So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 262

Chapter 262: An Abhorrent Person

The man had obviously noticed Xiao Qing too. He was at first stunned, then he walked over to Xiao Qing indifferently and looked at her with an unscrupulous eye. He said unbelievably, "Qingqing? Is it you?"

"Song... Song Hang?" Xiao Qing called out the name rigidly. This was a man whom she was once incredibly familiar with. Yet at this moment, he was extremely unfamiliar to her.

"Qingqing, I really didn't expect to meet you here!" Song Hang said with a smile. However, he felt very unhappy deep in his heart. F*ck, she is really a stunner. Why didn't I f*ck her in the past? Looking at Yang Ming by her side, he became even angrier.

"Song Hang, call me Xiao Qing instead. I feel very awkward when you call me Qingqing." Xiao Qing took a deep breath, and she became calm again.

"Oh, that can’t be helped. Sorry, I’m used to it." Song Hang smiled and said, "Qing... Xiao Qing, we haven't seen each other for about seven years now?"

"I haven't counted." Xiao Qing said plainly.

"Hehe." Song Hang felt a bit awkward after hearing it, but it was only for a moment. After that, he still smiled and asked, "Xiao Qing, how are you now?"

“So you’re saying that I wasn’t fine earlier [1]?” Xiao Qing said coldly.

"I didn't mean that. Hehe, we haven't met for many years. I was just concerned about you!" Song Hang was no longer the stupid boy who had just left school at the time. After many years of hard work and experience with many girls, he kept planning in his heart how he could get Xiao Qing to go to bed with him. "My car is over there. Why don’t we find a place to sit down and reminisce about the past?"

"No, I still have things to do." Xiao Qing frowned and replied.

Yang Ming listened to the strange dialogue between the two and immediately understood the relationship between these two individuals! This Song Hang seemed to be Xiao Qing’s former boyfriend. For some reason, the two of them broke up! Moreover, it seemed like Xiao Qing was feeling abhorrent to this man named Song Hang!

"Er hem!" Yang Ming coughed twice. He saw that Xiao Qing didn't want to continue chatting with Song Hang, so he wanted to remind Song Hang to be a little self-aware.

"Oh?" Song Hang heard Yang Ming cough. He turned his head and pretended as if he just saw Yang Ming. "This is?"

"I am..." Yang Ming wanted to speak, but he didn’t expect Xiao Qing to grab his left arm and say, "This is my boyfriend, Yang Ming!"

Yang Ming froze for a bit and understood Xiao Qing’s intention. He said calmly, "Nice to meet you."

"Ugh?... Hi." Song Hang frowned. A cunning man like him wouldn’t believe that Yang Ming was Xiao Qing’s boyfriend. Although both of them came together, their behavior and expressions were definitely not intimate! At most, it would be normal friends. But now, Xiao Qing’s move meant that she wanted to piss me off. Did that mean that she still had me in her heart? Song Hang began to have lewd thoughts.

"Since you are Xiao Qing's boyfriend, let's find a place to sit down and talk about it together then!" Song Hang suggested.

"Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Song. But my girlfriend and I are going to eat. Let’s not bother you!" Yang Ming said faintly.

"How could that be bothering me? Eating? How about this? I will treat you both to a meal. Let's have a meal at a luxury restaurant!" said Song Hang.

"It’s alright. We thought that this beef brisket noodle looked pretty good. We were ready to give it a try!" Yang Ming refused.

"Beef brisket noodle? This kind of roadside stall is dirty. I heard that the soup had some dead cockroach or dead rat inside. It’s filthy!" Song Hang shook his head and said, "These kinds of snacks are only eaten by poor people!"

Yang Ming naturally heard the meaning of his words. He was insulting Yang Ming stating that he was poor! However, Yang Ming wasn’t going to stoop down to his level. No matter how much you tried to explain to an idiot, he remained an idiot.

However, his words made Xiao Qing lose her appetite. She shook her head and said to Yang Ming, "Yang Ming, let's go!"

"Xiao Qing, wait..." When Song Hang saw Xiao Qing leaving, he quickly detained her. "Xiao Qing, what are you doing in Hong Kong? What’s your phone number?"

"Song Hang, we have nothing to do with each other anymore. Can you stop being like this?" Xiao Qing finally lost her patience and said it in an agitated tone.

"Qingqing, I knew that you would hate me for that. But in fact, I’m also guilty of that moment. I have already regretted it afterward..." Song Hang said in a hurry.

"Mr. Song, please respect yourself. My girlfriend had already said to not call her Qingqing. All the previous incidents have passed, and I don't want you to mention it again!" Yang Ming said coldly as he stopped Song Hang’s hand which reached out to try to catch Xiao Qing.

"Kid! Don't think I don't know what's going on!" Song Hang lost his face with Yang Ming’s act, so he pointed at Yang Ming and said loudly, "Do you know who I am? How dare you talk to me like this? Would you believe that I can f*ck you up?”

"Oh, I don't believe it." Yang Ming looked at him disdainfully. It seemed like this Song Hang wasn’t capable of having a deeper scheme. He got impulsive easily, hence he was certainly not a distinguished person. He must have thought that he was bada** by relying on others’ influence. However, he was just jumping around like a Malaysian monkey.

The current social phenomenon was indeed so weird! Many people who were truly distinguished were low-key. When have you ever seen those who were truly rich point to others saying, "Do you know who I am? Do you believe that I can f*ck you over?"

Most of the arrogant people were just like a fox exploiting the tiger's might [2]. If even a fox, an animal, would act as such, never mind about people.

This was the case with Song Hang. Yang Ming really felt sad for him!

"Xiao Qing, don't think I don't know that this kid isn’t your boyfriend at all. Did you think that I couldn’t tell?" Song Hang said loudly, "Qingqing, I know that you must still have me in your heart, and the reason you were doing this was to anger me!"

"You are disgusting. Don't be so full of yourself!" Xiao Qing leaned toward Yang Ming.

"Qingqing, in fact, I have never been able to forget you too! Qingqing, I know that you must feel the same as me..." said Song Hang as he intended to hold onto Xiao Qing's hand.

"Please have respect for yourself! Song Hang, we already have nothing to do with one another." Xiao Qing interrupted Song Hang's words and said coldly, "You are now no different from a stranger to me."

"Have you heard my girlfriend's words? You can leave now, or we will call the police!" Yang Ming gave a warning as he glanced at Song Hang.

"What kind of onion is your mother? [3]" Song Hang was furious, "This isn’t your business. Don't mess with someone else’s matter or you will get what you deserve!"

Yang Ming clenched his teeth, but he still tolerated it. This was the downtown area of Hong Kong. He was now traveling, and he didn’t want to get into trouble. Although Liu Weishan would definitely be able to settle any challenges with his social influence, Yang Ming didn’t want to trouble him. Otherwise, this Song Hang would have to look for all his teeth on the floor. How would he still have the time to be acting here?

"Yang Ming, we’ll call the police!" Xiao Qing glanced at Song Hang and said to Yang Ming.

"F***!" Song Hang scolded, "F*cking brats, good for you both! Xiao Qing, I misjudged you! But don’t you be proud of yourself. Don't think I don't know you are unwanted goods. You think I can’t figure out that you spontaneously caught this kid to pose as your boyfriend? I was willing to pity you and accept you as a mistress, yet you don’t give face at all! Fine, let's see how it will go!"

Looking at how heartless Xiao Qing was, Song Hang had also put aside the consideration for her face! Men fight for a breath, and trees live with their skin [4]. Song Hang decided not to care about anything else. Since he was rejected by Xiao Qing, he naturally had to get his pride back!

"You--" Song Hang’s words dug right into Xiao Qing’s sore spot. Her face turned white and she was speechless as she pointed at Song Hang.

"Sister Xiao Qing!" Yang Ming saw Xiao Qing's body crumbling and quickly held her up. But his eyes had a hint of fierceness staring at Song Hang.

"Hmph!" Song Hang snorted and turned away. He walked halfway and suddenly turned around as he said to Yang Ming, "You have to be careful. There’s a problem with your girlfriend's body!"

A problem? Yang Ming didn't think much. Yang Ming thought that he was talking about how Xiao Qing was going to faint. Yang Ming really wanted to eliminate Song Hang, but Xiao Qing was in his hands, so he could only watch Song Hang leave.

"Sister Xiao Qing, are you okay?" Yang Ming asked with concern.

"Help me... to the side of the road..." Xiao Qing's voice was trembling.

"Okay, Sister Xiao Qing." Yang Ming supported Xiao Qing as he took her to the steps on the side of the road and let her sit down. His back that was supporting her didn’t dare to relax for a single moment.

It was only after a long time that Xiao Qing took a long sigh of relief and said, "Thank you, Yang Ming, I’m fine."

"Sister Xiao Qing, that person just now. He..." Yang Ming asked curiously.

"Don't mention that person!" Xiao Qing's face turned dark. "Let’s go. Yang Ming, accompany me for a drink at a bar."

Chapter Notes:

[1] In Chinese, 你现在好么 How are you now? - can also be literally interpreted as “are you good now?” Xiao Qing interpreted the sentence’s literal meaning.

[2] 狐假虎威 Chinese idiom: To use powerful connections to intimidate people

[3] Yes. This is the first time I come across people scolding other people’s mother as an onion too. But on the side note, sometimes when an onion is used by itself - it’s meant to describe a blurry person.

[4] 人争一口气,树活一张皮 Men fight for a breath, and trees live with their skin. A Chinese idiom describing how most people were afraid of losing their face. The “breath” in this context refers more to pride or “face.”

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