The Black Card

Chapter 235

Chapter 235 - Drink At Home Again

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

Wei Xingyue set the perfume on the table. “You haven’t told me yet,” she said. “Why are you giving me a present all of a sudden?”

“It’s to thank you for telling Wei Qing to help me!”

“That’s so cheap. My help is only worth a bottle of perfume?”

“First things first, you didn’t help me,” Shi Lei answered. “You only told Wei Qing to. Second, I could have handled it without his help. Third, how much does your help actually cost? It’s just for future reference. If I ever actually need your help in the future, I’ll prepare enough money beforehand so we won’t owe each other anything!”

“Hey! Why are you so serious? I’m only joking. Am I someone who would ask for something in return?”

Shi Lei waved his hand. “I would hope that you’re someone who does that. If all actions were measured in money, everyone’s life would be easier.”

Wei Xingyue didn’t speak for a long time. For some reason, she suddenly found Shi Lei’s words to be rather profound. It sounded simple, but also hid many unexpressed sentiments.

“Oh, right. You didn’t tell me before, but what’s up with you and Song Miaomiao?” Wei Xingyue asked. “Seriously, something small happens to you that she could’ve solved with a phone call, but she instead rushes to Runzhou? Shi Lei, I’ve really underestimated you. Don’t tell me you have something going on with Song Miaomiao!” Wei Xingyue threw a flirtatious glance at him and her tone sounded more and more obscure. She sent a light kick at Shi Lei with one of her long, slim legs.

That wasn’t right. She was misunderstanding even more.

From Shi Lei’s point of view, Song Miaomiao was rather pitiful in certain areas. He, at least, wouldn’t be able to stand the feeling of not having a single friend.

The moment something happened to his family, the help Song Miaomiao gave was too overbearing, but that was under the consideration that she treated him as a friend and was even willing to rush over to help him solve his problem. Even though Shi Lei seemed like he was complaining about her messing things up even more, in reality, he really appreciated her.

Hence, he was slightly unhappy with Wei Xingyue and his tone wasn’t too friendly. “Song Miaomiao isn’t the person you used to know. She’s actually just like you and many others in the same social class as you. Lonely and isolated. Except she chose to fight back, even though her methods were childish. But it doesn’t change the fact that she’s an extremely lonely person who hasn’t had a true friend since childhood. It’s hard for the two of you to drop all pretense and communicate like normal people…Nevermind, you won’t understand what I’m saying anyway. Basically, if you treat others sincerely, they will reciprocate. If you don’t set any traps and stop constantly looking out for them, you’ll discover that the world is actually a beautiful and amazing place.”

Wei Xingyue kicked him again with a grin on her face. Once again, the kick lacked power, like she was flirting with him.

“Don’t spout that nonsense. Do you really believe what you said?”

Shi Lei nodded sincerely. “I do. I really do.”

Wei Xingyue laughed, but her smile quickly disappeared and the expression on her beautiful face and was grave, something Shi Lei had never seen before.

After a while, Wei Xingyue began to speak, her voice solemn. “Although what you said wasn’t very clear, I think I understand what you mean. It’s just like how it is between us. Our backgrounds are worlds apart, but I feel very relaxed around you because I don’t need to worry about anything. Maybe she has the same feelings as me.”

“Well, never mind this. Just know that Song Miaomiao won’t tease you again.”

“Do you really think I’m scared of her?” Wei Xingyue replied in disdain. “I just value my reputation more than she does her own.”

“Perhaps you two will never be friends, but at least she won't pester you again and you should stop focusing on her as well. You two are the same kind of person anyway. You should also take back the deal made at the drag race about her not appearing within a thirty kilometer radius of you.”

Wei Xingyue’s eyes wandered elsewhere and when she looked at Shi Lei again, they were watery and blurred with innumerable emotions.

“Fine. For you, I won’t fight with her anymore. Of course, that’s under the assumption that she doesn’t come and mess with me.” Wei Xingyue gave Shi Lei a teasing glance. “Lil’man, this is all because of you…”

“Don’t scare me! You’ll make me think you’re pursuing me! I already have a girlfriend! I can’t give my heart to two people and therefore refuse date two girls at the same time!” Shi Lei said righteously.

Wei Xingyue still smiled charmingly as the tip of her tongue lightly brushed against her lips. “If I really was after you, would you take the bait?”

“Hmph! Don’t even think about it! I want to live a for few more years!”

“Then go die!” Wei Xingyue smacked the table and stood up. She took a few steps, but turned around, remembering to take the perfume with her.

Shi Lei said there without moving, then called out, “Didn’t you want to exercise?”

“Exercise your ass! It’s already dark!”

“The practice ground is pretty well lit. Are you sure you don’t want to sweat it out with me?”

“Sweat your head! You can hit four hundred meters away on your first try, so why would I make myself suffer by practicing with a pervert like you?” Wei Xingyue walked away gracefully, the movement of her hips extremely alluring to watch.

Shi Lei laughed and picked up the glass of water. After a moment of hesitation, he downed the entire thing. He then slung the set of golf clubs he’d bought over his back, put his hands in his pockets, and walked toward Wei Xingyue leisurely.

Wei Xingyue came out of the changing room only after Shi Lei had already finished and waited a while for her. He caught the scent of a familiar perfume, which was completely different from the one she had before.

You said my perfume was too cheap, and yet you’re still happy about it! Shi Lei was pleased with himself but he seemed to be neglecting something.

When they left together, Meng Xiaodie caught sight of them and walked up to bid them farewell.

After getting in Wei Xingyue’s car, Shi Lei said, “I think golf is pretty interesting. Let’s come and play again if the weather’s good tomorrow.”

“You really are addicted, aren’t you? But we don’t have idiots for you to bully everyday. Your tee off is already at this level, so you can just stay home and practice putting.”

“I still have a long way to go!” Shi Lei replied modestly, which earned him and eye roll from Wei Xingyue.

This time, she really was rolling her eyes, not flirting.

But Wei Xingyue didn’t understand Shi Lei’s mindset at all. He had spent more than 100,000 yuan on the set of clubs, but had only used one of them. It would be safer to play a few more times before the final day, just in case the Scepter tried to pick bones from an egg.

Although Wuwei Lounge was a good restaurant, there was no point in eating there too often. They settled on a commonly seen Xiang restaurant and ordered a full table of authentic Xiang cuisine. They were sweating from all the spices, but the food was still extremely good.

Wei Xingyue suggested having a drink after dinner and Shi Lei didn’t really mind. However, he was horrified when she mentioned that she wanted to drink at his apartment. The giant misunderstanding before happened only because they had been drinking at his apartment, and it wasn’t good to have it happen that often. Actually, it was better to not let it happen at all.

“Let’s find some place else. My apartment is too tiny.” Shi Lei stammered.

Wei Xingyue was a smart woman and immediately knew what he was thinking of. “Aren’t you overestimating yourself a little?” she asked, glaring at him. “Did you really think I wanted to go to your place and sleep with you?”

Well, you can’t talk reason with a crazy woman.

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