So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Who scared who?

Yang Ming finished his beef curry rice and wiped his mouth. He looked at Jin Gang and Xiao Cao with suspicion. Were they here just to treat him for a meal?

“Xiao Cao, when will your people arrived?” Jin Gang whispered.

“Soon, soon, wait a little longer!” Xiao Cao was also very anxious. He feared that he might fail in such critical moment.

Dodododo!” The phone rang. Xiao Cao took out his phone and looked at it. Then, he left the room.

Hey? Brother De? Why aren't you here yet? We are waiting for you at the tea house opposite of the Song Jiang No. 4 High School!” Xiao Cao said anxiously.

“Xiao Cao, I have my hands busy with something else. I can't make it today. My underlings were beaten and they are in the hospital. I need to negotiate with the other parties!” The person on opposite end of the phone replied.

“But, Brother De, I have already brought the person...” Xiao Cao had a long face after he heard the news. What he was most afraid of had just happened.

“Don't worry, I have sent two of my men to come over! They will most likely be there soon!” Brother De said.

“Will that work?” Xiao Cao hesitated.

“Isn't it just teaching a school kid a lesson? Don't worry, he would be scared to death!” Brother De told him.

“Alright, Brother De, so be it!” Xiao Cao helplessly shook his head. He mumbled secretly, If I need to get some underlings, do I still need you? Can't I just do it myself?

These words could only be grumbled in secret. It should never reach the ear of Brother De. Cao Liwa was merely a punk. He was in charge of taking care of a place only. He could only intimidate the others but he would freeze in a life and death fight.

Brother De was still known for being ruthless. Hence, Xiao Cao wanted to get him to teach Yang Ming a lesson. It never occurred to Xiao Cao that he merely sent two of his underlings!

So be it. The matter had reached such a degree. After returning to the room, Cao Liwa lost his confidence.

Yang Ming learned his lesson. He diverted his attention to Cao Liwa’s whereabouts. Yang Ming “saw” what Cao Liwa said on the phone at the walkway. Even though Yang Ming couldn’t see what the person on the other end of the phone said, he could roughly figure out the conversation based on what Cao Liwa said.

Cao Liwa requested a “Brother De” to teach me a lesson, but he couldn’t make it and sent someone else over. After Yang Ming figured out everything, he awaited the underlings of Brother De patiently.

“Why are they not here yet?” Yang Ming was impatient.

En, soon, soon!” Cao Liwa answered aimlessly. He soon felt something was not right. “How do you know someone is coming?”

“Am I wrong? If we aren’t waiting for someone, why are we still staying here?” Yang Ming smirked.

Amidst the conversation, the door of the room was pushed open. Two strangers who didn’t look like good people came in. Cao Liwa noticed that the men had arrived and a smile emerged from his face. It seemed like Brother De was still concerned about him. Those who were sent were Brother De’s best underlings. One of them was a loan shark, Zhu Biao, and the other was Brother De’s best fighter, Fan Jiulong!

“Yang Ming, let me introduce you to two of my friends!” Cao Liwa smiled from ear to ear and said, “This is Zhu Biao, Brother Biao. This is Fan Jiulong, Brother Long!”

“Pleased to meet you!” Yang Ming looked at the people in front of him and nodded his head.

“Little brat, which street are you from? Who’s your boss?” Fan Jiulong unbuttoned his shirt and sat in front of Yang Ming to show his “Black Dragon” tattoo.

“My boss is Li Huihua.” Yang Ming smiled as he replied. Yang Ming reckoned that of these four people, Fan Jiulong was the only person capable of fighting. However, he was confident that he could beat Fan Jiulong. Zhu Biao, fat Zhu, was obviously obese. He couldn’t even walk straight let alone fight. Cao Liwa was merely someone who only looked strong. He could attempt to intimidate others but he would rather step aside during fights. The last was Jin Gang. It was hard to say. Considering that this fellow had been a teacher for a while, he hasn’t been in any fights for a long time so he should be easy to handle.

Yang Ming already knew their intention and strength. He was just fooling around with these people.

“Li Huihua?” Fan Jiulong was stunned. He glanced at Zhu Biao. “Do you know him?”

Zhu Biao frowned a little and shook his head. The taboo of gangsters was to fight within its own group. It wouldn’t just mean to be the laughing-stock but a loss of status! Before a fight broke out, they would need to know each other’s bosses. If both of their bosses were close, the fight won’t happen. 

“Which district is Li Huihua from?” Fan Jiulong hesitated and asked politely. Since Li Huihua could still be a boss and if he was a ruthless person, Fan Jiulong wouldn’t want to make an unnecessary enemy.

“Li Huihua is our school teacher. He is a class teacher!” Jin Gang couldn’t hold himself and revealed it.

“What? Little brat, you dare to fool with me?” Fan Jiulong was furious. “Do you know what we do?”

“I don’t know.” Yang Ming shook his head.

‘Let me tell you. I am a gangster boss!” Fan Jiulong was afraid that Yang Ming didn’t understand the situation. He added, “It is criminal organization!”

Oh, I see!” Yang Ming pretended to be innocent and expressed an admiring look. It seems like Fan Jiulong is retarded. Are all fighters like this?

“You can stop your admiration. Let me put this bluntly. I came here under someone’s order to intimidate you!” Fan Jiulong was a rough fellow. He could fight and brawl but never used intelligence and tricks! Today, Brother De ordered him to scare a student and Fan Jiulong struggled with it. He was impatient with the “polite” usage of words and revealed his true colors without holding it in any further. 

Cao Liwa heard Fan Jiulong words and couldn’t help but frown. Does this fellow know how to talk? If you told him your intention was to intimidate him, would he be intimidated?

En, I understand. Brother Long, just tell me anything straight ahead.” Yang Ming nodded his head and scolded secretly deep in his heart. Jin Gang, can’t you be like Wang Zhitao and be a little smarter? Why are you getting a few dumba**es to face me? Are you looking down on me or are you just a dumba**?

Yang Ming wasn’t ready to face off with Wang Zhitao. If it was merely Jin Gang, he wouldn’t care so much. He intended to test his capability but sadly his opponent was too weak. 

“Cool!” Fan Jiulong was delighted with what Yang Ming said. It seemed the person understood what was happening and there was no need to beat around the bush! Thus, he said it straight away, “I heard you fooled Jin Gang. It is your fault. What do you say?”

“I also don’t know. Tell me more?” Yang Ming couldn’t care less.

“Great, what a man, a real man. You are really direct!” Fan Jiulong was happy. How could he meet someone so direct! “Lets see, there was fifty thousand plus change? Make it sixty thousand. Pay us sixty thousand, apologize and I will let it go!” 

Oh, nothing else?” Yang Ming asked.

“Nothing else!” Fan Jiulong sensed his attitude and thought to himself, Were my demands too little?

“I don’t agree.” Yang Ming replied coldly.

“What? F***! Are you fooling with me?” Fan Jiulong was angry as he pointed at Yang Ming and shouted, “There was a pretentious d*** last time and I broke his head. He almost became a vegetable as he stayed in the hospital for half a year!”

“Really? What a coincidence. There was a Ji Shuisheng being pretentious in front of me. A kick of mine destroyed his lung. He kicked the bucket before he reached the hospital.” Yang Ming said patiently.

“Ji Shuisheng?!” Fan Jiulong heard the name and suddenly couldn’t move…

Silence lingered in the room. Those who were there, aside from Jin Gang, had heard of the well-known Ji Shuisheng - the best fighter of Province S’s gangster boss. A fighter like Fan Jiulong was highly familiar with that name!

According to the word on the streets, Ji Shuiseng was a bada**. Unexpectedly, he was killed by a high school kid during his crime.

Motherf*****, who is scaring who? Fan Jiulong was a bada**, but he also knew the reality of a fighter’s capability. He wouldn’t dare to mess with a person who could kill Ji Shuisheng!

Since the matter was kept confidential, only the principal and Zhao Ying knew about it. There was no one else beside them that knew about the matter between Yang Ming and Ji Shuisheng. Jin Gang naturally didn’t know.

“Who is Ji Shuisheng? Is he strong?” Jin Gang was astounded when everyone was quiet.

Cao Liwa pulled Jin Gang’s shirt and whispered to him. Jin Gang’s face became a sour expression.

“That... let’s not talk about it further. Wasn’t Brother Yang Ming supposed to treat a meal, but instead Jin Gang paid for it. Brother Yang Ming, don’t you see...” Cao Liwa quickly smoothed things over. He was smarter than Fan Jiulong. Even though he had some doubts with what Yang Ming said, Ji Shuisheng was an unfamiliar name for students. If Yang Ming could call out this name, what he said was most probably true!

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