So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Solicitous Wang Zhitao

Yang Ming looked at his watch. It was 5:55 pm. He walked towards Tavern Heaven On Earth.

The greeter in the tavern gave Yang Ming a strange look and said, “Sir, are you dining in?” At this moment, Yang Ming was dressed like a student. Also, he was alone, therefore, the greeter had doubts.

Yang Ming was annoyed because he felt that he was being treated like a beggar. “Nonsense. If I didn’t come here to
 eat, what else can I do?!”

Oh, please follow me…” The greeter saw that Yang Ming’s clothes were pretty common; basically, they were bought from the flea market. He didn't look like he could afford this place. Actually, dining in Tavern Heaven On Earth wasn't that expensive but it cost from a few hundred up to thousands of yuan.

As Yang Ming approached the front desk, he suddenly realized that he hadn't confirmed with Wang Zhitao regarding which room to meet in. Moreover, he didn't have his cell phone. This is bad! Would that fellow intentionally deceive me?

The greeter noticed an expression of hesitation and uncertainty on Yang Ming. She deduced that Yang Ming was overwhelmed by the luxury of the place and he couldn't afford it. She secretly laughed at him.

“Sir, are you dining in? If you are, allow me to have the receptionist arrange a table for you. If you are not, then leave. I have work to do!” The lady greeter was certain that Yang Ming was a poor fellow and therefore, spoke rudely.

Yang Ming heard the harsh words from the greeter. Anger built up in his heart. Why would you treat your customer like this? He wanted to throw a fit, but he was afraid that Wang Zhitao was fooling him. If he were to lose his temper, he would be the laughingstock when he couldn’t dine in here.

Yang Ming couldn’t help but try to ask the greeter. “Is there someone named Wang Zhitao here? Did he reserve a room?”

The greeter was stunned, “Ah? You are the guest of Master Wang?”  Her disdain quickly turned into brown-nosing. “Aiya, are you Mister Yang? Why didn’t you mention this earlier? Sorry. sorry. Please pardon my poor service...”

Yang Ming didn’t know why the greeter’s attitude improved so much when he mentioned Wang Zhitao. Also, she called him Mister Yang. The reason must be that Wang Zhitao had sorted it out beforehand. He left a cold humph as he said, “Why don’t you quickly bring me over?”

“Yes. Yes. Mister Yang, please follow me!” the greeter bent her body and walked ahead of him. She turned her body sideways and extend her arm in front of Yang Ming just like welcoming a big shot in town.

Yang Ming didn’t quite understand the situation. Apparently, Wang Zhitao, that brat, didn’t lie to him. This fellow had actually come around.

After coming to the third floor in the lift, the greeter pointed to a room and said, “Mister Yang, Master Wang is waiting for you in the Purple-Gold Pavilion ahead.”

Erm, I got it. There is nothing of your concern here. You may leave!” Yang Ming waved his hand like a boss.

The greeter bowed and said, “Yes. Yes. Regarding my poor service, Mister Yang please don’t let Master Wang know...”  

“Alright, alright. This time let’s forget about it!” Yang Ming wondered why everyone was so afraid of Wang Zhitao. What did that little brat’s household work on? It seemed that he was quite capable!

Yang Ming pushed open the room’s door and he saw Wang Zhitao smoking as he sat on a couch inside.

Damn, I thought you were some good fellow. You are also a big smoker like me. Yang Ming simply walked in and said, “Aiya! Great class monitor, pardon me for making you wait for such a long time!”

Wang Zhitao saw Yang Ming and he immediately stood up as he smiled from ear to ear. He took a pack of cigarettes from the coffee table, squeezed it into Yang Ming’s hand and said, “Yang Ming, you are here! Hehe, I have also just arrived a few moments ago. Come and have a cigarette. I will order the waiters to serve the dishes!” Then, he simply put out his cigarette, turned around and left the room.

Yao Ming looked at the cigarettes in his hand. Damn, it was actually the Zhonghua brand! He is so rich. Usually, Yang Ming could only afford a pack of the Bailingzhi brand that cost two yuan.

Yang Ming took out a cigarette from the pack, held it in his mouth and lit it with a lighter. While Wang Zhitao left the room to order food, Yang Ming put the remaining Zhonghua cigarettes into his pocket. It was stupid to not take advantage especially of that little brat, Wang Zhitao. Yang Ming looked at the Zippo lighter in his hand. After a few moments of consideration, he put it in his pocket as well. Since he had already taken something, why not just take everything?


Not long after, Wang Zhitao returned to the room and said, “The dishes are ready. They will be coming soon. Just wait a bit longer!” After that, he looked around for his cigarettes.

“Uh... Are you looking for a cigarette?” In Yang Ming’s head, he cursed Wang Zhitao, “You still want to smoke? Death will be coming. Don’t you know the dangers of smoking?!” However, Yang Ming reached his hand into his pocket. It was just that he couldn’t find the cigarettes.

Wang Zhitao turned around to call for the waiter as he said, “Never mind. You can have it. I 
can buy another pack!”

“Give me two packs of Zhonghua cigarettes…”  Wang Zhitao looked around for the missing lighter. He added, “Bring a lighter as well!”

Wang Zhitao despised Yang Ming. He thought to himself, “Poor people are indeed poor people. Someone like you still wants to pursue Chen Mengyan? You’re asking for the moon. Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror?”

Soon after, the dishes were served. Yang Ming was amazed at the scene. This little fellow, Wang Zhitao, was really generous with his money. Abalone, sea cucumber, crabs, and prawns were all served in batches.

Wang Zhitao attended to Yang Ming during the meal, “Yang Ming, come quickly and eat. There’s only two of us here. Don’t worry about being polite. I am quite hungry as well!”

Yang Ming was already a glutton with the food. However, as a guest, he wouldn’t want to just eat it directly if Wang Zhitao didn’t say anything.


Haha, I am also hungry. Then I won’t be polite and help myself to the food!” Yang Ming simply took a big crab with his chopsticks and started eating.

Although Wang Zhitao said he was hungry, he didn’t even touch the food. It was Yang Ming eating all along.

Yang Ming felt thirsty after he ate a lot of food. “Can I drink some 

Aiya!” Wang Zhitao slapped his head. “Look at me, I forgot all about it. What do you want to have? Beer or a drink?” Wang Zhitao thought, “I was waiting for you to ask this!”

“Beer!” Yang Ming felt that food was wasted if there wasn’t any alcohol complimenting it.

Wang Zhitao turned around and left the room saying, “Alright, wait a bit. I am getting it.”

Why is this fellow so attentive? It’s just a beer and he personally went to get it? What does he really want? Is it... Not good. This brat wants to leave me here to pay the bill? Yang Ming slapped his thigh as he contemplated how to stop Wang Zhitao from running away!

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