So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 279

Chapter 279: First Visit to the Lin Family

"Who is that boy?" An old man asked at the entrance of the alley.

"I don't know. Maybe he’s the boyfriend brought by the girl in the Lin Family!" An old aunty guessed.

"Oh, that's not bad. Look at what car he is driving!" said the old man.

"Hehe, the girl from the Lin Family has been good in academics since she was young, and she looks beautiful too. I always knew she can marry someone with a good family background." The old aunty nodded.

Although the voices of their dialogue weren’t loud, they were clearly heard by Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun who had just passed by. Yang Ming didn’t mind, but Lin Zhiyun’s face was blushing. No wonder they would say something like that. It was because she was holding Yang Ming’s arm!

So, Lin Zhiyun could only pretend that she didn’t hear it. Then, she walked back home with courage.

"Ya, isn’t this Lin Lin? Why didn't you go to tutoring today? Ei? Who is this guy?" After just a few steps, another familiar neighbor aunty came over.

Lin Zhiyun thought, What is happening today? Why do I keep encountering familiar people?

"Aunty Liu, this is my..." Lin Zhiyun didn’t know how to introduce him.

Instead, Yang Ming nodded to Aunty Liu generously and said, "Hi, Aunty Liu, I’m Zhiyun’s boyfriend. I came to her house today as a guest."

"Oh, well, this young man has a striking appearance. Lin Lin, you really know how to choose a good boyfriend!" Aunty Liu smiled and nodded.

"Aunty Liu, you shouldn’t make fun of others!" Lin Zhiyun immediately became embarrassed after listening.

"Hah, your Aunty Liu, I, am telling the truth. I won’t be bothering you both anymore. Go home quickly!" said Aunty Liu.

"What are you talking about? Really..." After Aunty Liu left, Lin Zhiyun complained to Yang Ming. "Aunty Liu Wei is an old resident here. She especially likes to chat with others. If you tell her so, the next day, all the people around here will know that I have a boyfriend!"

"Then what do you want me to say? Do you want me to say that we’re just ordinary friends? Please, is there such a close ordinary friend?" Yang Ming pointed out at Lin Zhiyun’s arm on his arm. "Besides that, even if she doesn't say it, do you think your mother won’t say anything to others?"

"You make sense!" Lin Zhiyun said helplessly.

"I’m thinking of you. What’s that I make sense?" Yang Ming also pretended to be helpless and shook his head, "A boyfriend like me with just a title..."

"This… Sorry, Yang Ming. I’m giving you too much trouble." When she heard Yang Ming's words, Lin Zhiyun suddenly became silent. Yeah, Yang Ming is now helping me. He doesn’t have such obligations at all!

"You’re being too courteous." Yang Ming said, Isn’t this what I should do?

So, two people who felt that they were sorry for each other leaned onto each other and walked into the courtyard of the Lin Family’s small single-story house.

Shen Yueping knew the time when her daughter was coming back. She usually didn’t pay attention to it, but today wasn’t the same as usual. Her daughter was bringing her boyfriend home. So, Shen Yueping was looking forward to it with eager expectancy. She kept looking at the courtyard when she was free.

As soon as she looked up, Shen Yueping suddenly saw her daughter clinging to a man’s arm and they walked in. Shen Yueping hurriedly greeted, "Yun Er, you’re back?"

"Mom..." Lin Zhiyun was a little embarrassed. She was clinging to a boy in front of her mom. It was indeed embarrassing.

"Hi, Aunty Shen." Yang Ming had already known Shen Yueping's name from Aunty Hong. He also realized how Lin Zhiyun made up the name, "Shen Lin."

"Well, boy, are you Yang Ming?" Shen Yueping measured up Yang Ming with her eye.

"Yeah, Aunty Shen. I’m Yang Ming, Zhiyun's boyfriend." Yang Ming said generously, "I’m sorry, Aunty Shen. Zhiyun said that there was something going on in her home so she didn’t allow me to visit you. I’m really sorry.”

"It’s fine. Come in!” Shen Yueping heard Yang Ming's speech was polite and decent. Her impression of Yang Ming had improved a lot. After all, there was a preconceived notion. In any case, the daughter had already had that relationship with him. Even if she didn’t like him, it was impossible to oppose her daughter’s matters. Therefore, when she saw that Yang Ming had a decent appearance and looked tall, and besides, he looked like an educated person, Shen Yueping was relieved.

"Okay, Aunty Shen." Yang Ming nodded quickly.

In the house, Shen Yueping discovered that there was a plastic bag in her daughter's hand, and Yang Ming's hand also had a few plastic bags. Based on the appearance, it would probably be gifts. She couldn't help but have a better impression of Yang Ming.

Certainly, as soon as Yang Ming entered the house, he put the gifts on the coffee table. "Aunty Shen, here are some gifts that I brought for you and Uncle Lin. It’s just a little token to show my respect..."

"Look at you, boy. Coming here is enough. You didn’t have to bring any gifts!" Although Shen Yueping said so with her mouth, the expression on her face was happy. "Yun Er, you can’t let Yang Ming to simply waste money next time!"

However, Shen Yueping still had some doubts in her heart. My daughter's boyfriend is outstanding. Looking at his outfit, I’m sure that his family is rich. How can such a person meet my daughter?

It wasn’t that she wanted to belittle herself and look up to others. She had known about the rules of rich families when she was working part-time. Their children must find the person who had a family that matched their own. Even a concubine needed to be someone with status.

Moreover, if this boy is really my daughter's boyfriend, how can I never find something strange? Should a man and a woman in love be so dull? Even if they didn’t call each other every day, didn’t they still have to go for dates?

All this while my husband's legs were broken. My daughter often came home at night. If she had a boyfriend, how could I never notice it? Therefore, Shen Yueping had to suspect that this boy named Yang Ming was her daughter’s temporary boyfriend that she got from nowhere!

"Aunty Shen, I decided to buy these. It’s not related to Zhiyun. She didn’t know." Yang Ming explained quickly.

"Well, in any case, Aunty Shen accepted your gifts." Shen Yueping smiled and said, "Yes, Yun Er, what is in your hand? Is it another gift for mom?"

"I, this ... is... my own..." Lin Zhiyun said with some embarrassment.

"Oh?" Shen Yueping said.

"Yang Ming went to Hong Kong a few days ago... he bought it for me..." Lin Zhiyun said quietly.

"Oh? Bought a gift for you from Hong Kong?" Shen Yueping was stunned. She thought, If this is the case, then he may not be her temporary boyfriend. Maybe the two of them had known each other. They were just doing well in keeping it secret!

However, Shen Yueping still had some doubts. She wanted to see if the item in Lin Zhiyun’s hand was bought in Hong Kong. So she said, “Yun er, can you show mom what’s that? What did Yang Ming buy for you? You’re not willing to put it down."

"No, it’s just a schoolbag..." Lin Zhiyun handed the plastic bag to Shen Yueping.

"What kind of schoolbag did he buy from Hong Kong such a far place. Didn’t we have it here?" Shen Yueping said so but she was worried that this was just purchased not long ago.

"This bag..." When Shen Yueping unpacked the plastic bag, she immediately froze!

"What's wrong, mom? Is there anything wrong?" Lin Zhiyun asked when she noticed her mother's strange expression.

"This bag is LV?" asked Shen Yueping.

"LV? What is LV?" Lin Zhiyun obviously didn’t care about those famous brands, so she had never heard of it.

"I just bought it casually." Yang Ming didn’t expect Shen Yueping to know about international brands.

"Is this bag expensive?" asked Shen Yueping.

"It wasn’t really expensive? I used a credit card, so I forgot how much it was." Yang Ming was telling the truth. He had bought too many gifts so he couldn't remember the price of every item.

Shen Yueping shook her head. It looked like Yang Ming is really my daughter’s boyfriend! The reason why she knew this bag was because she was working as a part-timer in a rich family. Their daughter was a materialistic girl. She usually bought expensive and luxury goods. Once Shen Yueping inadvertently heard that the daughter asked her father for an LV bag.

At that time, her father said, “Why do you need LV as a school bag! Isn't that a fashion bag?

The materialistic girl said, “One of our classmates brought it back from Hong Kong. We don’t have this design here in the mainland!

Her father happened to go to Hong Kong for business. He couldn't stand his daughter's persistent request so he had to agree to it.

A few days later, Shen Yueping went to her house again to work. When she saw that the schoolbag of the materialistic girl was a little dirty, she wanted to help her wash it. As a result, the materialistic girl immediately reached out and grabbed the bag, "This LV bag was bought by my father from Hong Kong. It was more than thirty thousand HKD! Do you know how to wash it? This has to be washed at a professional place. If you spoil it, you can't afford it even you sell all your stuff in your house!"

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