So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Stupid Jin Gang

The call was connected and Jin Ging spoke in a hurry, “Hello? Xiao Cao? I’m Jin Gang!”   


“Jin Gang, what’s the matter?” Xiao Cao clearly was either in a club or disco because it was really noisy on the other end of the phone. Xiao Cao was Jin Gang’s classmate, then he dropped out of school and went to look for a job. Currently, he worked for security at a brothel in front of a gym. To put it simply, he was a watchman.

“Xiao Cao, do you have fifty thousand cash on hand? Can you lend it to me?” Jin Gang said after a second thought.

“Fifty thousand? Jin Gang, why do you need so much money? How can I find you fifty thousand at this hour?” Xiao Cao was in an awkward position. Although he was a little boss, it was still difficult for him to suddenly get a hold of fifty thousand.

“Xiao Cao, please help your brother out! I’ll return the money to you once the bank is open tomorrow!” Jin Gang said helplessly. He left his payroll card [1] in his house. He usually didn’t take it out, otherwise, he could have swiped his card by now.

Xiao Cao hesitated, “This… ok then! I’ll try to borrow from my workplace. However, you have to promise me, you need to return it to me tomorrow morning! If not, I’ll be screwed for getting caught in the middle!” Xiao Cao must help out his best brother, Jin Gang!

Jin Gang was relieved and said, “No problem! Tomorrow, I’ll return it to you! I’m in Tavern Heaven on Earth now. Once you get the money, you come here and look for me!” 

“Tavern Heaven on Earth? Did you ask for a prostitute and can’t pay for it? I hear the prostitutes there are the best. How was it? Did you feel really good?” Xiao Cao smiled lewdly. 

Jin Gang was dumbfounded after he heard that, “What prostitute? Is there a prostitute that is worth five yuan? I’ll explain to you once you’re here. Be quick!”

“Alright, you wait for me! I’ll be there immediately!” Xiao Cao finished speaking and hung up the phone.

At the moment, Jin Gang was feeling extremely uneasy. He kept thinking in his mind. 
Xiao Cao, please come here quickly!

He was feeling extremely uncomfortable because the waitress stared at him as if he was a thief.

After half an hour, a youth with green hair walked in. Jin Gang spotted him from afar and shouted promptly, “Xiao Cao, I’m here!”

The green haired youth, Xiao Cao, ran toward Jin Gang once he heard Jin Gang’s call. “Jin Gang, what’s going on?”

Jin Gang asked anxiously, “I’ll explain to you later. Where’s the money?” 

“Right here!” Xiao Cao threw a black plastic bag on the bar beside Jin Gang, “Damn it! I even borrowed from the service ladies to get all this money!”

The waitress looked contemptuously at Jin Gang when she heard that. 
I see; he is a poor wretch. Don’t pretend to be a rich guy just to pick up a pretty girl if you don’t have the money!

Jin Gang was like seeing a life-saving straw. He opened up the black plastic bag immediately and took out five stacks of notes, then he handed them to the waitress. After that, he took out his wallet again, counted seventeen hundred yuan notes, and passed them over.

The waitress handed the money to the cashier. Once it was counted properly, she asked Jin Gang, “Do you need a receipt?” [2]

“Yes! Maybe I could still win a lottery!” said Jin Gang as he clenched his teeth.

The waitress gave him the tickets. Jin Gang and Xiao Cao started to scratch those tickets. Maybe it was because Jin Gang’s personality was too bad, but out of over a hundred lottery tickets, he didn’t get a single prize.

When they went left, Jin Gang was disheartened. Xiao Cao looked at him and asked, “Jin Gang, what is going on? How could one meal cost you fifty thousand yuan? Did you get conned?”

“Don’t mention it. One bottle of wine cost me  f***ing forty-eight thousand yuan!” Jin Gang shook his head and complained, “It’s really f***king expensive. I have never seen such expensive wine!”

“What wine? Forty-eight thousand yuan? Isn’t this cheating?” Xiao Cao frowned. “Do you need me to find some brothers to talk to them?”

“This is Tavern Heaven on Earth! Do you dare mess around here?” Jin Gang rolled his eyes. “The liquor was a 1982 Raphael Manor wine!”

“Raphael Manor? It’s even a 1982? Damn! Brother, you really know how to enjoy!” Xiao Cao sighed and said, “Our club even sells the 1988 for forty thousand and this one isn’t that expensive!” Xiao Cao was just speaking for fun. He wouldn’t dare to mess with Tavern Heaven on Earth.

Jin Gang replied sourly, “What did I enjoy? You thought I was here to enjoy? Someone invited me for dinner, so I followed him!”

Xiao Cao asked, “Someone invited you? Then why were you paying the bill?”

“The incident was like this...” So, Jin Gang told everything to Xiao Cao.

Xiao Cao was in doubt. “Are you saying that the student was messing with you?”

Jin Gang said, “Yeah, but didn’t I tell you that he was treating me nicely later?”

“Damn it! You were conned!” Xiao Cao scolded, “Treating you nicely? He did this intentionally from the beginning!”

Jin Gang shook his head doubtfully, “I was conned? How? Zhao Ying isn’t such a person!” 

“Can’t you understand? It was the student who framed you!” Xiao Cao said, “You’re such a grown man, but you don’t have much experience in society. It was obvious that the student said something vague and made Zhao Ying misunderstand you!”

Jin Gang cursed, “F***! I told you right! I do think that this kid isn’t authentic. How could a student treat someone for dinner at such a nice place?”

Xiao Cao complained, “You should have thought about that earlier! A student who goes to school with a bicycle ‘28’, how rich could he be?” 

Jin Gang blamed himself. he held his head and said, “That’s right! I should blame myself for this! I’m too stupid, why I didn’t think of that before?”

Xiao Cao said, “It’s okay, you shouldn’t blame yourself for this. Later on, I’ll find two brothers to face that little kid! No matter how I will make him pay for it!” 

“Okay! Let's do this! Today is still the weekend. Let’s do it on Monday night! You come to my school and we will face him together!” Jin Gang nodded! Yang Ming, you dared to frame me! I will make you die this time! Jin Gang didn’t dare to show his face last time, but this time, he decided to fight with Yang Ming openly! If anything went wrong, his uncle could still help him!

Chapter Notes:

[1]  A payroll card is a reloadable prepaid card offered by an employer as a way for its employees to receive their wages electronically. Payroll cards, like direct deposit, are a form of electronic payment and an alternative to paper paychecks. Each payday, the employee’s net wages are deposited directly into the payroll card account. The employee can then use the card anywhere a debit card is accepted to buy things, get cash and pay bills. Read more here.

[2] There are special receipts which double as lottery tickets. It’s a way for the Chinese government to get people to pay taxes.  Learn about them here

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