The Black Card

Chapter 308

Chapter 308 - Hu Xiaohua Came to Wudong

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Shi Lei patted his head, which was throbbing from a hangover, and felt that he was choking. He opened his eyes and realized that one of Wei Xingyue’s legs was resting on his chest.

He tried hard to recall what happened last night, and could remember nothing. After the second bottle of wine, Wei Xingyue called for food delivery, as well as beer.

But nothing inappropriate happened as Shi Lei felt that he was about to pass out and he climbed onto the bed to sleep.

He didn’t know when Wei Xingyue climbed onto the bed, but she didn’t look very graceful. Shi Lei doubted that this Wei Xingyue was a different one.

Shi Lei slept normally on the bed, with his head on the pillow and feet pointed towards the end of the bed.

But Wei Xingyue was sleeping almost horizontally on the bed. Luckily the bed was big enough; Wei Xingyue’s head was on the edge of the bed, her long legs were crossed, and Shi Lei could see her sapphire blue underwear if he lifted his head up.

Shi Lei considered that he probably shouldn’t do that as he pushed her legs off him and got up.

After he finished washing up and saw that Wei Xingyue was still sound asleep, he shook his head as he tried to move her body to a more comfortable position and covered her with the blanket.

He put on the Givenchy sheepskin jacket and left the house with two books in his hands.

He had to go to school today, as the teacher would be telling them their study areas.

Wei Xingyue didn’t pester Shi Lei at all during the morning, as she was probably still sleeping. Shi Lei finished the last lesson at university in peace and left the classroom with the teacher’s notes while joking with Zhang Mo and the others.

“Let’s grab lunch together?” Luo Ming asked.

Shi Lei was about to agree, but he remembered that there was a woman sleeping at home. After a moment of hesitation, he subconsciously reached for his phone to check whether Wei Xingyue called or messaged him, but he realized that he hadn’t brought his phone.

No wonder it was so peaceful this morning. It wasn’t because Wei Xingyue didn’t pester him, but because he didn’t bring his phone. Wei Xingyue probably called after she woke up, but realized that the phone was ringing in the room.

“I have something up, you guys go ahead and eat. After the exams in a few days, I’ll treat.”

Zhang Mo and the other two nodded quickly without forcing him and headed to the school’s dining hall. On the other side, Shi Lei quickly walked out of school as he rushed back to his apartment.

Wei Xingyue had already left by the time Shi Lei got back. Shi Lei found his phone and there was a long WeChat message from Wei Xingyue.

“Lil’man, really? I just wanted you to go horse riding with me, did you really have to leave your phone behind and make me unable to contact you? Boring. No matter what, we are still good friends, right? Aren’t you too cold-blooded? Nevermind, I actually planned to go horse riding with someone in the morning, so I won’t wait for you. Otherwise, I will wait here and integorate you after you come back. But, you must reflect on yourself. After you finishing doing that, give me a call and think carefully how you are going to make it up for me. I like to eat Japanese food when I’m in a bad mood.”

Shi Lei finished reading it and shoved his phone into his pocket without replying.

The room was still in a mess, just like last night. Shi Lei called the receptionist downstairs and asked them to call a cleaner over. After the cleaner came, Shi Lei paid and was about to leave before his phone rang.

He thought it was Wei Xingyue, but when he took out the phone and checked, it was Jiang Yuan.

He became friends with Jiang Yuan because of his parents’ incident. Jiang Yuan wasn’t the main person involved in it, but because he did put in a lot of effort to help Shi Lei, Shi Lei became friends him.

But neither Jiang Yuan nor Hu Xiaohua contacted him after he returned to Wudong. They would at most ‘like’ Shi Lei’s posts on WeChat. Now that Jiang Yuan had suddenly called him, it was probably because he had come to Wudong.

“Hello, Young Master Jiang, I’m Shi Lei.”

Jiang Yuan was an easygoing person as he smiled, “What young master? Don’t be so polite, just call me by my name. Xiaohua and I are in Wudong, let’s meet up if you haven’t eaten yet.”

Of course, Shi Lei immediately agreed, “I was about to leave for lunch. Where are you? Do you guys need me to pick you up?”

“Do you already have plans? If so go ahead, Xiaohua and I will be in Wudong for a few days so we can meet up tomorrow if that’s the case.”

“It’s fine, I just came back home from school. I left my phone at home and I’m by myself, so I was going to find a place and eat something.”

“Alright. We booked Lv Di Hotel, the highest building in Wudong. If you aren’t far from it, should we meet somewhere around there?”

Shi Lei agreed, “There’s a shopping mall next to the hotel. There’s a restaurant called Yi Sixteen on the fourth floor; I’ll book a room and wait for you guys there.”

“No problem. Xiaohua and I will call you when we get there. He’s driving right now and he told me to tell you we’ll see you soon.”

Shi Lei called the restaurant as he went downstairs. After he booked a room successfully, Shi Lei drove towards the mall.

Ten minutes after he finished ordering the dishes, someone knocked on the door and a waiter guided Hu Xiaohu and Jiang Yuan in.

As soon as they entered the room, Hu Xiaohua gave Shi Lei a passionate hug and they sat down.

“Did you come to Wudong for fun or business?” Shi Lei raised his cup in greeting with a smile.

Hu Xiaohua beamed as he lit a cigar, “I have some business to handle. I don’t know what my Dad’s thinking, but he suddenly decided he wanted to privatize our company, and wanted me to come here to do some investigating. Yuan is a specialist in the area, so I asked him to help out.”

Shi Lei didn’t really understand what privatizing meant, so he didn’t ask too much in case he seemed ignorant. The waiter came in with the dishes as the three of them ate while talking.

“Are you free in the afternoon? There’s a good tea place across from here,” Shi Lei recommended as he ate.

“I have an appointment at half past three, but I haven’t decided on a location yet. Let’s just go to the tea place and I can meet him there. I’ll try to finish my business in the afternoon and us bros can eat together at night. It’s too tiring to eat with those people.”

Shi Lei didn’t ask too much. He paid for the bill afterwards and took Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan to the tea shop in Da Zhong Ting just across the road.

At around three o’clock, Hu Xiaohua’s phone rang. He didn’t avoid Shi Lei and told the person to meet him here.

After he hung up the call, Shi Lei spoke up first, “I’ll leave when he comes, you guys can talk.”

“There’s no need to avoid him. It’s not a business secret or something. My dad suddenly wanted to privatize, and he didn’t have time. He has to adjust the internal departments of the company, so I’m here to talk to him first. It’s just a first interaction and my Dad needs to come himself when it moves into a substantial stage. He said the company might need to adjust areas of investment, and he’s telling me to take the chance to learn.”

Shi Lei didn’t insist on leaving after Hu Xiaohua said this. The person quickly arrived... and Shi Lei froze when the person came in.

When the person saw Shi Lei, he also froze.

But he quickly adjusted his emotions and stretched his hand out to Hu Xiaohua, who stood up to greet him. “Hello, Young Master Hu.”

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