So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 302

Chapter 302: Yang Ming’s Fury

"What? Your godsister got hit by a car? You wait for me. I’m coming right now!" Zhang Bing said quickly after hearing the news. This matter shouldn't be delayed. Zhang Bing hung up the phone, explained to Zhao Sisi about the situation and that they wouldn’t be having their meal yet. Zhao Sisi was a sensible person. When she heard that Yang Ming had an accident, she quickly rushed Zhang Bing to hurry up.

It didn't take long for Zhang Bing to drive over in haste. Then, he jumped out of the car and opened the door for Yang Ming.

Yang Ming helped Xiao Qing get into the car. Then, Zhang Bing quickly drove the car to the city hospital.

Yang Ming claimed an emergency room number for Xiao Qing and quickly helped her into the emergency room.

It took a long time for diagnosis and x-ray. After the results were released, Yang Ming let out a sigh of relief.

"According to the x-ray, the injured person only suffered a slight bone fracture in addition to soft tissue contusion. There’s no need for a cast. It should recover rapidly after applying some ointment." The doctor told him.

"That's great." Yang Ming nodded. "It’s great that everything is alright."

"I will deliver the prescription to you. You can go to the pharmacy department to pay and get the medicine." The doctor began to prescribe the prescription. "In the meantime, eat more pig feet, ribs and the like."

"Okay, I understand. Sorry for troubling you." Yang Ming quickly nodded as he noted down the instructions.

"It’s alright. This is what I do. You can take this to the pharmacy to get the medicine. If the pain isn’t relieved after one week, come back again." The doctor said.

Yang Ming helped Xiao Qing to return to the car as Zhang Bing ran to get the medicine.

"Sister Xiao Qing, what happened before?" asked Yang Ming.

"Nothing. Maybe the driver was distracted..." Xiao Qing hesitated and said. She decided not to tell Yang Ming about her own guess. It would bring a lot of trouble to Yang Ming!

Xiao Qing had been thinking through this issue just now. The Buick definitely had something wrong. He was absolutely intentional! So, Xiao Qing’s first reaction was Huang Youcai was the culprit! The purpose of doing this was nothing more than teaching me a lesson!

“Really?” Yang Ming stared at Xiao Qing’s eyes and asked, “I know how to drive too. In that case, it was impossible for it to be caused by distraction! After the driver of the Buick started his car, he deliberately drove it toward you. The moment before he hit you, he suddenly turned his steering again. Is this a distraction?"

"I... I don't know..." Xiao Qing started acting stubborn.

"Sister Xiao Qing, tell me. What is going on?" At the same time that Yang Ming was asking, his mind was constantly thinking about people whom Xiao Qing offended!

"Is it Wang Xuefan?" Yang Ming first remembered this person.

"I don't know..." Xiao Qing shook her head.

"Who is the man with a medium-sized head, short hair, a gold ring in his right hand, and a gray suit?" Yang Ming suddenly asked.

"Ah? You saw it?" Xiao Qing said with amazement because the person Yang Ming described was Huang Youcai!

Yang Ming didn't say anything and just nodded. In fact, he wanted to probe Xiao Qing.

"Since you have seen it, then I won’t need to hide it from you..." Xiao Qing sighed, "His name is Huang Youcai, a member of the Xiongfeng Group."

"Xiongfeng Group?" Yang Ming frowned strongly after hearing it. Isn't that the company of Wang Zhitao's family? How is this matter related to them?

"Yes, it seems that Wang Xuefan is a person on their side." Xiao Qing told Yang Ming about the development of the medical management system.

"Wang Xuefan. I remember that the chairman of Xiongfeng Group seems to be Wang Xifan. Are these two people relatives?" Yang Ming just said this casually. But, he didn't expect that he actually spoke of the fact by chance!

"I don't know. Huang Youcai approached me today. He promised me one million to stop pursuing Wang Xuefan's responsibility." Xiao Qing said, "I refused. After that, Huang Youcai started threatening me. I didn't expect to encounter it right after I got off from work. I don't know if this matter was instructed by Huang Youcai."

"It is him. There is no mistake." Yang Ming nodded affirmatively.

"How do you know?" asked Xiao Qing, puzzled.

"Because the person I just described to you is the driver of the Buick!" Yang Ming said.

"What! You mean, Huang Youcai drove the car just now?" Xiao Qing was stunned. "Did you probe me?"

"Sister Xiao Qing, I’m sorry." Yang Ming nodded, "I really care about you too much, but this can’t really be counted as a probe. You asked me if I saw it. I actually saw it, but you didn't ask me under what circumstances I saw it!"

"Little slick!" Xiao Qing groaned. She didn't blame Yang Ming. On the contrary, her heart was still a little moved. Yang Ming was thinking for her!

"Does it still hurt?" asked Yang Ming.

"Much better. Basically, it doesn't hurt now!" Xiao Qing said, "The doctor said there was no big deal!"

"Sister Xiao Qing!" Yang Ming reached out and grabbed Xiao Qing, and then said with deep affection, "If there is anything, please tell me in the future. Is that alright? I will share the burden with you and be your man who will shelter you from the wind."

"Be a man! You just a little kid..." Xiao Qing said so, but she was very grateful. The reason was that the shock that Yang Ming brought to her was huge! Yang Ming’s performance now wasn’t like a big boy. He had an aura that was calm and wise which not even many middle-aged people possessed!

Yang Ming’s reasoning and analysis ability today impressed Xiao Qing a lot. Xiao Qing also felt that her intuition wasn’t wrong! The man she chose wasn’t simple!

"Qingqing, hand these things over to me to deal with!" Yang Ming said faintly, "This Huang Youcai, he will pay the price."

That was the first time Yang Ming called Xiao Qing that way. He used to call her Sister Xiao Qing. So, when Xiao Qing listened to the direct address of her name, her body shook a bit. But as she saw Yang Ming’s calm look, Xiao Qing even had an illusion that Yang Ming was the big brother while she was just a child.

This feeling was enjoyable. Xiao Qing leaned into Yang Ming’s embrace, but she said rationally, “Yang Ming, what do you want to do? That Huang Youcai isn’t a good person. Let’s not talk about the background of Xiongfeng Group behind him, but this person also seemed to be from the underworld."

Xiongfeng Group? Yang Ming had long been unhappy with this group. Recently, Wang Zhitao didn't provoke him. Yang Ming had planned to let him go, but Yang Ming didn't expect his dad to provoke him!

As for Huang Youcai being involved with the underworld? It wasn’t that Yang Ming looked down on him. Yang Ming even dared to beat up Yu Xiangde. What was Huang Youcai to him?

"Do not worry, Qingqing. Your man is much stronger than you think." Yang Ming said solemnly. Yup, he was really angry this time. He had to take action! There was nothing wrong if you picked on him. But, when someone targeted a woman by his side, that was what Yang Ming couldn't forgive!

"..." Xiao Qinggang wanted to say something again. But, Zhang Bing opened the door and got in the car. "This queue was really long, freaking long. When I’m rich in the future, I will open a hospital. There will be no loss but stable income!"

"Hey?" Zhang Bing was just complaining, then he suddenly found Xiao Qing in Yang Ming’s arms in the back seat of the car. He could not help but be shocked, "Bro, you ... are you serious? Your godsister too ... ”

"Don't talk nonsense. What’s wrong with me comforting my sister?" Yang Ming said as usual. But he whispered in his heart, Comfort, haha, it’s emotional and physical comfort...

"Oh..." Zhang Bing was somewhat uncertain because of Yang Ming’s words. He stopped busybodying and put the medicine he bought in the front seat. He then started the car to return to the university.

Xiao Qing wanted to go back to her place. But, Yang Ming saw that she was injured. He was afraid that it would be inconvenient for her. So, he took her to Liu Weishan’s place.

However, no matter how Chu Huifang asked about it, Yang Ming wouldn't tell her the truth. He was afraid that his godmother would worry too much. Yang Ming only said that she was accidentally scraped by a car.

Chu Huifang didn’t doubt him. She just reminded Yang Ming and Xiao Qing to be careful when they were going back.

After eating dinner at his godmother’s place, Yang Ming got up and said goodbye. He still had something important to do at night!

Xiao Qing originally planned to ask Yang Ming what to do about it. But, since Chu Huifang and Liu Weishan was next to her, some words couldn’t be spoken. Therefore, Xiao Qing could only think about sending a text message to Yang Ming later.

As Yang MIng left Liu Weishan’s house, he quickly returned to his dormitory. Then, he switched on his notebook and searched for information.

Wang’s Xiongfeng Group, the full name was Wang’s Century Xiongfeng Co., Ltd. The businesses underneath included the four major industries which were real estate, import and export trade, hotels, and computer high-tech.

Yang Ming opened the website of the Xiongfeng Group. He found the company's reception hotline and recorded the number. After doing all this, Yang Ming turned around and left the dormitory.

Huang Youcai, since you like to threaten others with accidents, then you should try one yourself!

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