So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 282

Chapter 282: Perplexed Lin Zhiyun

"What do you think we should do?" Yang Ming asked with a smile.

"How would I know? It's you who did it!" Lin Zhiyun said with a bitter face.

"I just want you to have a good reputation!" Yang Ming said innocently.

"I know... I’m sorry, Yang Ming. I was a little excited just now..." Lin Zhiyun listened to Yang Ming’s words and thought that he was doing this for her. It was just that Yang Ming went a bit overboard.

"Forget about it. I will be a good person to the end. When your mother wants to see me, you can call me!" Yang Ming pretended to be helpless.

"Then, I will trouble you in the future..." Lin Zhiyun said with great gratitude. She didn’t think much about other things. After all, she invited Yang Ming to pretend to be her boyfriend. Of course, she didn’t know that Yang Ming had other intentions. In Lin Zhiyun's view, Yang Ming was unlikely to have the intention to pursue her. First, he expressed disgust to me when he heard that I was no longer a virgin. Second, doesn’t he have a girlfriend? However, with these thoughts in mind, Lin Zhiyun suddenly felt that her heart was a little empty.

When they arrived at Tavern Heaven On Earth, the lobby manager recognized Yang Ming at a glance. Wasn’t this person the friend of Young Master Wang who came last time? As a lobby manager, memory and eyesight were the most important. In many cases, some important people could be noticed at a glance.

So, when the lobby manager saw Yang Ming, he immediately greeted him, "Mr. Yang, you are here!"

"Oh?" Yang Ming had some doubts. This lobby manager actually recognized him!

"This is the case. I remembered when Mr. Yang came over last time. You are a friend of Young Master Wang, Wang Zhitao." The lobby manager said.

"Oh, I see!" Yang Ming thought to himself. It seemed it wasn’t necessary for him to waste any effort. The lobby manager seemed to be capable of helping him with everything, so he said, "Go and help me prepare a private room. My two elders and I came here to dine in! Arrange the courses as you deem appropriate and give me a bottle of good wine."

"Okay, Mr. Yang." The lobby manager nodded and then told a waiter to bring Yang Ming to the room upstairs.

As they noticed Yang Ming and the lobby manager here were familiar, Lin Zhiyun asked, confused, "Yang Ming, do you always come to this place?"

"I have been here a few times." Yang Ming thought to himself, I did that to you here! But, he just couldn’t say that now.

When he arrived at the private room, Yang Ming told the waiter to serve the dishes. Then, he chatted with Lin Changqing. He was already settled with Shen Yueping. At this moment, Yang Ming wanted to settle with Lin Changqing as well. When Lin Zhiyun’s parents were on his side, he wouldn’t need to be afraid that Lin Zhiyun’s heart won’t be melted by him.

"Mr. Yang, do you want to open this bottle of Maotai?" The waiter came in with a tray and delivered a bottle of Maotai.

"Open it." Yang Ming nodded and said.

"Okay, Mr. Yang. Here’s the certificate of the Maotai. Please take a look." The waiter handed Yang Ming a certificate.

Yang Ming glanced at it and said, "Give it to Uncle Lin over there. I can't understand it."

"Alright." The waiter replied. He handed the certificate to Lin Changqing, who was sitting opposite him.

"Tut!" Lin Changqing couldn’t help but be in awe. "It is actually a 50-year-old Maotai!" Lin Changqing also knew a lot of things in the hotel where he worked recently. For example, this bottle of Maotai in his hand was simply not obtainable without at least ten thousand yuan! Now, he believed that Yang Ming was really rich.

"Uncle Lin, come. Let me pour a cup of wine for you." Yang Ming took the bottle opened by the waiter then he personally stood up to pour a cup of wine for Lin Changqing.

Lin Changqing saw Yang Ming was quite polite. He was happy deep down his heart. He quickly picked up the glass to accept the wine. At the moment, the waiter went over to Lin Zhiyun and Shen Yueping to pour fruit juice.

After pouring the wine for Lin Changqing, Yang Ming poured himself a glass of wine. Then, he picked up the wine glass, "Uncle Lin, Zhiyun and I were actually together since high school, and yet I have only come to visit you, elders, today. I’m ashamed of my actions. This wine is my respect for you and Aunty Shen. I will empty it. Be my guest."

After that, Yang Ming lifted up the glass. He raised his head then a glass of white wine went into his stomach. It was fiery as one couldn’t articulate.

Although Yang Ming could drink, it was so uncomfortable to directly have a big gulp at once!

"Well, this young man is a forthright person!" Lin Changqing smiled and gulped his wine. He was a wine-lover. It wasn’t a problem to follow Yang Ming and cheered. But now the situation was that Yang Ming was the younger generation, Lin Changqing shouldn’t gulp it all. After all, this was Maotai! Lin Changqing still wanted to taste it!

After Yang Ming had a glass of wine, his stomach was fiery. If he didn’t eat his lunch, it would be a bit too much. After taking a deep breath, Yang Ming caught back his pace. Yang Ming could still drink. That cheer was too fast but not a big deal. However, he didn't want to drink anymore. So, he frowned and pretended to be uncomfortable. Then he said, "That’s the only cup I’m capable of. I need to change it to a soft drink. Uncle Lin, I would like to apologize!"

"It's fine!" Lin Changqing smiled and waved his hand. Now, he also liked Yang Ming. This young man was good. He not only dared to drink but was also honest. If he was no good with drinking, so be it. Unlike some people who got drunk, yet still yell loudly that they weren’t. How could he know that Yang Ming was deliberately acting modestly to pay respect to him?

Lin Zhiyun looked at Yang Ming's somewhat painful expression, her heart was touched. He was completely giving respect to me! Otherwise, it didn’t matter to him!

All along, Lin Zhiyun’s evaluation of Yang Ming was that he was a good person! Even though that happened, Lin Zhiyun still thought that the fault wasn’t with Yang Ming. He couldn’t be such a person in nature. Later, when it was proved that he was framed, Lin Zhiyun felt that the Yang Ming who helped others without return was the most valuable.

It was precisely because of this that Lin Zhiyun had never doubted Yang Ming. Even deep down in the bottom of her heart, she didn’t have any defense against him! Moreover, with the relationship between them, Lin Zhiyun was quite immune to Yang Ming. No matter what Yang Ming did, Lin Zhiyun didn’t think that he would have any ill intention! If there was a plot, then why did he not possess her when they first met?

Therefore, what Lin Zhiyun saw now were all merits in Yang Ming.

When a girl had such an idea, what would happen next?

Yang Ming naturally didn’t know Lin Zhiyun's thoughts. He was still implementing his plan to save the country with a curve [1].

After drinking some wine, the atmosphere of the dinner table gradually became harmonious and warm. Lin Changqing and Yang Ming had some chats on daily life. At this moment, Lin Changqing felt that Yang Ming was a good person and by default, he approved the relationship between Yang Ming and his daughter.

In short, this meal was delightful to enjoy. For the bottle of Maotai that wasn’t finished, Yang Ming also took the initiative to ask Lin Changqing to bring it back.

Although Lin Changqing could do the same, he wasn’t a person who cared too much about face. It was normal to eat and pack. But, it wasn’t good to do these things as an elder. Since Yang Ming took the initiative to request it, it saved the effort for Lin Changqing to ask.

Yang Ming settled the bill with a bank card. Since the lobby manager knew that Yang Ming was affiliated with Wang Zhitao, he took the initiative to give Yang Ming the lowest discount.

As they left the hotel, Yang Ming drove Lin Zhiyun’s family back to their house. Yang Ming knew the right moment to advance and retreat, so Yang Ming didn’t stop by to stay. Rather, he took the initiative to bid farewell with Lin Changqing and Shen Yueping. Since Lin Changqing drank a bit too much, he needed to rest now. They didn’t keep Yang Ming there but instructed him to come often and play!

Shen Yueping said with a smile at the side, "Let Yang Ming come over and play. I think you want to take the opportunity to drink some alcohol, right?"

"Ugh... this..." Lin Changqing did have this idea.

"Yun Er, go and send Yang Ming off!" instructed Shen Yueping.

"No need, Aunty Shen. It was so late already. For Zhiyun, a girl, to come out, I’m worried. If she sent me off, I’d have to send her back!" Yang Ming shook his head and said.

"Hehe. That’s also true. Yun Er, look at how good Yang Ming treats you!" Shen Yueping smiled happily.

Looking at Yang Ming’s departing back, Lin Zhiyun's mood was complicated. She was a little perplexed. The thing she was most afraid of had happened. This man, once again, broke into her life again!

After today's events, Lin Zhiyun could no longer keep a distance with Yang Ming. At least her mother would be the first to disagree!

Why? I wanted to escape, but fate once again linked me back to Yang Ming. Lin Zhiyun had some hesitation about getting Yang Ming to pretend to be her boyfriend. Was it right or wrong?

Forget about it. Take one step at a time. That was because Lin Zhiyun believed that Yang Ming wouldn’t harm her because he was a good person

Chapter Notes:

[1] 曲线救国 save the country with a curve: This was a term that was popularized during the war with Japan. Since a direct approach to Japan wasn’t effective, the country had used many indirect approaches that are slower yet effective in the long run.

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