So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Integrating Contact Lenses

The travel fare from Yang Ming’s house to Computer City was merely twelve yuan. However, Sun Kun only charged ten yuan. Yang Ming didn’t debate over the fare further. It would be embarrassing for two men to argue over two yuan. 

Within a month, Zhong Bai Computer City became a national chain of IT stores even though they had only recently entered into Song Jiang City. It had a strategic location near the Song Jiang University of Engineering. Thus, business there wasn’t bad at all!

As Yang Ming walked into the store, he ignored the Japanese and American goods. Instead, he approached the local booth.

“Big Ming, why don’t you buy imported products from Japan?” Father Yang asked.

“Nope, I want to support our local products and boycott Japanese products!” Yang Ming shook his head. His father’s generation couldn’t comprehend the younger generation’s perspective on Japanese products.

Father Yang couldn’t care less. Yang Ming could buy anything that he desired. Also, local products tended to be cheaper.

Yang Ming approached the Hasee retail shop. He heard of this brand before. It was a local product catered for the common people. That explains why it was the best choice for students. Most importantly, the CEO of the company had a good character and that gave the brand a good reputation.

“Student, are you looking to buy a computer?” A sales girl asked Yang Ming with a gentle smile. Someone like Yang Ming who was accompanied by a parent most likely had prepared money. Thus, the sales girl treated them warmly.

“Yup, what is the price range?” Yang Ming asked.

“What do you intend to use it for? Let’s talk about the expected use so that I can recommend a few products for you!” The sales girl asked.

Uhm, most likely, I want to surf the internet, chat, watch movies and play some games after the National Higher Education Entrance Examination,” replied Yang Ming.

“Have you decided to purchase a desktop or laptop? But you are in Grade 12 already, right? After you have enrolled in a university, you would need a computer in your dorm as well. So, I recommend purchasing a laptop for its mobility!” The sales girl also said, “According to your needs, most of the computers are suitable. How about I recommend some of the trendy ones for you to pick from?”

Yang Ming agreed after a few thoughts. It would be convenient to have a laptop. So, he said, “I would like to have a laptop. Oh yeah, the DVD reader needs to be included as well!” Yang Ming intentionally added this requirement when he recalled the lip reading disks.

“Don’t worry about it. A typical laptop includes a DVD drive!” The sales girl pointed at a few laptops as she addressed Yang Ming’s concern. Later, she introduced several configurations to Yang Ming.

Yang Ming couldn’t understand much about it. After a long time evaluating, he chose to purchase a product that cost 4,399 yuan. It had a great look and substantial configurations. Budget laptops typically had a fixed market price, so there was no need to bargain. The sales girl also gave a backpack, a mouse and a bundle of software to Yang Ming.

After arriving home, Yang Ming began to set up his laptop. Father Yang called a telecommunication company and scheduled the installation of broadband. Maybe due to the industry’s competition, the installation workers were to arrive in the afternoon even though the appointment was just made.

The modem was installed easily by the hands of the professionals. Yang Ming could surf the internet right after that.

Yang Ming installed the QQ software first. After the installation was completed, he logged into his account that he created in the past at a cyber café. The account was seven digits and was left abandoned till now. Now, the account could be sold for a few dozen yuan.

It had been a long time since Yang Ming logged into his account. Once he was online, N number [1] of system messages popped up. Yang Ming’s handle was “There’s No True Love in this World”. He registered with this name after Su Ya transferred to another school. His sadness was the cause of this nickname. He didn’t change it later on. However, a few sluts took notice of Yang Ming’s nickname and thought he was looking for a one night stand. Thus, a lot of friend requests bombarded his account. Worse still, rich women sent friend requests and asked Yang Ming about the price for a night!

Yang Ming scrolled through the system messages. For those who didn’t clarify their intentions, Yang Ming rejected their friend request. He only accepted the friend request from Zhang Bing.

“‘True Love’, long time no see!” a message reached Yang Ming. It was from a female named “I’m a Superstar”. Only the gender was mentioned in QQ. In a decade where transgenders are rampant, who would know if this person was actually male or female?

“I have said multiple times! I am not ‘True Love’, call me ‘There’s No True Love in this World’!” Yang Ming sent an angry emoji.

I’m a Superstar sent a smiley. “Hehe, why are you online now?”

“I just bought a computer. Finally, I can surf the internet at home!” Yang Ming replied.

Oh, alright, let’s chat another time. My manager is calling for me. I need to attend a product launch!” I’m a Superstar replied.

Yang Ming sent a goodbye emoji.

Hey, this girl really thinks that she was a superstar! Yang Ming shook his head and couldn’t believe what “I’m a Superstar” wrote. Things on the internet were semi-believable and Yang Ming didn’t argue any further. 

In QQ, Yang Ming spent most of his time chatting with “I’m a Superstar”. Yang Ming added this friend in a cyber café. According to her, she was a superstar.

After switching off QQ, Yang Ming surfed the internet for quite a while as he looked for information relevant to “X-ray Lens”. The search results, however, mostly pertained to X-ray Mahjong [2]! Also, there were search results explaining about infrared instruments, but they were different from Yang Ming’s contact lenses!

Yang Ming was preparing to take out his contact lenses to look for a product code so that it could ease his effort in using the search engine.

Until now, Yang Ming had not removed his contacts! However, when Yang Ming tried to remove one, he was astonished to find that there was no lens on his eye!

As such, it was unknown when the contact lenses had become integrated into his body!

Yang Ming didn’t know whether he should be happy or scared! The good thing was that the contact lenses wouldn’t be dropped or stolen! The scary part was the possibility of adverse side effects following the integration of the lenses with his body.

Be it a blessing or a curse, it had already happened! After such a long time, Yang Ming had not experienced any discomfort. Hence, Yang Ming was slightly worried but it was undeniably a pleasant surprise. 

For now, do I possess this special ability? Yang Ming searched for information relating to “X-ray” special ability and dozens of search results popped up this time around!

Chapter Notes:

[1] N is usually used to describe enormous numbers in Chinese slang.

[2] X-ray was translated from a term that meant “look through” in Chinese. So when you searched for that term most of the suggestions would be about "look through Mahjong", a poker card alternative used by the Chinese. Of course, if you attempted to search for X-ray you won’t find Mahjong. 

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