Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 275

Chapter 275 The Laughter in The Ancient Tomb

Before Ye Shaoyang could react, another few giant rats attacked him. He reached out for a handful of ancient Chinese coins and cast them to the ground, killing the rats.

Ye Shaoyang knew about the peculiar characteristic of social animals; once the leader gave an order, they would act without fear, but if the leader died, the group would fall into chaos. So, he shouted, “Those who have not drunk the corpse oil can leave!”

Most of the common rats had not drunk the oil; they only joined because they followed the group and the leader. For the rats that consumed even a little bit of the corpse oil, they would digest it and create demon Qi. They would subconsciously cultivate it, and they might become a demon in the future. As such, Ye Shaoyang had no choice but to eliminate those rats.

The rats immediately dispersed in confusion; the small rats dived under the red threads and disappeared into the bushes, while the formation forced back the big rats, and they fainted. Ye Shaoyang grabbed another handful of ancient Chinese coins and tossed them toward the fainted rats, one at a time. Not long after, he killed all of them.

Then, he heard rustling sounds from the opposite bush. It was Xie Yuqing, who walked out and stood near the red threads; she asked timidly, “Are they all dead?”

Ye Shaoyang rubbed away the gore on his face, as he questioned with a humph, “Was that you? The loud bang that broke the rat into pieces.”

“It was me. I saw that the rat was about to bite your neck, so I thought I would help you. What’s wrong?” Xie Yuqing replied naturally.

“Help me?” said Ye Shaoyang as he pointed at his face, “The flesh splashed onto my face, and I stink right now. Besides, what if you shot me by accident?”

Xie Yuqing shrugged, “I am certain of my skills.”

“So why would you not be certain of my skills? A big rat with a little Demon Qi, why would you think that I couldn’t handle it?”

“Umm…. it attacked from behind you, and you only have two hands after all,” Xie Yuqing grumbled as she rolled her eyes, “Drop it. I helped you but you didn’t seem to appreciate my help, and you are even lecturing me now!”

“Fine. Fine. Thank you. I feel like dying with this smell on my face, and there is no water for me to wash…..” His voice trailed off, as he recalled that there was a streamlet near the ancient tomb. He quickly checked it out and washed his face forcefully. He was happy when he found out that the water was clean. After cleaning himself, he could still smell the foul odor. Removing his shirt, he saw that flesh and blood stained the cloth. He flung the cloth, dipped it into the water, and rubbed it.

Suddenly, Xie Yuqing ran over, panicked and pale.

“Undead…. There is another undead in the tomb!”

Shock! Two undead in a row. What an unlucky day. Ye Shaoyang quickly put the wet shirt back on. As they walked, he asked, “How did you find out that there is an undead?”

“I heard a coughing sound from the tomb.”

When they arrived at the tunnel, Ye Shaoyang laid on all fours and placed his ear close to the tunnel to hear better. Indeed, there was a soft breathing sound that seemed like snores to him. Just as he was doubting his findings, they heard some chuckles from the tomb. It was a male voice!

Xie Yuqing instinctively grasped Ye Shaoyang’s arm, tight. At midnight, at a tomb with a history of the undead. Now, she heard a man’s chuckle from inside. Even though she was a well-trained police officer, she could barely stay calm. She glanced at Ye Shaoyang and found that his face was filled with shock and even a terrified expression.

“Little Ye, are you OK?”

He muttered to himself, “It’d be better to hear a spirit cry than an undead laugh. An undead’s muscles and vocal cords have stiffened. There is no way for an undead to laugh unless it is ultimately powerful to the point where it can reform a proper human body. Not even an Undead King. Impossible. The Corpse Qi is thin. How….”

He looked over his shoulder and said to Xie Yuqing, “I got to check it out. Make sure you stay far away from here to prevent the thing in there from rushing out and hurting you.”

“Will it be dangerous for you to go down there alone?”

“Don’t worry. I can handle it. You’d better find somewhere safe to hide now. The Qi Hiding Talisman Paper on your back can still work for another hour. You will be fine.”

After he spoke, he planned to crawl inside, but he changed his mind when he lowered his head and saw the puddles of blood and flesh scattered around the entrance. He could not tell whether they came from the rats or the undead, but he knew he did not want to touch them at all.

He searched his backpack but found no utensil that he could use to dig a new tunnel. So, he picked up some stones and soil blocks to cushion the ground. Then, he said goodbye to Xie Yuqing and dived into the tunnel carefully.

The tunnel was wide enough for Ye Shaoyang to crawl. Considering that the undead might attack, and he might have not enough space to avoid the attack, he extended his arm with the Soul Quelling Stake in his palm. At least, he could buy some time in case of emergency.

After crawling for ten meters or so, Ye Shaoyang sensed that the tunnel had widened, although he could not see anything. Slowly, he stood up and to his great surprise, he could stand upright without touching the ceiling. He quickly fished out a Lamp of Eternity and ignited it. The surroundings turned bright at once.

Ye Shaoyang examined his surroundings. He was standing in a tunnel, two to three meters in height and the wall was made up of black bricks. An idea struck his mind immediately, This is a tomb passage.

The rats connected the tunnel to this passage and entered the tomb of the undead.

This passage was perpendicular to the tunnel, branched into two, extending deep inside to the point that the lamp could not reach the end. Ye Shaoyang stood in the middle and listened carefully. A faint breathing noise sounded from the left. He shone the lamp and walked to the left passage.

The passage branched into three rooms. After twenty meters or so, he found that a rock blocked the entrance of the left and right rooms. The two rocks looked similar, with a carving of a Pixiu and a ring handle. He pushed and pulled but failed to move it.

Ye Shaoyang knew that there must be a lock mechanism to open the rock door, probably at the ring handle. However, he did not want to get into any unnecessary trouble like activating a quicksand trap or poisonous smoke due to his curiosity; he could die on spot. It happened that the rock door in front of him was opened, so he decided to just enter it.

Standing at the entrance, he studied the room. The room was square in shape, about twenty to thirty square meters. A giant gold coffin was situated in the center; it was half uncovered, and Ye Shaoyang could hear faint breathing noises coming from the coffin.

Ye Shaoyang did not approach the coffin. Instead, he took out the Yin Yang Compass and searched for the eye of the tomb - at the north-east. He placed the lamp over the eye, feeling a sense of relief when the flame gleamed as usual.

The eye of an ancient tomb showed the wind direction in a tomb. If the eye was blocked, it would indicate that the tomb was lacking in oxygen, and the lamp would extinguish once it was placing down. Any person that entered must leave as soon as possible. After Ye Shaoyang put the Lamp of Eternity in place, he turned and headed to the coffin. However, he realized that he could not step forward. So, he tried to move his other leg. Same. As he looked down, he sensed a faint Spirit Qi. Instinctively, he looked around but found nothing.

How could that be?

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