So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 276

Chapter 276: My Name is Lin Zhiyun

After Lin Zhiyun explained, Yang Ming directly categorized her into the list of bad girls. She must have done it with an internet buddy due to her impulsiveness. Nowadays, many girls have given their first time to someone they didn’t know. This confused Yang Ming but this was a common phenomenon nowadays. Many girls didn’t value their first time anymore. They just wanted to enjoy the happiness brought by their bodies.

Yang Ming thought that Lin Zhiyun was such a girl. Having listened to her tone, the promiscuous man didn’t even know what she looked like. It must be a one-night stand!

Yang Ming now regretted buying a schoolbag for Lin Zhiyun. Damn it! Buying things for such a person is just not worth it. It was a waste of money! I thought she was a good girl who was self-reliant!

Ai, it seems like most of the time, what was on the surface did not reflect anything!

Lin Zhiyun also noticed Yang Ming’s disgusted emotion, but she had no choice. She couldn’t really say that the person who had f*cked her was him. She couldn’t say such a thing!

"Okay." Yang Ming hesitated and asked, "But is it just this time or do I have to pretend again in the future?"

"It should be just this time. When my mother sees you, she should settle down..." Lin Zhiyun said, "However, if I need it in the future, can you come?"

If I need it in the future, can you come? Isn’t this too flirtatious? Yang Ming was moved after listening. If there was no context for what she said just now, it would be easy to think of the wrong thing with just that one sentence! Yang Ming couldn’t be spared even after he listened to what she said before.

"Ugh..." So, Yang Ming was feeling capricious now. But Lin Zhiyun was asking for a favor herself, and Yang Ming wasn’t an inconsiderate person. Although there was a bit of that about what he was doing, Yang Ming still agreed to help her. "Well, I’ll agree to it."

"Thank you..." When Lin Zhiyun saw Yang Ming nod then she said with a sigh of relief.

"You're welcome..." Yang Ming always thought that Lin Zhiyun had a pitiful life, but she was a persistent girl. Besides, she was extremely conservative and extremely pure. Now that he heard such messy things from her. His evaluation of her was reduced by half.

Yang Ming couldn't help but sigh. What kind of society is this? Even such a pure girl like Lin Zhiyun is playing with one-night stands?

Because of this, the atmosphere between them had become somewhat silent. Fortunately, at this time, Aunty Hong came in and served the dishes that Yang Ming ordered.

"Let’s eat." Yang Ming said.

"Oh..." Lin Zhiyun nodded. She noticed that Yang Ming wasn’t interested in talking to her, but some things still had to be explained properly, otherwise, she couldn't deal with what will happen at night. So she said, "Yang Ming, if my mother asks you tonight about how we know each other, you say that we are high school classmates. You were studying at the high school attached to Song Jiang High School."

Yang Ming nodded while eating. Helping her to deceive her parents, Yang Ming really felt that it was a sad case for her parents to have such a daughter.

"En... yes, Yang Ming, the ten thousand yuan in my bag, was it you who put it in there?" Lin Zhiyun asked.

"Yes, I didn’t have a pocket on me, so I gave it to you." Yang Ming said it plainly.

"Oh... if my mother asks you, you just say so... Because of that ten thousand yuan, my mother doubts me... she thought I… did that for a rich man..." Lin Zhiyun said.

"Huh?" Yang Ming didn’t expect that it was because of his own kindness which caused the situation today. Now Lin Zhiyun had to find him to fix this.

Then I’m really guilty for this! Sometimes we really have to reap what we have sowed! Thinking of this, Yang Ming admitted it. Isn’t just pretending to be her boyfriend? It shouldn’t be a problem.

"Sorry, I didn't think it would cause you trouble..." Yang Ming said apologetically.

"It's okay. Right, if my mother asked where I got the money for my dad to see a doctor, you just say it was you!" Lin Zhiyun said.

"I did? Was it really me?" Yang Ming was stunned.

"Yang Ming. We had met each other before..." Lin Zhiyun hesitated and decided to tell Yang Ming about some of the incidents.

"I knew you before? What do you mean?" asked Yang Ming.

"Do you remember when you were in high school, one night, you met a female student who wanted to sell herself..." Lin Zhiyun said faintly.

"High school? Sell herself? Ah! You mean you are the one..." Yang Ming stood up in surprise and pointed to Lin Zhiyun, "That’s why you look so familiar to me! It turned out to be you!"

"En..." Lin Zhiyun nodded. "Thank you for that time. Yang Ming, you are a good person."

"Good person?" Yang Ming shook his head. I’m not really a good person. However, Yang Ming suddenly remembered one thing and said, "No. At that time, didn’t you mention that you were still a virgin?"

"Yeah, it wasn’t long before I wasn’t anymore..." Lin Zhiyun shook her head and said with a bitter smile.

"You… Didn’t I give you money? Was it that the money wasn’t enough, then you went to sell yourself again?" Yang Ming frowned and was agitated. He felt that Lin Zhiyun was crazy. I gave you money, but you still went to sell yourself again?

"The money was enough... but there are some things... forget it. Let’s not dwell on this, okay?" Lin Zhiyun didn't want to talk about these unpleasant things in the past.

"Never mind then, since you don't want to talk about it, I won’t ask." Yang Ming now felt that Lin Zhiyun was pathetic or foolish. The money was enough. Why would she sell herself?

After that, Yang Ming quietly ate the dishes. After all, these matters belonged to her, Lin Zhiyun (Chen Lin). He had nothing to do with her. He was nobody to her. So, Yang Ming couldn’t ask her to do anything else!

The path of our life could only be chosen by ourselves, so Yang Ming could only sigh for her. She was such a good girl. Her fate was very rough already. Not only did she always have bad encounters, but she even lost her first time carelessly!

Yang Ming had some sympathy for her, but he didn’t feel pity for her. Forget it. She had nothing to do with me. Why do I have to care so much for her?

"Yang Ming, then tonight… please try not to be exposed, okay... " Lin Zhiyun looked at Yang Ming with some hope. She really had no choice, otherwise, she wouldn’t ask Yang Ming for help!

At that time, Lin Zhiyun said that her boyfriend was Yang Ming. It was because all these things started with him. Secondly, her first time was taken by him. Therefore, this was a lie to the mother. The most important thing is that Lin Zhiyun always worked as a tutor aside from studying, she didn’t really have the chance to interact with other men. If she knew someone, the man must be Yang Ming!

So at this moment, if she didn't ask Yang Ming for help, who else could she look for?

"You can rest assured. I won’t say things that I shouldn’t say." Yang Ming nodded and continued to eat.

"En... Really, thank you for that..." Lin Zhiyun said faintly.

"Let’s finish it quickly. The dishes are getting cold soon," said Yang Ming as he pointed to the table.

"Oh..." Lin Zhiyun nodded and picked up the chopsticks and rice bowl. But she didn't have much appetite. After eating a few bites, she had put them down already.

It was all none of Yang Ming’s business. Yang Ming's appetite was surprisingly good. A bowl of rice wasn’t enough for him. Yang Ming wanted to ask the proprietress to serve another bowl, but he saw that Lin Zhiyun had stopped eating after a few bites. So he asked, “You don’t want to eat anymore?”

"En, I’m full already." Lin Zhiyun nodded and said.

"Then, I’ll eat yours!" Yang Ming took Lin Zhiyun's bowl. Yang Ming wasn’t particular about anything, but he despised Lin Zhiyun already. He frowned a little, but he still kept eating. After all, wasting food in a small restaurant wasn’t a glorious thing.

Lin Zhiyun didn’t expect that Yang Ming could actually eat the rest of her meal. She felt a little bit of happiness in her. She didn't know why, but she just felt happy. The hazy mood just now had turned better.

"En... I have a tutoring session in the afternoon. It’s about time. I will go first. Just eat slowly, okay?" Lin Zhiyun looked at the watch and asked.

"Okay. You go. Oh, right. I will pay the bill later." Although Yang Ming didn't quite like Lin Zhiyun, he still needed to pay.

"Ah, alright..." Lin Zhiyun knew that she didn’t have to compete with Yang Ming for this kind of thing, so she stood up and said, "I will call you after tutoring is over. Is that okay?"

"Okay, since I will be free anyway." Yang Ming nodded. "Let’s do it this way. Where are you going for tutoring? I will pick you up later."

"This... isn’t good, is it?" Lin Zhiyun hesitated.

"There is nothing wrong with it. Anyway, I’m free as well." Yang Ming said indifferently. He thought, Do you still want to pretend to be pure with me?

"Then... just wait at our university." Lin Zhiyun said.

"Okay, I got it." Yang Ming nodded and continued to eat.

"Then I’m going now..." Lin Zhiyun stood up and walked to the door. She suddenly remembered something, "Yes. Yang Ming, actually, my name is Lin Zhiyun..."

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