The Black Card

Chapter 240

Chapter 240 - The Extremely Stimulated Yu Deping

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Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

Late night, at a hot spring hotel.

This specific place was about thirty kilometers from the center of Wudong and was renowned for its hot springs. Hence, the location was also named after it: Mountain Nuanquan(1). During the period of the Republic of China, a wealthy man had built a mansion here and used it only for himself and his wife for the hot springs. They had spent their vacations here at the time.

But now, the wealthy man had already transformed into dust and soil. The mansion was converted into a hotel for its hot springs. It was obvious how enormous the mansion was.

Yu Deping lay in a hot spring in the yard. Although his body was worn out, his spirits were exceptionally high.

The model next to him was already deep asleep from exhaustion. Although her body had seemed to be sweet and enchanting during the day, she was lying on the bed like a lump of soft meat.

After he had left the golf club in the afternoon, Yu Deping got a room at the hotel at the foot of the mountain. Although the woman wasn’t willing to, she didn’t dare act against him and came as promised. He let out his frustration on her body until 9 PM, but the pain and irritation caused him to be unable to finish his business. Even though the woman tried as hard as she could, he still wasn’t aroused. He was extremely embarrassed as he kicked the woman off the bed and left in his car.

The woman felt wronged and cursed under her breath after Yu Deping had slammed the door shut. “You can’t do it and you blame it on me? My tongue is numb from trying! What’s so good about having so much money anyway?!”

But she could only curse silently. Meanwhile, Yu Deping was driving toward the city center.

He had received a call on the way there. One of his friends told him to go to Mountain Nuanquan, since he had a few models with him. The frustrated Yu Deping immediately turned around and headed back.

Then he went completely wild that night. With the help of some medicine that had extremely reliable effects on the body, he was able to perform outstandingly. He was extremely stimulated and went back and forth between the models until he eventually collapsed. After the effects of the medicine wore off, the models couldn’t take it anymore and all fell asleep. Different bodies lay on the couches and the beds in the not-so-big mansion.

Yu Deping’s friend had already fallen asleep with two models in his arms, but Yu Deping was still stimulated. The unspeakable embarrassment he had suffered tortured him even more relentlessly.

He picked up the wine next to him and gulped it down. Then he suddenly realized that Shi Lei should’ve registered with his name and contact information when he bought the set of equipment at the golf course, so he immediately dialed a number.

The call was picked up after a long period of ringing and the voice that answered was sleep-ladened, the person obviously having just woken up from the ringing phone.

“Young Master Yu? What do you need this unholy hour?” It was a young girl’s voice.

“Help me check the phone number of the brat who bought the 130,000 yuan set of golf clubs this afternoon.”

The other side was silent for a while, then immediately startled awake. “Young Master Yu,” she said, unsure of what to do. “I’m afraid that such a request is against policy here. Our club pays a lot of attention to the needs of our customers.”

“Cut the crap. I’ll give you 100,000 yuan. It’s enough for you buy a few handbags.”

The girl obviously hesitated, but she also knew that Yu Deping had been humiliated by Shi Lei and he would give up so easily. It was just a phone number, anyway. Even if she didn’t give it to him, Yu Deping would get hold of it another way. The only difference was that he believed the most convenient way to get it was from her.

The girl got up and turned on the computer that had been given to her by the company. She quickly found Shi Lei’s number and gave it to Yu Deping.

Yu Deping didn’t go back on his word and immediately transferred 100,000 yuan to the girl on WeChat. She was delighted when she saw the five zeroes following the one. Although she worked at the golf course and had a decent income, 100,000 yuan in one transfer was almost a whole year’s worth of salary after taxes were deducted.

“Thank you, Young Master Yu.”

The girl happily sent him a message and after a moment of hesitation, sent a red lip emoji.

Yu Deping reminded her that the transaction between them never happened, and no confidential information had been given away whatsoever.

Before figuring out Shi Lei’s identity, Yu Deping didn’t dare risk anything, too afraid of offending someone he couldn’t afford to offend. Someone like Wei Xingyue.

In the heat of the moment, Yu Deping’s instincts had automatically categorized Shi Lei as someone who was on Wei Xingyue’s level. But now that his body felt empty and his spirits were high, he suddenly realized that it wasn’t exactly the case.

If Shi Lei and Wei Xingyue really were close, then Wei Xingyue obviously wouldn’t let someone who had never been to a golf course like him go there alone. They could’ve at least meet up somewhere beforehand and gone together.

And if they really were close, Wei Xingyue wouldn’t just hide behind a pillar and watch the drama unfold, despite having been there for quite some time.

Yu Deping deduced that Wei Xingyue originally didn’t want to meddle and considered the dispute to be below her. She didn’t have the need to interfere either, since she could’ve just seen how things turned out and acted depending on that. Hence, Wei Xingyue did not appear immediately and hid behind a pillar to watch. Perhaps both of them getting hurt was the best outcome. Or perhaps Wei Xingyue didn’t care who was the winner and who was the loser.

But Shi Lei blew her cover and since she probably only had a little bit of interaction with him, she could only step out. After she made her appearance, she only helped Shi Lei enforce the terms of the bet instead of carrying it out herself.

Yu Deping recalled this afternoon’s situation and thought that what he had analyzed was reasonable. Wei Xingyue obviously didn’t want to help Shi Lei, since she first teased him before turning around to address Yu Deping.

From his point of view, someone like Wei Xingyue definitely wouldn’t put him in her eyes. As for Shi Lei, they probably had some sort of business relationship. He was just a brat who overestimated himself, thinking he could sell something to Wei Xingyue while speaking so casually to her. But in fact, Wei Xingyue had never really asked Yu Deping to carry out the bet. It was the appearance of the Manager Chen that had completely angered her, so she had something to say at that.

With Shi Lei’s number, Yu Deping called up a person from the cell phone company and quickly found all the information Shi Lei had used to register his card under.

“A school card? This guy’s a student?” Yu Deping looked at the email that had been sent from the cell phone company, which was the form that Shi Lei had filled out for his purchase.

“A student of Wudong University, huh? That makes everything easier.”

Yu Deping said to himself as he took another sip of wine, then dialed another number.

“Hey, at that party last time, I remember you brought the kid of one of the deans of Wudong University, right?”

The opposite side smiled and said, “Why, our Young Master Yu wants to study at Wudong University? Did you change your taste to school girls now? I’m telling you, you’re old fashioned. We don’t go to universities for school girls anymore. We go to middle or high schools.”

“Don’t give me that bullshit. How can I go look for school girls when I’m so busy? What’s the kid of the dean called? Help me contact him.”

“What do you need him for?” The other side was confused.

“You don’t need to know. Hurry up and contact him for me. I’m at Mountain Nuanquan’s Mingguo(2) Hot Springs. Tell him to come to me right now.”

“Right now? Holy shit! What happened? Why are you in such a hurry?”

Yu Deping ignored him and hung up the call.

  1. Nuanquan: meaning warm (hot)spring
  2. Mingguo: Republic of China (1912-1949)

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