The Black Card

Chapter 316

Chapter 316 - Where Does The Danger Come From

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Editor: Red

The bus finally drove away slowly, and the tourists were attracted to the scenery outside.

The terrain in the beast zone was rather complex. What Hu Xiaohua said was that if there weren’t so many beasts here, they could this place as a battleground for CS:GO.

More than half of the park’s area was dedicated to the beast zone. To the majority of the tourists, the most attractive thing to them was the beast zone, other than rare animals like the llamas and penguins.

Humans were strange; they knew that they were in danger, but they liked to put themselves in the dangerous situations, as if that was the only way to demonstrate that humans were at the top of the universe’s food chain.

The bus drove slowly, only about 10 kph. There was enough time given to the tourists to see the rare animals.

Although the lions, tigers, and leopards lived together, they still had their own different areas. There were differences between sexes and types of animals, and it was inevitable for these animals to fight over territory, so the zoo had to separate the different species from one another.

They went past the lion’s area first.

Lions were social animals, except that there were only one adult male in every group. It was probably a male human’s ideal life, the pride was essentially a harem.

The characteristic of being social animals made the lions’ area seemed peaceful. The male lion led the female lions basking in the sun lazily in the dried yellow grass. They seemed to be accustomed to the buses and didn’t even take a glance at them.

There were two cubs that were rather active. They were playing around by themselves and climbing on top of the lead lion, but he shook them off easily.

The cubs began to chase each other and began to fight. All the tourists in the bus immediately stood up to take photos of the scene. The driver yelled at them to sit down and be careful. These lions weren’t interested in buses, but if someone fell out, the two playful cubs would be very interested in a new presence even if the adult lions didn’t care. As soon as the cubs ran over, the female lions would definitely not let them get any closer to humans, and that’s when potential problems might occur.

Luckily that the tourists listened to the driver, as their own safety was the most important. Under the constant warnings of the driver, they safely drove past the lion area.

Shi Lei wasn’t very interested in these animals, as he wanted to know what kind of events would happen to make him use the Animal Language Card.

From the moment he entered the Wildlife Park, Shi Lei was certain that the Black Card wouldn’t let go of such a good chance. And something wouldn’t happen with the tame animals, but with these predators.

Perhaps an idiot would get off the bus and evoke an attack from the lions and tigers, like Didu’s Wildlife Park?

Everything was rather peaceful when they were in the lion area. Shi Lei’s gaze fell on the couple who fought with the driver and thought, If they really fall off the bus, should I use the Animal Language Card to save them or not?

Honestly, Shi Lei hated people who didn’t follow the rules, especially when the park set these rules to protect the safety of the tourists. But some people just had to challenge these rules. Shi Lei suppressed his annoyance towards them and comforted himself that they were humans too, and if necessary, he would save them.

The bus drove slowly into the tiger area. Although there was more than one tiger, they were trained very well and they all had their own areas without needing to fight.

But the tigers also seemed to be out of energy today as they away sleeping in the forest, which left the tourists unhappy.

What Shi Lei worried about the most eventually happened. The woman who had argued with the driver complained, “This is the third time and the tigers are always like this. All they do is sleep and I can’t even see them!” The woman took out a piece of meat out of nowhere and chucked it outside as she stood up.

She yelled, “Hey! Tiger ! Here’s meat for you, hurry up, come and eat it!”

The atmosphere immediately exploded in the bus. The driver was in shock as he turned around and yelled, “Are you crazy? Hurry up and sit down! Sit down!” As he called, he pressed on the accelerator and the bus sped up noticeably.

There were a few people on the bus who loved to make a ruckus, they didn’t realize how dangerous it was as they also yelled at the tigers.

The driver warned them continuously and sped up. He had to protect the tourists right now and he couldn’t care about taking time on the tour anymore.

The woman said disdainfully, “I told you that these tigers are teethless. I think their sense of smell is also gone, they can’t even smell the meat. Sigh, what a shit Wildlife Park, it’s so boring! Lies! Driver, drive slowly, I haven’t seen enough of it!”

The man also stood up. He yelled loudly, hoping that he could get the tigers’ attention.

The bus sped up more and more and the man who had left his seat yelled at the driver, “Fucking drive slower! Why are you driving so quickly? I spent money to see the tigers and now it’s no different than watching it on the television… I told you to drive slower, can’t you hear me?!”

The man waddled towards the driver.

The driver drove the bus calmly like he was driving a supercar. The tourism bus was electric and the fastest he could drive was about 40 kph. His priority was to get these tourists out of the area before he could worry about whether the tigers had any reactions or not. If something happened, the outcome would unimaginable.

The driver had to turn around when he heard the man’s voice and yelled, “Sir, please return to your seats! We cannot stay here in this situation! As soon as the tigers react, they are too fast and the outcome will be dangerous.”

“Fucking hell! Drive slower! Those tigers are fucking useless, who the hell are you trying to scare? I told you to slow down, can’t you hear me!” The idiot of a man was already behind the driver and grabbed his collar.

The driver was shocked but didn’t dare slow down. He was enraged, but was unable to break free of the idiotic man’s grasp.

As they fought, the bus began to shake…

The tourists on the bus finally stopped calling out to the tigers, but yelled at the man and driver in panic, “Don’t fight, talk it out! Driver, stop the car if you can’t break free, it’s too dangerous to drive like this!”

Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan were extremely nervous, too. They wouldn’t gain anything if something happened.

The two good friends exchanged a glance at each other and walked towards the front of the bus together. They had to stop this annoying man no matter what.

Shi Lei saw the situation and comparing them to the idiot man’s body shape and weight, he came to the conclusion that Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

Shi Lei sighed as he took out his phone and tapped on the Martial Arts Card…

After he was possessed by a martial artist, Shi Lei was as light as a sparrow. He quickly stepped in front of Hu and Jiang and grabbed the idiot’s arm, “Let go!”

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