So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: The Second Visit

Dong, Dong, Dong!” The ferocious sound of door knocking woke Yang Ming up. It was followed by a smooth growl then Yang Ming spurted out as he breathed heavily.

“We are the police! People inside, quickly open the door for our investigation!”  Loud shouting spread from outside the door.

Yang Ming wasn’t fully conscious yet from the multiple shocks. He heard “dong" and the door was forced open by a few people wearing uniforms.

“Why didn't you open the door?” A female police officer approached and dragged Yang Ming away from the young girl. Then, she put towels on them and spoke to another female police officer beside her. “Wrap the girl up with the towel.”

Yang Ming’s consciousness only returned at this moment. “What are you doing?”

The policeman asked, “What is your relationship with this girl?”

Yang Ming was numb as he replied, “I don't know her...” The effect of the alcohol surged into his brain making him unable to recall what happened.

The two police officers nodded their heads simultaneously and said, “Let's talk about it again after we arrest him.”

Both of the police officers were aware that this case may be similar to what had been reported by the caller. It would be a rape case! Of course, it would be a criminal case in the end.

The young girl had awakened long ago but the intense pain and the shame that was brought upon her caused her to keep her eyes shut.

It was at this moment that the young girl dared to open her eyes as she heard that the police had arrived. Yang Ming’s back was facing her. Thus, she couldn't catch a clear sight of the man who stained her purity.

“Save me...” The young girl managed to mumble a weak call for help before fainting...

The two police officers were quite sure of the nature of the case. It was beyond reasonable doubt that the girl was the victim! The policewoman used a simple head cover made from the newspaper to cover her face. The reason behind this was because the young girl was a victim. As such, this kind of case involved the issue of privacy. If her identity was exposed, it would gravely affect her future.

On the other hand, Yang Ming was pushed out without a head cover and was handcuffed before boarding the police car.

Wang Zhitao and Zhang Biao were hiding in the crowd. They picked the right time to snap a few shots of Yang Ming at the moment he was put into the police car.

“Little brat, it was actually you!” In the police car,  Xia Xue finally recognized that the suspect was Yang Ming who just came into the police department two days ago!

The cold breeze outside that blew on Yang Ming sobered him up. After staring at the female officer for a long while, he finally recognized her, “It is actually Officer Xia.”

Xia Xue finally let out her spitefulness from a few days ago, “You haven't forgotten me yet! Hum!Hum! I already had an impression that you weren’t a good person. Captain Chen actually trusted you and let the chief give you the Good Samaritan award! This time you finally got caught by me. What else can you say now?!”

“What did I do?” Yang Ming was a bit baffled. Was it that he was still in a dream? But this dream seemed to be quite long and strange.

Xiao Xue left a sarcastic smile as she said, “Hum! What did you do? Yang Ming, you have raped a girl and your courage really isn’t small. You committed murder just a few days ago. In these few days, you also got involved with rape. Don’t tell me that this is also your act as a ‘Good Samaritan’!”

“I raped a girl?” Yang Ming ferociously slapped himself on the head. Each of the scenes that happened just now had flashed by him quickly - the painful moan from the young girl, the knitted eyebrow and the scarlet but desolate plum blossom print on the bed sheet...

Yup, it seemed like I had sexual intercourse forcefully with the young girl, but wasn't that just a dream? Could it be real? Looking at the Tavern Heaven on Earth that was brilliantly illuminated with the crowds just outside the car window, Yang Ming finally realized that he had done something stupid.

Wang Zhitao! It must be Wang Zhitao. This little brat set me up! Yang Ming raged as he secretly cursed from the bottom of his heart. It was obvious that this fellow did not have any good intentions in the first place. Why would I be so carefree? Now, I finally got caught up in his trap.

Yang Ming envisioned Wang Zhitao’s delighted face with a big smirk. That expression was akin to saying, “Little brat. You dared to fight me for Chen Mengyan. Stay in prison for the rest of your life.”

“Damn!” Yang Ming ferociously smashed the car door with his hand that wasn’t cuffed! The car door was dented by Yang Ming’s smash with a “pang”. It was obvious how mad Yang Ming was.

“Little brat, you are still dishonest even in a police car!” Xia Xue was angered and she hit Yang Ming with her baton as she saw him cursing and even smashing the car.

Yang Ming felt an intense pain in his back. As he turned his head around, he stared at Xia Xue fiercely. He never thought a female police officer would be so violent. But damage like this was considered nothing for someone like Yang Ming who often got into fights.

Xia Xue felt guilty from Yang Ming’s intense stare. “Why are you staring at me? Would you believe that I can hit you again?!”

You rebellious girl. You dared to hit me! Yang Ming swore secretly deep down his heart that he must take revenge on Xia Xue because she did as she pleased! But he wouldn't dare to assault a police officer. He was in the situation where it would be tough to clear his name. If the assault on a police officer was added, Yang Ming would need to stay in the prison for the rest of his life.

“Okay, Xia Xue, if you injured him, money would be spent for his treatment.” The other police officer was wary of Xia Xue actually hitting Yang Ming’s head with the baton.

“Treatment. So be it!” Xia Xue said in a whisper.

The police must have lots of experience. There weren't any words spoken on the journey and that made Yang Ming uncomfortable.

The police car went into the police department in Song Jiang City. The moment it arrived, Yang Ming was separated from the young girl. Yang Ming was brought into the questioning room again.

From then on, Yang Ming was already someone who had been twice arrested.

Same place, same people. The difference was that this case seemed to be lighter compared to the murder case before. In actuality, however, this time it was more severe. 

When Chen Fei saw Yang Ming, he couldn’t help but frown. Chen Fei couldn’t imagine that Yang Ming would turn into a rapist when he stopped others from molesting a girl.

His intuition told him that there must be some hidden story behind this case!

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