So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 301

Chapter 301: Accident

Sun Zhiwei? Yang Ming just remembered that Wang Zhitao seemed to have some conflict with him. When two rich and young masters came together, there would inevitably be some conflicts.

Originally Yang Ming wanted to reject Wang Zhitao, but seeing that he had come far, Yang Ming shook his head helplessly. He turned back to the class and went straight toward Zhou Jiajia's direction.

"He is coming." Wang Xue discovered Yang Ming, so she spoke out to remind Zhou Jiajia who was packing her things.

Ah?” Zhou Jiajia was stunned. “Who?”

"Whoever you always think about!" Wang Xue laughed.

"Yang Ming?" Zhou Jiajia quickly looked up. Yang Ming was indeed coming over in her direction.

Zhou Jiajia’s heart began to thump loudly. Why was Yang Ming coming for me? Did he have something to say to me? While Zhou Jiajia was still having her imagination run wild, Yang Ming had already stood in front of her. "Zhou Jiajia, can you come out for a while..."

Yang Ming’s words hadn’t even finished yet and Zhou Jiajia’s little face had turned red. Was Yang Ming calling me out? Does that mean that... Zhou Jiajia was somewhat happy, but the joy only lasted for a moment. It was immediately broken by Yang Ming’s next few words, “There is someone looking for you at the entrance!”

"Eh… ah?" Zhou Jiajia knew that she had thought things in the wrong direction. Yang Ming didn't intend to look for her at all. He was just a middleman to pass on a message. "Who... who is looking for me?"

"Wang Zhitao, the one who sat beside me the last time when we had a meal. He seems to be your online friend." Yang Ming replied.

"Wang Zhitao?" Zhou Jiajia frowned. She didn't like this person much.

Yang Ming nodded and no longer said anything. He had achieved his purpose of passing the message, so he turned around and left.

Zhou Jiajia was a bit disappointed. Wang Xue saw everything in her eyes and said, "Jiajia, that Wang Zhitao seems to like you. You might as well consider it. He has some pretty good criteria."

"Wang Xue, don't make fun of me. Don't you know me?" Zhou Jiajia shook her head and said.

"Hehe, I’m just pulling your leg! You are infatuated with love. I don’t really believe that there are still people like you in this day and age! They all say that people who are smart in other aspects are dumb in romance. Certainly, that was the case." Wang Xue laughed.

"Well, Wang Xue, accompany me to go out and have a look." Zhou Jiajia packed up her bag and said to Wang Xue.

"Of course, I will be with you." When Wang Xue and Zhou Jiajia went out together from the classroom, they could see Wang Zhitao standing by the stairway from afar.

Wang Zhitao also saw Zhou Jiajia. He smiled and greeted her, "Zhou Jiajia, over here!"

“What's the matter?” Zhou Jiajia asked.

"Do you have time to go out for a meal together?" asked Wang Zhitao.

"Now? I’m afraid not. I have something else with Wang Xue." Zhou Jiajia refused it without thinking.

"Oh... What about tomorrow?" Wang Zhitao asked persistently.

"Tomorrow? I don't know yet... Let’s talk about it tomorrow?" Zhou Jiajia didn't think that Wang Zhitao would still hold onto her.

"That's okay. Give me your phone number. I will call you tomorrow." Wang Zhitao said.

"Uhm... alright." Zhou Jiajia hesitated and told Wang Zhitao her cell phone number.

"Jiajia, I think this person has really good criteria. He’s no less handsome than Yang Ming, and he has a rich family background. You just look at his cell phone. He is using a Samsung dual model!" Wang Xue said.

"Stop teasing me!" Zhou Jiajia pouted helplessly. "If you like him, then you can be his girlfriend!"

"He must first like me before that can happen!" Wang Xue still had some self-awareness. She knew that she wasn’t as beautiful as Zhou Jiajia. If she could find a person who treated her genuinely, she would be content.

"Wang Xue, about Yang Ming, what do you think is his impression of me now?" Zhou Jiajia asked.

"It's hard to say. It seems like he isn’t particularly willing to come into contact with you, but it didn’t seem like he hated you that much either. That also means that he may have forgotten about that past incident!" Wang Xue said analytically after thinking about it.

"Really!" Zhou Jiajia was very happy after listening to that. All this while, that incident had always been her sore point. She was afraid that Yang Ming would hate her forever and never forgive her. If this incident can be resolved, then I still stand a chance!

"I’m just guessing it. But Jiajia, I support you!" Wang Xue smiled and said.

"Thank you, Wang Xue." Zhou Jiajia nodded with gratitude.



Xiao Qing decided to spend less time outside [1] over the next few days. She was worried about Huang Youcai’s threat, but she felt that Huang Youcai wouldn’t do anything to her at the university. After work, as Xiao Qing was about to leave the office, her office phone rang.

"Hey? Hello." Xiao Qing picked up the phone.

"Director Xiao, how’s your consideration about the matter?" Huang Youcai’s voice came over the phone.

"Sorry, Mr. Huang, this incident is not up to me alone to decide whether it would be pursued it or not!" Xiao Qing had already contemplated her words. "The university has already been informed of the matter. It was already out of my capability to take charge of the matter!"

"Hehe, Director Xiao, I’m afraid that’s just your excuse. The matter is in your computer science department. If you explained that it was just a misunderstanding, who would question you?" Huang Youcai sneered.

"Sorry, Mr. Huang, I really can't help you." Xiao Qing said, "You know of the situation too. The incident was discovered by the other teacher, and he had reported it to the university. Did you think others would believe it if you stated that it was a misunderstanding now?”

"Really? So, Director Xiao means there was no room for discussion?" Huang Youcai's voice sounded annoyed.

"I’m really sorry," Xiao Qing said.

"Haha! Ok, you did great. Let’s see how it goes. Director Xiao, don't you call me back in a few day’s time!" Huang Youcai threatened her and hung up the phone.

Xiao Qing sighed. It seemed that holding a leadership position wasn’t easy either. When you have a certain power, you have to take on an even greater risk.

Xiao Qing took her bag and locked the door of the office. When she walked out of the computer science building, after only a few steps, a black Buick sedan which was stopped at a distance suddenly drove straight up to Xiao Qing!

Xiao Qing was shocked and wanted to dodge to the side quickly. However, the road wasn’t wide and the Buick was very close to the edge. Xiao Qing had no place to escape!

"Zi!" At the split moment when the Buick was about to hit Xiao Qing, it suddenly made a sharp turn. It scraped Xiao Qing's shoulder as it passed by. It made Xiao Qing stumble, and even the clothes on her body were torn!

Xiao Qing wanted to write down the car’s license number, but she didn't expect that the license plate of the Buick had been wrapped in newspapers. She couldn’t see any information at all!

A scorching pain came from Xiao Qing’s shoulder, and that pain drove her to sit on the ground!

"Sister Xiao Qing!" Yang Ming just got out of the classroom of the computer science building. He just went out and saw Xiao Qing get scraped by the Buick! Yang Ming was shocked as he looked at Xiao Qing who sat on the ground. He ran over hurriedly, "Sister Xiao Qing, what happened to you? Are you okay?"

As Yang Ming was consoling Xiao Qing, he raised his head to look over in the direction where the Buick disappeared! He didn't know whether Xiao Qing recorded the number plate of the perpetrator’s car, so Yang Ming instinctively wanted to note it down.

Although the Buick had already driven far away by this time, this wasn’t a problem for Yang Ming at all! Yang Ming’s eyes were more powerful than the telescope, so Yang Ming easily saw the escaped Buick!

Newspaper! Yang Ming saw that the Buick’s car number plate was covered by the newspaper! It seemed like this wasn’t an accident, instead, someone did it on a purpose! But no matter who it was, Yang Ming was already on the edge of his rage at this moment! In front of my own eyes, they hurt my beloved woman. This was what Yang Ming couldn’t tolerate and couldn’t forgive!

Did you think I can't find you with a newspaper on your number plate? Yang Ming sneered a little. Through the newspaper, he clearly saw the number plate of Buick - Song cxx789!

Yang Ming looked at the driver who drove the car. From this current angle, Yang Ming couldn't see his face clearly, but he saw his general features! A medium-sized man, wearing a grey suit and a gold ring on his right hand!

"Yang Ming... help me up..." Xiao Qing said with some difficulty as beads of sweat on her forehead dripped down.

"Sister Xiao Qing, endure it for a little longer. Let me take you to the hospital!" Yang Ming said as he quickly took out his cell phone and dialed Zhang Bing's phone. "Zhang Bing, where are you?"

"I was going to eat with Zhao Sisi. Did you call to ask about Chen Mengyan?" Zhang Bing asked.

"Let's speak about that later. Don't eat yet. Drive to the computer science building right now. Sister Xiao Qing was hit by a car!" Yang Ming said in a hurry, "We’ve got to send her to the hospital now."

Chapter Notes:

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[1] Author used the idiom 深入简出 which translates literally as “In depth, out shallow” - it’s commonly used to mean “explain a complicated subject in a simple manner.” In this case, the author used the literal meaning of the idiom.

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