So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 54

Chapter 54:  I Want to Eat You Alive

“Yang Ming, what are you thinking about? You opened your mouth like a crocodile!” Chen Mengyan looked at Yang Ming who put his chin on the desk. It looked a bit funny.

Salivating? Did I? Yang Ming looked up. He was experimenting with his special ability during class so his brain had overheated. He was planning to rest between classes but then a beautiful lady looked at him so how could he not be bothered by it? Yang Ming laughed and said, “Yes, I wanted to eat you alive!”

Chinese is really broad and profound. Sometimes in a sentence, even one word could have different meanings. It is only in Chinese that you can find such a freaking difficult challenge.

Yang Ming’s current sentence, “I wanted to eat you alive” had these different meanings:

  1. I’m hungry, I want to swallow you into my stomach. This was the original meaning. This situation usually happened between two different level animals. For example, a tiger spoke to a goat, I want to eat you alive.
  2. Even though I’m hungry, I hate you. I wanted to eat you to relieve my hatred! This was an extended meaning. This situation usually happened between two enemies. For example, two people were fighting and one said, I can’t wait to eat you alive!
  3. I want to f*** you. This was the modern meaning and a popular meaning too. This was the most frequently used. This situation usually happened with couples who are engaged in foreplay with each other. The guy saw the girl’s horny look so then he would want to f*** her. However, it’s difficult to say out loud so the guy says, “I want to eat you.” Or the girl who was really in love and wanted to give everything to him. However, she’s embarrassed to say it out loud, so she could only say, “You can eat me!”

The third situation was the most common whether it be on the internet or in reality. It was used widely. For example, in B city’s hotel, Zhao Yanying was in love with Liu Lei, so she said to him, “You can eat me now!” [1]

In the current situation, when Yang Ming said, “I wanted to eat you alive”, how could Chen Mengyan not be dirty minded? Their relationship was originally ambiguous, so it was easy to think this way.

Therefore, Chen Mengyan blushed and said, “What are you thinking?”

“What did I think?” Yang Ming was puzzled by Chen Mengyan’s twisted face. What did I think? Is it that you can look into my mind now? Is it possible that the world was crazy? Are people with special abilities everywhere?

Heh! A filthy mouth cannot utter any decent language. You always try to take advantage of me!” Chen Mengyan rolled her eyes at Yang Ming. It seemed like she wasn’t happy about his action.


Yang Ming was shocked and shook his head. He only realized now, My sentence was ambiguous! But I swear, I didn’t have a filthy thought at that moment. I just spoke it naturally! There was no way Yang Ming could explain so he could only laugh to cover it up.

Luckily, Chen Mengyan didn’t want to argue with Yang Ming on such a topic. She knew if she kept going, then she would be following Yang Ming’s lead.

“I have looked at you test paper. Not bad, Yang Ming. Did you do it on your own?” Chen Mengyan put the graded test paper on the desk.

“You don’t trust me?” Yang Ming was unhappy about the question.

“No, I didn’t mean that!” Chen Mengyan suddenly realized her sentence hurt his pride, so she explained promptly.

Hehe, just now I didn’t mean it too.” Yang Ming was referring to the “I wanted to eat you alive” incident.

Ah?” Chen Mengyan didn’t understand.

“It’s ok. How was it? Were my efforts effective?” Yang Ming didn’t want to continue on such a topic either.

En, not bad, Yang Ming. You really surprised me that you can remember so much in such a short time!” Chen Mengyan admired him. “If it was me, it would be impossible for me to pick it up because it’s been too long ago!”

Hehe, don’t you know who I am?” Yang Ming left out one sentence and that was: I have specs but you don’t!

“Enough already. Don’t be too arrogant. Why didn’t you finish these word problems?” Chen Mengyan pointed at the complex questions at the end of the paper.

“I don’t know how to do them.” Yang Ming told the truth. “I can memorize the basic concepts but it doesn’t work for complex questions. There were many conditions in a word problem, so it’s not easy to apply a formula to it!”


Chen Mengyan also agreed with Yang Ming. Solving comprehensive questions required many experiences and mastery in comprehension. As for Yang Ming’s speed, he was really good since he could learn so much in such a short time! 

“Let me explain to you the problem-solving ideas of these questions and the important details to earn points! When you are taking an exam, you can write something even if you don’t know how to solve it. This word problem has partial credit. For example, this question about electric fields, if you listed out the basic formula I=Q/t, then you will get two points!” Chen Mengyan talked as she wrote on the paper. “Furthermore, a comprehensive question usually consists of a few smaller questions. For example, the question was asking how much electricity it is, then you can change the formula from I=Q/t to Q=It. If you substitute the number, you can easily get the answer. The question is fifteen points in total; you can get five points for the first part!”

Yang Ming looked at Chen Mengyan patiently teaching him and he was really touched! Such a kind-hearted girl! If she could be my girlfriend, that would be the blessings accumulated from my past life!

Exams were like a battlefield in this decade. Who would sacrifice their own time to do reviews for others? In addition, they were teaching from their own experiences. If the others learned all this, they would become new rivals. There weren’t many people who were willing to do such a stupid thing.

At the same time, Yang Ming was sweating. These comprehensive questions - he really thought that he couldn’t figure them out, so he never looked at them. But he never knew the answer was so simple.

Although Yang Ming still didn’t understand some questions, he listened carefully. He didn’t want to waste Chen Mengyan’s hard work. It didn’t matter if Chen Mengyan was feeling good about him or not because Yang Ming was satisfied with what he currently had.

However, there must be someone who wanted to destroy such a harmonious moment.

Chapter Notes:

[1] These characters are from Fishman II’s novel, 重生追美记 - Rebirth and Beauty - i.e. the prequel to this novel. 

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