So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: You Are Mu Guiying

Yesterday, Yang Ming was still baffled as to why Wang Zhitao hadn’t exposed his story. Based on how Wang Zhitao behaved today, could it be that the culprit wasn’t really him? But that wasn’t really possible. Yang Ming felt that it must be Wang Zhitao! Other than Wang Zhitao, there was no other person who he had a beef with. 

Actually, Wang Zhitao already knew that Yang Ming would go to school today! Yesterday, he heard from Zhang Biao that Yang Ming was acquitted! The situation was like this: Wang Zhitao was holding the photos that he took a few days ago wondering when would be a good time to pass them out. Then, Zhang Biao’s phone call came.

“Master, I have gotten some news from my friend in the police department. Yang Ming was acquitted!”

“What? Acquitted!” Wang Zhitao almost dropped his phone! There was no way to get around the fact that Yang Ming raped a girl so how could he be acquitted? Could it be that he had a strong family background?

Zhang Biao said, “Yes, they said that the girl suddenly dropped the case so the police department let Yang Ming go.”

Damn! Wang Zhitao smashed his phone into the wall and it broke in half. Wang Zhitao said it with resentment, “What the heck were you doing? Why is that motherf***** still alright? Damn, what did Yang Ming offer to that b**** so that she would actually drop the case?”

Wang Zhitao was definitely mad but he knew that he couldn’t do anything to Yang Ming this time. The only hope right now lies with the few pictures! Wang Zhitao wanted to distribute the pictures but Yang Ming’s case had not settled yet. If he published those photos first, he would be easily identified as the one behind the scene. Even though he could explain that he stumbled upon the scene accidentally, it would easily bring trouble. His family may have power, but if the police were persistent, he would be in a mess.

Wang Zhitao put the photos in the drawer as he contemplated deeply. How could he utilize these photos to their maximum effect?

Should the photos be given to the school? Let’s disregard whether or not the school would believe it. Even if the school was convinced, the school would verify this with the police department. By the time the police department clarified it as a misunderstanding, Yang Ming wouldn’t have suffered any negative effect. On the other hand, the police would trace it back to him! Wang Zhitao wouldn’t want to do something that brought misery onto himself. By that time, he would have failed to frame Yang Ming. On the contrary, Chen Mengyan would think that he was despicable! That would be such a great loss! 

After much deliberation, Wang Zhitao thought of a wonderful idea! I could give those photos to Chen Mengyan privately! Why have I gone so far as to attack Yang Ming? All of it was for Chen Mengyang! If I gave those photos privately to Chen Mengyan, she would not spread this matter out solely because of her personality. With that, I can achieve my objective.

Wang Zhitao felt delighted after settling his final thoughts. Tomorrow, he would pretend nothing had happened in order to maintain a good friendship with Yang Ming. He would deliver the critical hit when Yang Ming least expected.

Thus, the scenario from this morning had played out.

Chen Mengyan had a radiant smile while she stood in front of Yang Ming, “You came?”

Oh, it is Mu Guiying!” Yang Ming was upset with the matter of Wang Zhitao, but the sight of a pretty girl made him flirt.

“Mu Guiying?” Chen Mengyan was dumbfounded. Was Yang Ming so strange? What was the relationship between me and Mu Guiying?

“Yes, Mu Guiying was the daughter-in-law in the Yang family.” Yang Ming said it with a serious tone.

“Daughter-in-law of the Yang family... Yang Ming! You go to hell!” Chen Mengyan threw the pile of paper in her hand onto Yang Ming’s head.

“What’s this?” Yang Ming looked at the paper scattered on the table as he asked.

“I saved a copy of the papers from the past two days. Go ahead and do them. I will check them again for you after you have finished!” Chen Mengyan rolled her eyes and said, “Don’t speak about nonsense again! Alright, I need to go to class!”

Yang Ming looked at Chen Mengyan’s back as she left. He laughed as he thought about it. Does this girl have an interest in me? Damn, I am too strong. As expected, like the main male character of a web novel, one will be freaking awesome after attaining a special ability. However, what I have achieved didn’t seem related to my special ability.

Right, it was due to his mentality. Yang Ming originally thought Chen Mengyan was too good for him. At this moment, Yang Ming felt that he was unique! With a change in mentality, the results of his actions would be different!


Yang Ming looked at the papers in his hand. He knew that whether he did them or not, there wouldn’t be much impact on his grades. His grades were obtained through the contact lenses which had nothing to do with working hard! Even so, Yang Ming would finish up those papers as though they were mock exam papers. Of course, it could also be considered as mock cheating!

Yang Ming put a few books that were related to the subject on the table. Afterward, he started to answer those worksheets. The questions at the top focused on concepts. Yang Ming almost found all the answers from the book. The challenging questions were those that involved calculations so Yang Ming just gave up on them. It wasn’t an actual exam right now. During the actual exam, Yang Ming could copy someone’s answer.

For the mathematics sheet, Yang Ming didn’t copy. Rather, he answered the questions based on his own capability. Yang Ming managed to catch up with math after the series of Zhao Ying’s tutoring sessions and the practice with Chen Mengyan. He learned all the textbooks in senior high school. Thus, Yang Ming’s mathematics grade was the most genuine. 

Yang Ming wasn’t stupid. Basically, he could learn anything if he studied. Yang Ming could cope with the questions on the paper easily. Even the compound questions in the back were quickly answered solely using his own capability.

His morning time was all spent on answering the papers. In the afternoon, Yang Ming gave his papers to Chen Mengyan. Then, he decided to go home and eat.

“Yang Ming, where are you going for lunch? I can treat you.” Wang Zhitao appeared behind Yang Ming just as he left the school gate.

 “I am going home for lunch.” Yang Ming suddenly felt that Wang Zhitao was very pretentious. Even though Yang Ming lacked the evidence to prove that Wang Zhitao was the culprit, he was sure that Wang Zhitao did not have any kind intentions. Also, Yang Ming was ninety-nine percent sure that the case was set up by Wang Zhitao!

 Yang Ming never believed that someone like Wang Zhitao had a conscience. A villain would always be a villain. Hence, Yang Ming already decided since the morning to treat him perfunctorily. Since you are acting dumb, I will simply act ignorant as well! Do you wish to play “Infernal Affairs”? [1] I will deal with you until the end. Let’s see who can survive until then!

 However, Yang Ming also knew that his strength couldn’t match Wang Zhitao! Despite Yang Ming having a special ability, he didn’t have the luxury to act as he liked! Thus, Yang Ming restrained himself this time! In the years when Yang Ming was in the underworld, Yang Ming learned how to deal with opponents who were stronger than he. If he confronted them directly, it would be a path to hell! But, if he acted dumb, it would cause the opponents to feel less threatened as though they could simply bully him to death! Only in that way could he have the opportunity to groom his strength and deliver a critical hit on his opponent!

 “Since it is like this, then so be it. Another day I guess!” Wang Zhitao didn’t pursue further. He waved his hand toward Yang Ming and entered into a Mercedes by the roadside.

Chapter Notes:

[1] 无间道 (Wújiàn dào) Internal Affairs is a 2002 Hong Kong crime/killer movie where people played dirty tricks on each other. 

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