So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 278

Chapter 278: Relationship Between Two People

With Aunty Hong’s guidance, Yang Ming’s preparations were much easier. As he left the small restaurant, Yang Ming called Liu Weishan.

"Big Ming, what's the matter?" Liu Weishan's voice came out from the phone. "How was your rest?"

"Erm, not bad. Oh ya, godfather, you have a lot of good wine at your place, right?" Yang Ming asked.

"Yup, there are many. Why? Do you want a drink?" Liu Weishan asked, confused.

"No, I want to visit an elder. He likes to drink, so I want to get two bottles for him." Yang Ming said.

"Oh, so that's it. It's easy. You just have to come over and take it. I don't drink alcohol anyway!" said Liu Weishan.

"Okay, then I will drop by in a while!" said Yang Ming.

The people who came to visit Liu Weishan were people of status like the CEO of a company or the outstanding ones in the academic world. Hence, the gifts such as tobacco and alcohol were also expensive.

In the early years, Liu Weishan loved to enjoy wine and tobacco. But when he reached middle age, there were more physiological problems. Especially when his liver wasn’t in good condition, the doctor didn’t let him drink anymore, so the wines given by others also became mere decorations.

The gifts brought by people were filled with kind intention. Liu Weishan felt that it wasn’t good to ask them to take back their gifts, so Liu Weishan could only accept them. Fortunately, items like alcohol didn’t have an expiration date. So, they were piled up in storage.

Yang Ming also knew this. That was the reason he called Liu Weishan. Although he had money, he didn’t want to spend in an inexplicable manner!

As for the items for Mother Lin, Yang Ming decided to ask Xiao Qing. Xiao Qing's skin was so good. Naturally, she had her tricks. So, Yang Ming gave Xiao Qing another call, "Hello, Sister Xiao Qing, have you missed me?"

"Don't talk nonsense. I’m here with our parents." Xiao Qing lowered her voice and said, "What is the matter? Didn’t you just call dad?"

"Ah? You are at godfather’s place!" Yang Ming was stunned. If he knew that, he wouldn’t need to make two calls.

"Yeah, what happened?" asked Xiao Qing.

"This is the case, Sister Xiao Qing. I wanted to ask you what kind of skin care products are used by women who are older?" Yang Ming asked.

"Why? Do you mean that I’m old?" asked Xiao Qing.

"Ugh... I didn't mean that." Yang Ming broke into a sweat. It turned out that Xiao Qing would also have a little temper.

"Hehe, I’m just fooling around. Did I scare you? Why, is it also a gift to your elder? Is it Chen Mengyan's parents?" asked Xiao Qing.

"No... it's another..." Yang Ming said a little embarrassed.

"Another? Lan Ling? Aren’t her parents...?" Xiao Qing asked, puzzled.

"It's another one..." Yang Ming had to explain.

"You, boy, are really messy. Forget about it. Tell me in detail in some other day!" Xiao Qing said.

"Hehe, certainly." Yang Ming never concealed from his sister.

"In terms of skin care products, if the recipient is older, you can buy some collagen products. It removes scars and wrinkles." Xiao Qing said as she recommended several brands of products.

"Alright, thank you, Sister Xiao Qing." Yang Ming quickly noted.

"You still need to say thank you to me?" Xiao Qing laughed.

"Then, no thanks." Yang Ming also laughed.

After talking with Xiao Qing, Yang Ming arrived at a big shopping mall. He bought a set of skin care products according to Xiao Qing’s recommendation. Later, he prepared his journey to Liu Weishan’s house.

But he contemplated it. Today, it was my first trip to the Lin Family. I need to be at least formal. If we were going to dine out, it was best to have a car. So, Yang Ming called Zhang Bing to borrow his Pentium.

After the call, Yang Ming went to Zhang Bing's home to pick up the car. During the taxi ride, Yang Ming was thinking whether he should buy a car. Now that I’m rich, it shouldn’t a problem to buy a car.

But the key issue was how can I generate money with money? According to my current social relationships and special abilities, the best thing for me is the jewelry business!

With the reputation of Liu Weishan, I will be able to grow my business to become stronger and bigger soon. This is the best way. However, to invest so many funds into jewelry, it seemed to be a waste. Just like Zhang Jiefang’s company, it really didn't require much money at all.

Yang Ming decided to find some time with Zhang Jiefang to research it well. He was looking forward to seeing how much potential the jewelry industry had. Although Liu Weishan was famous, he didn’t study business. In terms of future prospects, he might be unmatched with Zhang Jiefang.

Zhang Bing didn’t ask much. This kid was taking a nap at home. After Yang Ming came, he directly threw the car keys from upstairs. If Yang Ming’s eyes weren’t so good, and he was quick and agile, the car’s remote control would have fallen on the concrete floor downstairs in the community area. Most probably it would have broken into two halves!

Yang Ming got the car, and he went home to take a shower. He changed his clothes to make himself look more impressive. After all, it was his first time to meet her parents! He wanted to make a good impression.

In order to do it well, Yang Ming rushed to his godfather’s house. Since it was almost time, Lin Zhiyun should be finishing her class soon.

Liu Weishan’s house was at the school. It shouldn’t be far from where Lin Zhiyun did her tutoring. Therefore, Yang Ming parked the car downstairs from Liu Weishan’s house, so that he could rush back to pick up Lin Zhiyun at any time.

Certainly, as he just arrived at Liu Weishan’s house and took two bottles of Maotai [1], Lin Zhiyun’s phone call came in. Yang Ming apologized and said farewell to his godparents before he hurried out. In the end, Xiao Qing didn’t forget to help him to fix his collar. It looked like an elder sister's love for her younger brother, but only Yang Ming could feel the deep affection in Xiao Qing's eyes.

Yang Ming’s heart suddenly trembled. When he wanted to say something, Xiao Qing had turned around and left.

Yang Ming shook his head and drove down to the place where Lin Zhiyun said.

At a junction not far away from the school, Yang Ming saw Lin Zhiyun's thin figure. She was wearing a white cotton suit, washed snow white as she stood in the wind. Yang Ming was touched by the scene.

Occasionally, the wind blew through Lin Zhiyun's scattered hair, fluttering in the wind. She was like an elf who had fallen into the mortal world or even a fairy. Yang Ming sighed and parked the car next to her. Then, he opened the door of the front seat, "Zhiyun, get in the car."

"Ah! How come you drove here?" Lin Zhiyun got into the car with some surprise.

"Hehe, because I wanted to pick you up and let your mom see how good I am to you." Yang Ming smiled.

"Oh..." Lin Zhiyun shook her head strangely. She thought that Yang Ming suddenly became a little bit weird. It seemed that his attitude toward me had obviously improved. Lin Zhiyun was very puzzled by it. Of course, she didn’t know that Yang Ming already knew about the matters between them. She thought that it was Yang Ming deliberately acting.

"Zhiyun, you should give a call to aunty. How about we go out and eat today?" Yang Ming handed the phone to Lin Zhiyun.

"What did you... call me?" Lin Zhiyun was surprised at the name Yang Ming called her.

"If I call you Lin Zhiyun, it shows that our relationship isn’t close! It will be bad if aunty suspects it!" Yang Ming explained with a smile.

"I see. Thank you for thinking it through!" Lin Zhiyun could not help but say gratefully.

Yang Ming didn’t say anything, he thought about it just now. In the future, he would have Mother Lin as an excuse so he wouldn’t need to be afraid that Lin Zhiyun wouldn’t compromise. Hehe.

"Let's eat at my home. Why are we going to a restaurant? It is expensive to dine out!" Lin Zhiyun waved her hand and placed Yang Ming's cellphone aside.

"That's alright. We’ll talk about it when we have the chance next time." Yang Ming said casually.

"Ah? Next time?" Lin Zhiyun said with surprise.

"Nothing." Yang Ming added quickly.

"Oh." Lin Zhiyun thought that Yang Ming was very strange. His attitude toward her at noon was obviously not welcoming and even disgusted. How come he suddenly became so easy-going and considerate with me?

Of course, Lin Zhiyun couldn't imagine all of this was because of her name "Lin Zhiyun."

Although the two of them were now pretending to be in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, in the car, Lin Zhiyun was still embarrassed to speak to Yang Ming. So, they were silent until they reached the door.

"What is this?" Lin Zhiyun saw Yang Ming lock the car and take a few bags out.

"They are gifts. Me being a boyfriend can't come empty-handed, right? This is also the most basic etiquette. Even if it was just an act, it should be realistic!" Yang Ming said with a gift in his hand.

Lin Zhiyun was moved after listening to him, "Thank you, Yang Ming, really."

"What thanks? Please remember, now you are my girlfriend. We will act a little intimate for a while. You should know the relationship between the two of us. If we acted like strangers to each other, your mother will have some doubts!” Yang Ming said it as though it was real. His words could also be understood as there was already a relationship between him and Lin Zhiyun.

However, Lin Zhiyun didn't think so much about it. Instead, she felt that Yang Ming was right. So, she hesitated a moment before grabbing Yang Ming's arm. Then, they walked home together.

Chapter Notes:

[1] Maotai 

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