Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 278

Chapter 278            Disturbed by Evil Spirit

Xie Yuqing nodded as she reached out for her phone and made some calls to make arrangements.

Once they got into the car, Xie Yuqing drove as she said, “Hard to imagine, isn’t it? This case started out as a simple undead case but it turned out to be such a complicated one. First, there was Granny Liu, then the rat demon, and then the tomb. Luckily, it all ended well. Thank you, little trickster.”

“As soon as the case ends, you start calling me a little trickster again.” Ye Shaoyang said, “So when are you going to buy me a big meat bun?”

“I need to file a report. Although my superior knows about this paranormal case, we still need to hand in a proper report. Besides, the bun shop closes at night. Hehe.”

“I knew it.” Ye Shaoyang rested him exhausted body on the seat. He had used up most of his energy throughout the day chasing the rat demon and performing rituals. Now that the work was finally done, he felt too exhausted to even raise his head.

Even though Ye Shaoyang was resting, his mind could not stop thinking about the strange incident mentioned by Sibao Monk, The bloody-scaled Sha was a rare incident. A living person turning into Sha… I need to go to Mount Wutai to check it out.

Xie Yuqing finally sent Ye Shaoyang home. It was such a long and tiring day. He dragged himself up the staircase, thinking of taking a shower before going to bed. As he turned the doorknob, he could sense a trace of spirit Qi coming out from the house. Ye Shaoyang was startled. Seriously, my house is haunted now?

Ye Shaoyang entered the house. The light in the living room was on and Xiao Ma was sitting on the couch, leisurely drinking beer while watching television. Xiao Ma greeted Ye Shaoyang happily, “How was your trip? ”

“So-so, ” Ye Shaoyang answered and started sniffing around the house. There was indeed a trace of spirit Qi circulating in the house, but he could not detect the source. The spirit Qi was not from Xiao Ma either. Ye Shaoyang could not think of any other factor, so he asked Xiao Ma, “Did anyone come to our house tonight? ”

“Umm... Ping Ping was here just now. ”

“Ping Ping? ” Ye Shaoyang blanked for a moment before he realized that Xiao Ma was talking about Wang Ping. “She came alone? ” Ye Shaoyang continued to ask in a surprised tone.

“No, she came with a girl, Ms. Xie. The one who has a sidekick that came last time. They waited for some time for you but they left after that.”

Ye Shaoyang smacked his forehead, How could I forget this case! Ms. Xie was the girl with a mask who came to seek help. She had complained about being disturbed by an evil spirit. Ye Shaoyang told her that he would contact her after he settled his matters and sent her off with a bloodstone, So, this spirit Qi must be from her, not from Wang Ping.

Ye Shaoyang recalled that he did not want to get disturbed by Ms. Xie, so he had not given her his phone number. However, Ye Shaoyang doubted whether he had saved her phone number as could not find her number in his contacts list. “Why didn’t you give me a phone call when she arrived? ” Ye Shaoyang questioned Xiao Ma.

Xiao Ma grinned mischievously, “This is a business tactic. Since she could pay three hundred grand with such ease, she must be really rich. We should play hard to get. The harder it is for her to find you, the more she would want to see you.”

“That's stupid. She says she will be coming tomorrow, right?”

“Yes, she did. You should avoid seeing her for a few more days. I bet she will offer even more after that,” said Xiao Ma with a crooked smile on his face.

Ye Shaoyang glared at Xiao Ma, “The bloodstone I gave her can only last for half a month. She will be dead after a few days without protection. What do you expect her to pay me in after that? Hell notes?”

Ye Shaoyang shook his head speechlessly. He took a long shower to get rid of the smell of blood on his body. When he exited the bathroom, he saw that Xiao Ma was still watching television. Ye Shaoyang took a glance at the screen. It was another singing competition, and a girl was performing while playing the piano. Xiao Ma pointed at the girl with a look of amazement, “Look at her. Isn't she talented? Her voice is amazing. I'm sure she will win the contest.”

Ye Shaoyang knew nothing about music, and he was not interested either. He would rather sleep than watch such a TV program. However, just as he was about to enter his bedroom, he realized something odd on the TV. It was zooming in onto the girl’s face, and Ye Shaoyang somehow had a weird feeling of a déjà vu; this girl seemed familiar. Before he could take a closer look, the camera had shifted to some other scene. Ye Shaoyang did not bother to think much about it, so he went to bed.

Once he rested himself on the bed, Ye Shaoyang checked his phone to see if Rui Lengyu had sent any messages to him. Sure enough, there was a message from her. Ye Shaoyang quickly replied, and they were soon exchanging messages. Ye Shaoyang was extremely exhausted, but he did not want to miss this chance to talk with his goddess.

They chatted till midnight before Rui Lengyu stopped replying to him. Ye Shaoyang guessed that she must have fallen asleep, so he slept too.

He woke up the next day at around ten in the morning. As soon as he got out of his room, he saw Xiao Ma sitting on the couch, playing on his phone. Xiao Ma did not even bother to look up, and he simply pointed at the table, “I've bought you breakfast.”

Ye Shaoyang sat down by the dining table and took his breakfast while he asked Xiao Ma about Teng Yongqing’s condition.

“He is fine. He’ll be out of the hospital in two days. Visit him if you are free. I'll come with you too.” Xiao Ma said.

“Sure. Let's go as soon as I'm done with my breakfast.”

However, their plan was interrupted by an unexpected guest.

A girl who claimed to be Ms. Xie was at the door. She was dressed completely in black, and she was still wearing a mask. However, she was alone this time. She was obviously pleased when she saw Ye Shaoyang, “Mister Ye, we finally meet.”

Ye Shaoyang invited her into the house and quietly observed her. Her eyes looked tired, and Ye Shaoyang could sense spirit Qi emitted from her neck area. Ye Shaoyang was shocked. Before he could speak, Xiao Xie asked, “Mister Ye, have you received the hundred fifty thousand dollars I sent you?”

A hundred and fifty thousand dollars? Ye Shaoyang was confused for a moment. Then, he remembered that she had promised to transfer over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to him. However, he had left for Xichuan the next day. His mind was so occupied with the mission to kill the blood Gu undead king that he had totally forgotten about this. As such, he was surprised when he found out that Ms. Xie had kept to her side of the promise. This made him excited, and he started to think about the amount of money he had received:

One hundred and ninety thousand, plus one hundred and fifty thousand dollars…. Hmm, how much is it in total now?

“Mister Ye, what are you doing?”

“I… Ahem… I was doing some calculations to figure out your current condition.” Ye Shaoyang awkwardly covered up his thoughts, “How are you doing lately? Is the evil spirit still pestering you?”

Ms. Xie nodded, “Mister Ye, the bloodstone you gave me was working well. It stopped disturbing me for the first few days. My life was so much better for those few days. However, it came back into my dreams about a week ago. It cursed me in my dreams. Then, it warned me that even a sorcerer could not protect me much longer. It said that it will find a way to break through the protection and take my life.”

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