So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 251

Chapter 251: A Flirtatious Scene

Not long after, Xia Xue came back and said to Chen Fei, "Captain Chen, I just asked. He can sign an S contract in this situation."

Chen Fei didn't understand this very well, so he said to Xia Xue, "Alright, you can help Yang Ming to handle it."

Yang Ming didn’t know the specific procedures for an S contract. But since Xia Xue said there should be no problem, he got up and said, "Sorry for troubling you, Sister Xia Xue."

"Who is your sister?" Xia Xue looked at Yang Ming.

"No? Is it that you are already so old that you want to be called Auntie or Aunt?" Yang Ming acted surprised.

"Go die!" Xia Xue was furious and wanted to kick Yang Ming, but she saw Chen Fei looking over. Xia Xue couldn’t help but retract her leg. She whispered, "Let's walk!"

"Hehe." Yang Ming smiled unintentionally. I didn’t commit any crime right now. I’m not afraid of you!

Yang Ming followed Xia Xue out of the office. In the corridor, Xia Xue asked Yang Ming to go in front, "You go first. I will tell you how to go!"

Yang Ming nodded after listening and walked to the front quietly, but he raised his alertness secretly. He wasn’t familiar with the police station. Xia Xue should walk in front of him, but Xia Xue asked him to go ahead. So it seemed unreasonable for Yang Ming. Therefore, Yang Ming had reason to believe that Xia Xue was plotting something!

Certainly, without taking two steps, Yang Ming suddenly felt that there was a strong wind behind him. Then, Yang Ming snorted slightly. It seemed that Xia Xue really wanted to do something!

However, after a long period of training, Yang Ming had significantly improved both his reflexes and the speed of his body. When Yang Ming felt that there was a wind behind him, he reached out and grabbed it.

"Pa." Xia Xue's calf was caught by Yang Ming. Xia Xue was shocked. She wanted to free her leg, but Yang Ming’s strength was amazing. Xia Xue tried to move, but it was completely useless.

"Let go!" Xia Xue screamed.

Yang Ming turned around and smiled. Looking at Xia Xue’s blushing face, he couldn’t help but be happy. Ha, little chick, you actually backstabbed me? You deserved it.

"What are you looking at? Let me go!" Xia Xue was angered.

"Sister Xia Xue, are you mistaken? You kicked me and then you want me to let go of you?" Yang Ming pretended to look at Xia Xue with an innocent look.

"Wasn't it unsuccessful?" Xia Xue replied with hatred. She didn’t expect Yang Ming to grab her leg!

"It was still an unsuccessful kick! It is also a crime!" Yang Ming said proudly, "You are a policewoman. Shouldn’t you know? An attempted robbery is also a crime!"

"You!" Xia Xue was mad. "I only kicked you. How was this comparable to robbery!"

"The police taught us that many big thieves started by stealing a pencil at a young age." Yang Ming said remarkably, "Similarly, many murderers started when they kicked others during their childhood!"

"Bullsh*t! I’m twenty-two already!" Xia Xue said in anger. Even the foul language was spoken.

"Oh, a grown-up is more daring than a child!" Yang Ming said.

"Are you courting death? What ridiculous theory is this? Let go. If not, I won’t go easy on you!" Xia Xue moved her leg, but there was no effect at all.

This position was improper as a man was holding her leg. Xia Xue’s face was blushing! If someone passed by, he or she might misunderstand!

However, she had no other way. Now Yang Ming was holding her calf. She wanted to hit Yang Ming, but her arms weren’t long enough! She wanted to kick Yang Ming, but the other leg had to support the weight of the body! She didn’t know Yang Ming's "Yang’s Flying Kick", nor did she have the courage to fall down, so she could only be deadlocked with Yang Ming.

"I won't let go. Would I let go of it so that you can kick me again?" Yang Ming looked at Xia Xue with a smile.

Xia Xue really had this thought! What she thought was that she could exact revenge when Yang Ming released her leg to put her shame away! At this moment, Yang Ming got it right. Xia Xue couldn't help but blush. Instead, she replied, "I can't. You let me go, then I won't kick you. Let’s make it even!"

Hehe, I just said I won’t kick you, but didn't say I can’t punch you! When you let me go, you can’t say that I broke the promise when I punch you like a pig. Xia Xue was proud of her little cleverness, but Yang Ming unexpectedly said,

"You won't kick me, but you can punch me." Yang Ming said faintly, "Xia Xue, is your IQ too low, or do you think my IQ is too low?"

"You!" Xia Xue once again got busted by Yang Ming so she was angry! She said furiously, "Yang Ming, I’m telling you now. This is your last chance. If you don't let go, I will shout!"

"You shout then!" Yang Ming knew that Xia Xue didn’t want others to see her.

"I’ll shout that you are being a hooligan! Don't regret it then. You must know that the consequences of hooliganism at the police station are very serious. You will be sentenced!" Xia Xue threatened.

"Is that so?" Yang Ming wasn’t a child. How could he be fooled easily? "With which eyes do you see that I’m acting like a hooligan? I’m just using self-defense! Besides, is being a hooligan like this? If I wanted to touch your calf, you must also lift it up yourself! Use your brain!"

"Heh! Are you smart? If you were smart enough, you wouldn’t be framed and dosed with an aphrodisiac. I think you are the one who should use your brain!" Xia Xue listened to Yang Ming's analysis. Although she felt that way, she couldn’t stop being sarcastic with Yang Ming.

"I don't know who it was. You just believe what people reported to the police, and you even looked at my naked body. You really don’t know what shame is!" Yang Ming retorted.

"You! Who wanted to see you?" Xia Xue said.

"You even looked twice!" Yang Ming referred to the urine test.

"Who knew that you would actually pee in public!" Xia Xue panicked.

At this time, two young policemen passed by and saw Xia Xue and Yang Ming. They could not help but be astounded. Police officer A said to officer B, "Isn't that Xia Xue from the criminal investigation team?"

Hmm! It really is her - the violent police beauty! I heard that she has a serious tendency to act violently. Xiao Zhou of the xx department pursued her, but then he was fanned by two crisp slaps!" Police B nodded.

"Who is that man? Why is he so strong? Did he actually subdue the violent police beauty?" Police A was surprised.

"I don't know, but this is the rule in this world. Everything has its vanquisher!" Police B said, "You look at the man's impatient expression. It must be that the violent police beauty tried to pursue him but was unsuccessful. Therefore, she wanted to use violence, but she was subdued by him!"

"It makes sense!" The policeman nodded, "I wanted to pursue her in the beginning. Later, Xiao Zhou failed, so I quickly gave up. Ha, I didn't expect her to fail too!"

"That’s right! This is big news, I have to tell Xiao Zhou. He will be happy!" Police B said.

The voices of two police officers weren’t loud, but they could be heard by Yang Ming and Xia Xue. Because Xia Xue was facing away, she couldn’t see the situation behind her. When they passed by, Xia Xue glared at these guys who were talking bad behind her.

The Police A was shocked and said quickly, "It’s just misunderstanding, misunderstanding. You guys continue. I am leaving!"

Police B was so scared that he didn't even say anything. He quickly disappeared with his head lowered.

Xia Xue became furious. These two busybodies. Maybe they will go back and spread the word about this scene, and the main culprit of all this is Yang Ming!

Thinking of this, Xia Xue broke into a rage! She didn’t care anymore so she made a bold move and leaned her body against Yang Ming!

Yang Ming was stunned. What is she doing? Is she trying to commit suicide with me? Just as he wanted to push Xia Xue away, her whole body had already fallen on him.

Xia Xue was ready to risk herself. She pushed with the only leg that was standing on the ground. The body flew up and flew toward Yang Ming.

With "Dangdang" a loud noise, Xia Xue pushed down Yang Ming, and Xia Xue also slammed on Yang Ming's body!

Chen Fei waited for a long time, but he didn’t see Yang Ming and Xia Xue come back. The immigration office called over and asked Chen Fei where the people were. They were about to take a lunch break. If they didn’t show up, Yang Ming would have to wait until the afternoon!

Chen Fei was puzzled. Where did they go? Chen Fei had no choice but to search for them himself. As he walked out of the office and came to the corridor, Chen Fei saw a scene that surprised him!

Xia Xue was now lying on top of Yang Ming's body!

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