So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: An Appointment

After the incident, Chief Wang awarded Yang Ming a Good Samaritan certificate and twenty thousand yuan as a reward. Yang Ming wanted to refuse, but Chief Wang told him the money came from Province S’ bounty, not from Song Jiang City Police Station, so it should belong to him.

Yang Ming opened a bank account and deposited all the bounty money in it since he didn’t need the money now.

What made Yang Ming feel strange was: I had just killed a man last night, then how did the police find me this morning? How did they solve the case so fast? However, he understood the reason after he asked Zhao Ying. Zhao Ying was afraid that something bad might happen to Yang Ming, so she called the police while Yang Ming was fighting. Then the police followed her lead to solve the case.

As for the police’s quick response yesterday, it was due to the same reason. The police came because Zhao Ying called them first.

“Yang Ming, why did you skip class yesterday?” Chen Mengyan stood in front of Yang Ming unhappily with her hands on her waist.

“Yesterday...” Yang Ming was brought to the police station yesterday, but he couldn’t just simply say that, so he made a careless excuse, “Yesterday, I had a slight fever so I rested at home.”

“Oh, really!” Chen Mengyan believed him without questioning whether Yang Ming was lying or not. Chen Mengyan was really angry because she didn't see Yang Ming yesterday. She thought he was skipping class again so she decided to question him. Chen Mengyan didn’t think more of it after Yang Ming had explained. Also, Chen Mengyan subconsciously believed what Yang Ming said because she was really reluctant to see Yang Ming as a bad student.

Chen Mengyan asked, “But you missed yesterday's class. What are you going to do about it?” She didn't act like this when Yang Ming skipped class last time. Now, Chen Mengyan couldn’t figure out why she automatically thought about Yang Ming. She looked back at his seat quite often when he was absent and she went home disappointed after school.

Is it possible that I’m falling in love with him? Impossible. Chen Mengyan comforted herself. He was just like the other students she tutored; it was fine for a teacher to worry about a student. She believed that Yang Ming’s progress in his studies was due to her hard work.

Yang Ming was really happy because Chen Mengyan was concerned about him. “Don't you know I can't keep up with review sessions at school? I have always been reviewing myself so it’s the same for me to learn at home.”

A girl worries about a guy. What does this say? Don't talk about... concerns for an underachiever, this is complete bulls***. There are many underachievers in class. Why didn't she care about them? Yang Ming couldn't help but feel happy.

Chen Mengyan asked seriously, “So what did you review yesterday at home? Tell me. I want to check!”

Even Chen Mengyan was surprised by her own actions. If it was the Chen Mengyan of the past, she wouldn't have talked so much, let alone check other’s review progress, because time was like money in Grade 12.

“Yesterday, I was reviewing English. I have memorized all the words from Grade 10.” Although Yang Ming could cheat on the exam using his special ability, he thought it would be helpful for him to learn English. English was completely different from other subjects. Other subjects may not be useful when he stepped foot into society, but English can be helpful for university as well as searching for a job.

Wang Zhitao came around smiling, “Hi, Yang Ming, don't forget tomorrow is Saturday!” At first, Wang Zhitao was angry that they were so close to each other, but he needed to be patient for his big plan.

Yang Ming was baffled and couldn't respond in time to Wang Zhitao. “What do you mean by 'don’t forget about Saturday'?”

Wang Zhitao winked at Yang Ming. “I thought we had a deal. I invited you to dinner.”

“Oh, you’re talking about that!” Yang Ming finally remembered that Wang Zhitao asked him two days ago. Yang Ming thought Wang Zhitao was talking casually and did not really mean it, thus Yang Ming didn't think much of it.

“Don't forget, Tavern Heaven on Earth, 6 pm. I will see you there!” Wang Zhitao tapped on Yang Ming’s shoulder and went back to his seat. Hehe. This will be your last day to enjoy yourself. Next week, I want you to be ashamed and lose all your reputation.

After Wang Zhitao left, Chen Mengyan asked oddly, “What was Wang Zhitao talking about 6 pm?”

Yang Ming explained, “He was inviting me to dinner. I told you last time but you didn't believe me.”

“Really?” Chen Mengyan couldn’t imagine it. “Going to that Tavern Heaven on Earth?”

Yang Ming nodded. “Yes, have you been there before?”

“No, but I heard it’s quite expensive. Why would Wang Zhitao ask you there for dinner?” Chen Mengyan thought they were opponents. She knew that Wang Zhitao hated Yang Ming based on his previous attitude. Why would he actively invite Yang Ming for a meal?

“I’m not sure either.” Yang Ming thought about it. He didn’t share that Wang Zhitao looked for people to beat him up because he didn’t have any proof. What if Chen Mengyan interrogated Wang Zhitao and Wang Zhitao blamed Yang Ming for framing him? Then it wouldn’t be nice for him.

Chen Mengyan didn’t say much and she couldn’t say much. If Wang Zhitao didn't have good intentions, wasn't this provoking a relationship between students? Moreover, what if Wang Zhitao was trying to become friends with Yang Ming? Then if she said anything, she would be throwing a wrench into the relationship.

On Saturday, Yang Ming hesitated a few times but decided to go. He couldn't think of a good reason not to go. Who wouldn't want a free lunch?

At 5:30 pm, Yang Ming informed his parents and went out. He arrived a half an hour early because there were usually rush hour traffic jams in Song Jiang City. Although it was an invitation, being late wasn't good.

Tavern Heaven on Earth was the most luxurious tavern in Song Jiang City. It was filled with people every day. At night, luxury cars - Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and even the most uncommon race cars - would be commonly seen here.

Looking at this scene, Yang Ming couldn't help but shake his head. He probably was the first person who came here for dinner by bus. Besides, the bus stop was one kilometer away from the tavern. Yang Ming couldn't refrain from cursing the bus company, “Why couldn't they just put a bus stop here?”

Actually, it wasn't the bus company that didn't want to set a bus stop there. Of all the people who went to Tavern Heaven on Earth, were there any who didn't own a car? Even if they didn't have a car, they would call for a taxi. Why would they take a crowded public bus?

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