finishing his development. In the beginning, Yao Er was endured it, yet, it wasn’t until his first week before he fought back.

What Yao Er said was: “I stepped back and they advanced. I stepped back again, but they kept advancing. That’s fine. I will back off once more. I’m already backed into the corner but they keep taking advantage of me and slapping my face. If I can’t back off anymore, then there’s no need to because it’s now my time to advance.”

Yao Er used his metal bicycle lock and smashed opened the heads of the three most tall and muscular boys in the class. His face was also covered in blood, but he remained the last one standing. After those three boys fell, he continued hitting them with the lock until they almost died.

After that, everyone finally witnessed the Yao family’s power. But before, no one had known that Yao Er’s family was the wealthiest in the entire school.

They compensated the boys’ families with money, but they continued to pester them. They were quickly beaten and had their legs broken, but there was no evidence that Yao family did it.

After that, no one dared to offend Yao Er anymore. Not to mention his family, even his cruelty alone made others scared of him. Fortunately, Yao Er was unwilling to offend others and studied in silence. If he felt like there was nothing to learn from the lesson, he would pack his bag and leave in the middle of the it. Even the teacher didn’t dare say anything.

However, because of his actions, many people knew that Yao Er had a wealthy family, including some local mobsters around the area who dared to use knives and attempted to threaten Yao Er for money.

Yao Er dealt with it the same way Shi Lei had. After all, he could afford to lose money, but not his life. Therefore, he gave them the money. However, those people were like the traffic lights. When they had a taste, they would return.

Yao Er’s life wasn’t threatened like Shi Lei’s had been, but he still took out his money,

However, he didn’t give it to the leader of the gang after he took it out. He instead counted the money. “There are only a few hundreds here and I also have a bank card. I don’t have much money on it, only five figures. You guys. If you break his leg, I will give you the card. I will also give you the password at the same time.”

The leader didn’t believe that his underlings would do anything to him, but before he could say anything, one of them standing behind him stabbed him in the back of the head.

Then, three knives continuously stabbed him until he was on the verge of death.

Yao Er stood to the side, coldly watching them. When he saw that the guy would probably never be able to stand up straight again, he threw the bank card out.

When one of them tried to pick it up, he spoke calmly again, “Rather than splitting it among three people, it’s better to split it between two.”

The other two still had the knives in hand. When they heard this, they quickly exchanged a glance. Before the person who bent down could react, they both stabbed him with their knives.

In the end, suspicious of each other, they warily left with the bank card. Even so, things didn’t turn out well for them. Yao Er turned around and called the police, claiming that someone mugged him and forced him to tell them his bank account’s password. They should be around the area taking the money from an ATM.

The police quickly arrested those two. They were charged with robbery and assault and sentenced to eight years in prison. They couldn’t understand how they were sentenced to the jail when all they wanted to do was steal some money next to a school.

It wasn’t anything too clever, but that came from just a thirteen or fourteen-year-old boy. Shi Lei sincerely admired him.

He tried his best to recall Yao Er. In his mind, Yao Er always had a modest smile, stood only a little over one hundred and seventy centimeters tall, and he was so skinny that Shi Lei suspected he lacked nutrients. He was easy-going, pure, and smiled at every person he saw. Shi Lei didn’t know he could be this cruel.

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