So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Perseverance

“Basically there’s not much problem... “ The language teacher had just caught up to what actually happened, and he replied immediately. 

“Then, may I leave now?” Yang Ming didn’t want to stay in the office for too long. It felt a bit weird to have a group of teachers surrounding him. It would be fine if it was just Zhao Ying by herself! 

“You may go back!” Teacher Li ran out of words to say. Memory is based on genetics. There were not many ways to pass the techniques down to others! Yang Ming’s case was ridiculously rare! 

When he left the office, Yang Ming saw Zhao Ying looking at him as if she was blaming him and seemed to say, Why didn’t you ever tell me about this before

Yang Ming smiled bitterly and mouthed, “I will come find you tonight,” and left the office. 

Once he went back to the classroom, Yang Ming was ambushed by Zhang Bing. “How was it? Did the teacher identify any flaws?” 

“Flaws? What flaws?” Yang Ming scratched his head. 

“The flaws in your cheating method!” Zhang Bing said. 

“F***! I told you that this is a result of my efforts. What cheating? Could cheating possibly get me to first place in the class?” Yang Ming said scornfully. 

“Oh yeah ha?” Zhang Bing shook his head. “Then I will go home and also put in some ‘sh**’!” [1]

It was already Grade 12 and the schedule was rather tight. Therefore, Yang Ming’s case was just like a short interlude song which didn’t cause many issues. Everyone just discussed it for a while and turned away to focus their attention to review. 

However, after class, Wang Zhitao once again put on his act and came to Yang Ming’s desk. “Brother, you are really good aren’t you? Let’s find a place to celebrate at night.” 

Celebrate with you? Let’s call it off! I don’t want to become a rapist again! I wonder how Chen Fei’s investigation was going so far. Wang Zhitao was acting just like anyone else even though he had done such a terrible thing. Yang Ming, however, simply entertained him by saying, “I won’t be free tonight. Let’s have it on another day.”

Once he said it, Yang Ming stood up and walked toward Chen Mengyan. 

Damn. I paid you some respect and you didn’t even care about it! Wang Zhitao was angry. Did you really think I was willing to buy you a meal? This was just rudimentary politeness! However, his face was calm and he said harmoniously, “Sure. If you have any time, just give me a call. I would definitely respond to that.”

Yang Ming nodded and didn’t continue the conversation. He really wanted to give a full beating to this brat but he also knew that if he had done that, what would come next would be Wang Zhitao’s fanatic revenge! 

Yang Ming wasn’t really afraid of it. He was just a single person; there wasn’t much that Wang Zhitao could do. Unless he planned to kill him? But in the present society, regardless how bada** you were, it wouldn’t be such an easy task to kill a person either! However, many places in Song Jiang City had connections with the Wang family. If Wang Zhitao found the appropriate seniors to have a few words with them, Yang Ming’s parents could easily face the consequences! 

On the surface, he couldn’t do many things, but in the dark, he had many dirty tricks up his sleeve! Yang Ming understood these rich family sons very well. The last incident at Tavern Heaven on Earth was a really great example! 

Therefore, Yang Ming knew that, right now, he cannot turn completely hostile against Wang Zhitao. Once he survived the last incident, Yang Ming’s character had matured a lot. Now, he knew what was supposed to be done and what wasn’t supposed to be done. 

When people were despised by others, they would not not bear a grudge. When they were knocked down by others, they would not not be hateful. When they were teased and laughed at by others, they would not not be resistant. When they were isolated and controlled, they would not not want vengeance. As long as there was anger in their heart, it would be able to arouse their desires to move forward. 

Yang Ming was waiting for the right chance. Sometimes men had to persevere! To endure something silently didn’t mean that he was a weakling, but instead, he was making a smart move! 

Since ancient times, there weren’t many who had not endured many things before succeeding! 

The resolution of Goujian was because of the Yue King’s hardship [2]. If he didn’t have enough perseverance, how could he have risen again? 

If Emperor Kangxi didn’t endure, how could he have killed Ao Bai and established peace in the revolt of Three Feudatories?  [2]

Yang Ming knew this inherently, therefore he had been putting up with it. If he launched an attack on his enemy when he didn’t have enough capability, he wouldn’t be a bada**, but a dumba**. 

Chen Mengyan was pretty scared of Yang Ming right now. She felt like her face was having a fever. Initially, Yang Ming’s results had increased, so she should be happy. Why was she having anxious feelings that caused her to fidget? 

Was it because Yang Ming’s results were better than my own and I felt jealous? Chen Mengyan shook her head. This thought had never crossed her mind earlier. 

“Mengyan, are you free tonight? Let me treat you a meal.” Yang Ming’s butt rested beside Chen Mengyan. Chen Mengyan’s desk mate was pretty observant. Every time Yang Ming was near, she would take the initiative and walk away.

Chen Mengyan raised her head and looked at Yang Ming. Her face turned slightly red and she said, “I’m not doing anything in particular. Why are you buying me a meal? As if you became rich!”

“Rich, not really. However, my results were good, so I am happy! Then, of course, we should reward the both of us!” Yang Ming smiled. 

“What’s that got to do with me?” Chen Mengyan complained softly. 

“If I didn’t have so much of your guidance, how could I get the results that I had?” Yang Ming whispered softly beside Chen Mengyan’s ear, causing her ear to itch and face to turn even redder. “Moreover, last time you promised me that if my mock exam results were good, you would go on a date with me!”

“I was saying that we should wait until our actual exam results are out first!” Cheng Mengyan shook her head immediately. “What date? Don’t simply say that! I only said to take walk on the street with you.” 

“Isn’t that almost the same?” Yang Ming felt that walking on the street and dating were the same. It was just one boy and one girl hanging out together! Nevermind. Since Chen Mengyan, this girl, was so shy, then let’s call it ‘walking on the street’! The result is the same! Therefore, Yang Ming said, “I am fine with walking on the street together too!” 

“Next time. Tonight, I am not free, I have to go back home or my family members would be worried.” Chen Mengyan said. 

Since Chen Mengyan wasn’t free, Yang Ming went to Zhao Ying’s office right after school. He didn’t know if Zhao Ying understood his mouthing earlier today. 

When he came to the office door, Yang Ming realized the door was locked. 

He didn’t even know whether Zhao Ying was inside or not. Initially, he wanted to knock on the door but he felt that it was a bit troublesome. Therefore, he used his x-ray vision right away. Only an idiot wouldn’t use the superpower that he had. 

En???” Yang Ming’s jaw dropped! Zhao Ying was still at the office but she was changing. At this moment, she just took off her office shirt and her “Hello Kitty” bra was shown! 

I never thought that Zhao Ying would take the cute path. Her bra wasn’t really as sexy as Chen Mengyan’s. When he thought about this, Yang Ming couldn’t help but recall how he saw Chen Mengyan’s undergarment the last time. 

Chapter Notes:

[1]  It is an intentional pun whereby putting in the effort and putting in “sh**” has the same pronunciation.

[2] These historical characters were all kings in the ancient Chinese history who tolerated their hardship and strategized to obtain their successes.

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