So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 306

Chapter 306: Astonishment

"Hehe, wasn’t he hit by a big truck? What did that have to do with me..." Yang Ming smiled, but he suddenly stopped smiling because he realized that he spoke the wrong words! The phrase “loose lips sink ships” had its logic!

"How did you know that it was a big truck? I thought you didn’t watch the news?" Xiao Qing frowned and asked, "Yang Ming, do you know what you have you done? You are committing a murder!"

"Sister Xiao Qing, I have done nothing. Don't ask anything." Yang Ming was afraid that Xiao Qing would worry, and he didn’t want to say too much.

"Ai! Be careful with yourself..." Xiao Qing sighed. Although she had already determined that Yang Ming had done it, she couldn’t do anything since Yang Ming didn’t admit.

Yang Ming knew that Huang Youcai didn’t dare to call the police. Such a person like him had committed so many crimes. If he called the police, he would be the one who was getting into trouble instead of Yang Ming! So Yang Ming wasn’t worried at all. Yang Ming was instead worried that such a lesson wouldn’t make Wang Xifan stop. Therefore, Yang Ming felt that it was necessary to find another chance to give another lesson to Huang Youcai.

Turning off the TV, Yang Ming went to the cafeteria to have breakfast with Zhang Bing. Tian Donghua played the game console until midnight so he couldn’t get up in the morning.

"The car accident on TV was really scary. It seems that I have to be careful when driving." When Yang Ming saw the news, Zhang Bing also watched it. He certainly didn't know the real cause of the car accident. He thought the accident was caused by the driver who was driving too fast and wasn’t paying attention!

"Hehe, if you don't drive fast, you will be fine. You see that the big truck had basically stopped, but the Buick was too fast, and it hit the big truck because it didn’t brake!" Yang Ming said so, yet he was thinking, If only he could brake!

"Yeah, this isn’t a joke!" Zhang Bing listened very seriously and nodded. Yang Ming didn't expect a car accident could teach a lesson to Zhang Bing. He couldn’t help but find it funny.

They came to the No. 1 cafeteria in the school. It was because the No. 2 cafeteria was slightly cheaper and was always full. There were still some spaces in the No.1 cafeteria.

Yang Ming and Zhang Bing ordered porridge and four buns. Then they found a place to eat.

"Oh yeah, I told my dad about starting the company that you mentioned last time. My dad said that if you’re free, we both can go to his company to discuss it. He supports us very much for starting a company!" Zhang Bing ate a bun while talking. He too hoped to do business with Yang Ming, so that they could always be together.

"Good, I’m free anytime. What about this afternoon?" Yang Ming asked. The sooner they started a company the better. Yang Ming already had a large sum of money. It was a waste not to invest in something! Moreover, he could only spend comfortably the money that was earned by himself!

Of course, one of the important reasons was that although Yang Ming had more money now, he couldn’t explain the source of money to his parents clearly. If Yang Ming had his own career, then his parents could use his money reasonably.

"Afternoon, let me think about it. I have a Western economic class. Never mind. I’ll skip it!" Zhang Bing said, "The professor is easy to talk to, so it shouldn’t be a problem!"

After breakfast, Yang Ming and Zhang Bing separated and went to the teaching buildings of their respective classes. With just a few steps, Yang Ming’s cell phone rang.

Yang Ming took it out and looked at it. It was a strange number!

"Hey, hello." Yang Ming picked up the phone.

"Hello, is it Yang Ming?" A strange voice from the phone made Yang Ming anxious. Could it be a person of Wang Xifan?

"I am. Who are you?" Yang Ming asked tentatively.

"I am Zhang Weihan. Regarding the incident that I told you about me and my brother last time, how it’s going? Is there any news?" Zhang Weihan asked.

"Oh, it’s Senior Zhang!" Yang Ming was relieved, but he felt a little bit ashamed. There were too many things happening during these times that I forgot about what he asked for! Instead he said, "Senior Zhang, you also know my godfather’s temperament. I have asked about you, but he didn't say anything. I will talk to you again in two days!"

"Sorry for the trouble then. Thank you!" Zhang Weihan said, "Brother, are you free tonight? Let me treat you for a drink."

"Today, I’m not free. Let’s find another day." Yang Ming said. There were too many things recently. Yang Ming wasn’t in the mood to drink.

"Okay, another day then!" Zhang Weihan said.

Yang Ming shook his head. He was afraid that he would forget it again, so he saved Zhang Weihan's phone number. That way, he could remember it when he looked through the phone book.

Today, Yang Ming came to the classroom earlier, so there were only a few people in the there. Yang Ming simply found a table and sat down. After looking at the time, there were twenty more minutes until class. Yang Ming wasn’t the person who liked to review before class, so he simply took a nap on the table for a while.

Not long after, Yang Ming felt some movement around him, but Yang Ming was too lazy to look up. Maybe it was just a classmate sitting next to him! It was because two classes were combined into one that the seats were inevitably constrained. It was rare for a person to occupy one entire table.

Not until the professor came in and asked everyone to keep quiet and the class was about to start, did Yang Ming look up and suddenly find that the person sitting next to him was actually Zhou Jiajia!

Yang Ming couldn't help but have a headache. What? How come this chick is sitting beside me? Was she intensifying the seduction since I didn’t get hooked last time?

"You’re awake..." Zhou Jiajia saw Yang Ming raise his head and finally got enough courage to say it while jittering.

"I wasn’t sleeping." Yang Ming replied plainly.

"Oh, is that so?" Zhou Jiajia didn't know what to say. I’m smart about most things, but when it was related to Yang Ming, why does my mind always short-circuit? In addition to saying something normal with Yang Ming, Zhou Jiajia couldn’t say anything else.

"Miss Zhou, why are you doing this?" Yang Ming looked at Zhou Jiajia and said frostily, "You sent some nonsense text messages yesterday, and then you sit beside me today."

"I..." Zhou Jiajia wanted to say, I really like you! But she couldn't say this.

"Well, if it is because I had done something wrong in the past, then I apologize for my behavior. At that time, I wasn’t sensible. It was my fault to look for someone to beat you up." Yang Ming hated Zhou Jiajia at that time, but later, he also felt that beating up a woman was too much.

"No… It was my fault. I’m the one who should be saying sorry, Yang Ming!" Zhou Jiajia said emotionally, "I always wanted to find a chance to say sorry to you..."

"Okay." Yang Ming interrupted her words, he didn't want to continue on this issue. It had been so long, so who was right and who was wrong didn’t matter anymore. "Let’s forget about the past. I don't want to talk about it anymore. Do you have anything else, classmate Zhou Jiajia?"

Zhou Jiajia looked at Yang Ming’s slightly impatient look. She knew that he still hated her. She couldn’t help but sigh in her heart. Why was Su Ya always better than me?

Zhou Jiajia had always regarded Su Ya as her imaginary enemy. On the one hand, she was thinking that one day she can surpass Su Ya. On the other hand, she was constantly imitating Su Ya. Even though as everyone knew, Yang Ming’s current girlfriend had already changed.

When Yang Ming saw that Zhou Jiajia didn't speak, he didn’t bother with her anymore. Although I don’t know Zhou Jiajia’s intention, it was still rare for her to take the initiative to say sorry. Was this the arrogant Zhou Jiajia I knew in junior high school? Why do I feel that she’s amiable when dealing with people? Especially for some approaches, or her current style, Yang Ming had a feeling of deja vu!

Yes, it is Su Ya! Yang Ming had an illusion of recognizing Zhou Jiajia as Su Ya!

However, Yang Ming quickly denied his thoughts. How can Zhou Jiajia compare with Su Ya? Su Ya was irreplaceable, the only one in his heart.

Zhou Jiajia didn’t speak anymore. Wang Xue who was next to her was anxious!

"Just talk to him, Jiajia!" Wang Xue said hurriedly, "Didn’t we prepare for it in the bedroom just now? What about the lines?"

"I... forgot..." Zhou Jiajia blushed. In fact, she didn’t forget them, but the lines Wang Xue wrote were too difficult to say!

"Aiya, you really! Even a procrastinator could perform well, but you are worse than that. How long has it been that you have forgotten it already?" Wang Xue shook her head. "Luckily, your sister is thoughtful. I knew that this would happen. See what this is!"

Huh?” Zhou Jiajia stared as Wang Xue took out from her pocket the manuscript that she had prepared in the morning!

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