The Black Card

Chapter 303

Chapter 303 - Hello, Wei Ye

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Actually, Shi Lei had been wondering about that. After all, the one who borrowed the manion from Wei Xingyue’s father was not a single person, nor related to the Black Card. It was an organization called the Eye of the Dark Night.

Although the Scepter hadn’t revealed too much information about the organization, Shi Lei could still deduce some information about it from the simple conversations they had.

First, the Eye of the Dark Night was a mysterious organization that possessed some of the most advanced technology in the human race. Based on its ability to wipe away or blur memories, the Eye of the Dark Night was leading in the field of biotechnology.

But Shi Lei suspected that the ability to change memories was a technology given by the Black Card, because it displayed extreme powers that exceeded that of the current world. It was a power that humans couldn’t withstand. According to his current knowledge, that power was entirely one of nature.

Second, there were no more than one hundred thousand people who knew about the existence of the Eye of the Dark Night. This meant that the people who could come in contact with the organization had to be elites in all areas of the world. Of course, it could be only limited to wealthy people.

From what Shi Lei knew, two people definitely knew about the organization. The first person was naturally Wei Xingyue’s father, and the second was Hu Xiaohua’s father, Hu Jianjun.

There were not enough people he could analyze and the only thing in common between the two of them was that they were wealthy. If he looked more into it, both of them were wealthy people who started from nothing. However, Wei Ye’s(1) wealth far exceeded the of Hu Jianjun.

If the hundred thousand people were categorized like so and if the members of the organization was limited to wealthy people, then Hu Jianjun would be in the middle to upper range. According to Shi Lei’s gathered information, Hu Jianjun’s assets surpassed 30 billion. But if these people included elites in other areas, then he was afraid that Hu Jianjun had just barely made the cut.

Although Wei Xingyue hadn’t given him a final answer, Shi Lei could figure out from her previous words that she had taken him to the gathering today under her father’s orders.

He didn’t understand. If her father lent the mansion to him under the request of the Eye of the Dark Night, then why did he have to unnecessarily spy on him?

What was his purpose?

The only explanation was that Wei Ye was under the impression that Shi Lei was poor. Even if he had recently gotten some money, it was impossible for him to be included in the organization and hence, it made Wei Ye curious.

And Wei Xingyue’s response proved it.

“At first, I indeed had a some interest when I first interacted with you. But it has nothing much to do with my father because I was only curious about why he lent you the mansion. My father told me that it was a request from an old friend. At the same time, he was curious about your relationship with his old friend. My father only asked me to check your files over the past twenty years, and not to get too close to you because he seems to be cautious of the person behind you. But I’m a very curious person, so I created an opportunity to get to know you. I’m afraid that you’ve already noticed that I didn’t do so with any ulterior motive. I treated you like a real friend.”

Shi Lei nodded. “I believe that. Otherwise…” He intentionally stopped mid-sentence, since he was sure that Wei Xingyue knew nothing about the organization. The only person in the entire Wei family who knew about the Eye of the Dark Night was Wei Ye.

Wei Xingyue was not accustomed to Shi Lei acting in such a way. Without knowing that and after the mutual tacit understanding was said outright, Shi Lei gradually became the dominant one.

But she still continued. “I found it strange when my father asked me to take you to the gathering because I didn’t know why. Perhaps it was another request from his old friend. Perhaps the person behind you, who is my father’s old friend, was certain that you could break free of your current identity if you participated in this kind of event more. You became Sister Nü’s godson today, which seems to justify that person’s intentions. Of course, that’s just my guess.”

“We’ve known each other for three to four months now. Why did Wei Ye only ask you to take me to this kind of event now?”

Wei Xingyue shook her head. “I’m not really sure either. Maybe it’s because my father didn’t want me to interact directly with you at first, but he found out that I became friends with you not long ago. When I returned, he asked why I didn’t listen to him, seeming unhappy about it. But after I explained that we are just friends, he suddenly asked me to take you to Old Bai’s event.”

“He didn’t tell you why?”

“No, he only asked me to recount your performance today after I return home.”

Shi Lei nodded as he contemplated the information.

Without a doubt, it was related to painting. Or more accurately, related to the Drawing Card.

It was strange. Perhaps Wei Ye really knew about the existence of the card. But the Scepter said that the Black Card could only be passed on after the previous owner died. Shi Lei didn’t think that it would let go of anyone who exposed information about its existence. Shi Lei believed that as soon as someone else knew about the Black Card, the result would definitely be death.

But if Wei Ye didn’t know about the existence of the Black Card, then why would he ask Wei Xingyue to take him to the event when he just happened to draw the Drawing Card? It was too much of a coincidence.

Overall, Wei Ye was only curious about Shi Lei. With his social status, he knew very well just how rare it was for people to be associated with the Eye of the Dark Night. It was obviously something that was beyond Shi Lei’s reach. But the Eye of the Dark Night just appeared to borrow the mansion for him, which was more than enough for Wei Ye to be curious.

Perhaps it was only a coincidence about the Drawing Card. It may even be the Black Card’s arrangement, since the person corresponding to the Ancient Times’ Martial Arts Card was Song Miaomiao. This time, it corresponded with Wei Ye. There was no logical reason behind both of them discovering that Shi Lei could temporarily possess a certain type of special power without knowing the existence of the Black Card.

It was more possible that the Black Card was arranging it so that Shi Lei could quickly utilize the new card.

Shi Lei didn’t doubt that the Black Card could possess that kind of power. It could even dissolve a living person into bloody mist , not to mention manipulate a person’s behavior according to its needs.

“If you really care about that, then I can go home and deal with my father.” Wei Xingyue said at Shi Lei’s silence.

Shi Lei snapped back to reality and shook his head. “I can’t hide it, since what I did today was shocking enough. What about this? Call your father. There’s something I want to say to him.”

Wei Xingyue hesitated for a moment, but still dialed the number.

After the call connected, Shi Lei took the phone and walked out of the room. “Hello, Wei Ye.”

The other side paused for a short while before laughing.

Chapter Notes:

1. Wei Ye: What Wei Xingyue’s father is referred to as, with the same 'ye' for Song Miaomiao's nickname, Shui Ye

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