So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 294

Chapter 294: Xiao Qing's Doubts

Yang Ming was depressed today. Not only did he not see Zhao Ying, but his hand was also burnt. Misfortunes never come alone, and now Yang Ming was in this situation.

Although it wasn’t too serious as it didn’t affect the flexibility of his hand, his hand seemed too unsightly! In particular, Zhang Bing and Tian Donghua pointed at Yang Ming’s hand and laughed when they noticed Yang Ming enter through the door. “Ha! Yang Ming, have you gone to bake your hand?”

Yang Ming was angry. He went back to his room down-spirited. He switched on his computer and logged in to QQ.

Sure enough, this time Yang Ming paid attention to it. In the notifications that popped up, there was a report about Shu Ya.

"True love? Are you there?" Yang Ming glanced at the sender of the message. It was actually I’m a Superstar. She was online.

"En, I have just logged in. Did you change your avatar again?" Yang Ming asked while looking at the strange profile picture.

"Huh, last time didn’t you say that my avatar looks... like that?" I’m a Superstar sent a 🔪.

"Weren’t you the person who said it?" asked Yang Ming.

"Nevermind, how about my new avatar?" This time, I’m a Superstar didn’t dare to say something like “Does it like look cool [1]?”

"It’s okay. Why did you change your avatar suddenly?" Yang Ming didn't understand the behavior of I’m a Superstar. It was because Yang Ming never changed his own avatar ever since he signed up this account!

"I like to change my image!" I’m a Superstar said, "Does this look better or the previous one?"

"It doesn't matter. I will change to TM [2] tomorrow. Then, you don’t need to ask me anymore.” Yang Ming said. TM doesn’t display avatars.

"..." I'm a Superstar was speechless.

"Right. You mentioned that you are a celebrity, right?" asked Yang Ming.

"Yeah, why? You still don't believe that I’m a celebrity?" I’m a Superstar sent a😡.

"Celebrities don’t have such leisure to chat with strangers..." Yang Ming said.

"Nevermind, I don’t want to argue with you! What's the matter?" I’m a Superstar asked.

"Do you know a celebrity called Shu Ya?" Yang Ming asked.

"Shu Ya? Hehe, of course, I know. Why? Are you her fan?" I’m a Superstar asked.

"No, I’m just simply asking. I only learned that there was such a person recently." Yang Ming said, "I’m curious. Was there a surname like Shu?"

"Maybe it's a stage name?" I’m a Superstar sent a 🤯 .

"Oh, is she a Hong Kong person?" Yang Ming continued.

"I don't know. If you don't like her, why do you want to know in detail?" I’m a Superstar said sulkily.

"Nevermind, you won’t know even if I asked you. Shu Ya wouldn’t recognize a small character like you." Yang Ming sent a 👋. "I’m going to sleep. Talk again next time!"

"!!!!!" I’m Superstar sent a bunch of exclamation marks. "Go to hell."

Yang Ming didn't reply and then he went offline. It was because he was upset today. He was in no mood to chat because he had had too many troubles recently!

The next morning, Yang Ming called Xiao Qing. "Sister Xiao Qing, where are you?"

"Of course, I’m at school, or else, where would I go?" Xiao Qing heard Yang Ming, so she said softly.

"Can I look for you now?" asked Yang Ming.

"Look for me? Now?" Xiao Qing was astounded. "Yang Ming, are you having a fever?"

"Ugh… Sister Xiao Qing, I’m not having a fever, but you seem to have misunderstood me..." Yang Ming said, "What is wrong with a brother going to find his sister? I didn't say to do anything else."

"Don’t you dare!" Xiao Qing said in anger, "Well, you can come now. I’m in Room 221 in the Computer Science building."

"Okay, I’m going now." Yang Ming hung up and went straight to Xiao Qing's office.

Yang Ming came to Room 221 in the Computer Science building, but he didn't expect "Deputy Director of Computer Science Office" to be written above. Yang Ming was surprised. He couldn’t imagine Xiao Qing as his own boss!

The last time when Yang Ming went to the railway station to send out leaflets, he just met the secretary. He didn't know who the head of the department was. In the university, the secretary and head of the department were two sets of departments. The secretary managed the government affairs in the department and led the staff. The secretary was mainly responsible for the student union, membership, etc. The head of the department managed lectures while leading the teachers in the department. The head of the department was mainly responsible for lecture arrangements and exams.

Generally, freshmen didn’t have many specialized courses. Hence, there was almost no chance of meeting with the head of the department. So, Yang Ming didn’t know who his director was.

Yang Ming thought. No wonder Xiao Qing was so powerful. Xie Yongqiang listened to her instructions. Although she was not the director, she was at least a head of the department!

When Yang Ming knocked on the door, he heard Xiao Qing’s voice, "Please come in."

"Sister Xiao Qing." Yang Ming pushed the door and went in, but he found out that Xiao Qing was talking to a teacher. It was Teacher Wang who taught him the basics of computer science!

"Yang Ming, you are here. Sit down first. I’m in the middle of something." Xiao Qing said.

"Xiao Wang, this is my younger brother, Yang Ming. He’s in the class you taught, right?" Xiao Qing pointed at Yang Ming and said to the Teacher Wang.

"Sister Xiao, so Yang Ming is your brother, hehe." Teacher Wang smiled, "Sister Xiao, you can ask Yang Ming. He can testify that I have been diligent and responsible to students this semester. The one who reported that I was late for class definitely had ulterior motives!"

"En, I will investigate this matter again." Xiao Qing nodded formally.

"Sister Xiao, you see, the university will conduct an evaluation in a few days. If this thing doesn’t end, it will be difficult for me!" Teacher Wang said with some embarrassment.

"I still have to discuss with other people, right? Besides, I’m the deputy director. Didn’t Director Liang have to agree on this too?" Xiao Qing said.

"Sister Xiao, don't you lie to me anymore. Everyone knows that Director Liang will be retiring after the New Year. You have all the power in this department!" Teacher Wang didn't want to give up on this. If the evaluation was good, there would be a bonus!

"Xiao Wang, aren’t you making this difficult for me?" Xiao Qing sighed and asked Yang Ming, "Yang Ming, you tell me then. How was Teacher Wang when he was teaching?"

"Teacher Wang, he..." When Yang Ming just wanted to speak, he saw Teacher Wang was giving him eye signals. Yang Ming didn't attend class often. He really didn't know if Teacher Wang was late, but it was true that he was responsible. Yang Ming often saw him explaining difficult problems to students. Including last time when Zhang Bing had a problem that wasn’t about his studies, it was about the Internet. When he asked Teacher Wang, Teacher Wang answered him, too. So Yang Ming felt that Teacher Wang was not bad! Besides, Yang Ming wasn’t stupid. He wouldn’t purposely offend another teacher if there wasn’t any proper reason!

So he said, "Sister Xiao Qing, Teacher Wang is quite good. He treated his students with passion. Besides, there is no evidence for the report. It can’t be true. At the end of the university evaluation, there will definitely be some students who are about to fail. People who have bad characters often want to frame others."

"Yes, yes!" Teacher Wang listened to Yang Ming's words and nodded with gratitude.

"Since your students have said this, then this is the end of the matter. You go back and do your job well." Xiao Qing said to Teacher Wang.

"Thank you, Sister Xiao!" Teacher Wang said quickly, "Then I will go back first."

Before leaving, Teacher Wang didn't forget to nod to Yang Ming.

"Sister Xiao Qing, are you actually the head of the department?" After Teacher Wang went out, Yang Ming asked with some surprise.

"You just found out about it? So I will know whatever you do every day!" Xiao Qing laughed.

"Hehe, I have nothing to hide!" Yang Ming smiled and walked behind Xiao Qing. Then he hugged Xiao Qing from behind. His hands went toward her boobs.

"Stop it!" Xiao Qing slapped Yang Ming's hand. "Someone will come in later!"

"They won’t." Yang Ming’s movements didn't stop, but his eyes were paying attention to the movement at the door! Yang Ming could see through it. He would notice if someone was coming from afar.

"There is a camera in the room!" Xiao Qing was trying to intimidate Yang Ming.

"Impossible." Yang Ming said indifferently. Camera? Could that be hidden from Yang Ming’s eyes?

"Alright, let go. I’m getting angry?" Xiao Qing said while glaring at Yang Ming.

"Hehe, alright. Someone is really coming this time!" Yang Ming quickly kissed Xiao Qing's face, then squeezed Xiao Qing's boobs. After that, he quickly released Xiao Qing and helped her to tidy up her clothes.

After doing all this, Yang Ming turned around and sat on the sofa next to it.

Xiao Qing was confused and looked at Yang Ming with a puzzled face. What is going on? Is someone coming? When she was about to ask, she heard a knock on the door.

"Please come in!" Xiao Qing looked at Yang Ming with doubt and said.

Chapter Notes:

[1] In Chinese slang, (牛b) meant bad*ss. If the word is separated, “牛” stands for cow while “b” stands for p*sssy. It was the previous online chat where Yang Ming mentioned I’m a Superstar’s avatar seems to be “b.”

[2] TM stands for Tencent Messenger, released by Tencent which is aimed at businesses. As a  TM user, he/she is allowed to be invisible, so that others couldn’t see whether he/she is online or not.

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