So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 241

Chapter 241: Yang Ming’s Gift

"This is the car registration for this license plate. The car went through the complete set of procedures [1]. There shouldn’t be any problem." Sun Jie didn’t entertain Yang Ming much and handed a blue book to him.

Yang Ming nodded. Even though he didn’t say much on the surface, but there was some suspicion in his heart. What did Sun Jie’s family do? Most wealthy families wouldn’t have some fake license plates. Even if they were stopped by traffic police, they should have the connections to get away from it! Now it seemed like Sun Jie’s cars all have other license plates. The plates also seemed to be frequently changed.

Yang Ming took a look at Sun Jie, who was ordering the man with the big beard to put away the Donghai license. Sun Jie seemed to have understood Yang Ming’s thoughts. She said faintly, “The Donghai license plate is fake too. This car was smuggled over here. The windows and doors were all modified to be bulletproof."

Although Yang Ming knew that his relationship with Sun Jie was intimate, he hadn’t yet reached the point where there were no secrets between the two of them. There were no benefits to knowing the answers to certain questions. Sun Jie would have told him all that he needed to know.

"Thank you." Yang Ming smiled at Sun Jie and said, "After I finished using the car, I will call you. How do they go back?" Yang Ming was referring to the three men including the big bearded man.

"Via taxi!" Sun Jie lost her patience with Yang Ming. "I didn’t think you were that mentally retarded."

Yang Ming smiled bitterly. He didn’t expect that he would be scolded as an idiot when he showed his concern.

After driving Zhang Bing’s car for a while, Yang Ming could be regarded as an experienced driver already. He started the car easily and drove slowly to the hospital where Hou Zhenhan was at.

“Hou Zhenhan?” Yang Ming called Hou Zhenhan’s phone.

"Brother Yang. Yes, it’s me. Are there any instructions?" Hou Zhenhan picked up the phone call.

"Well, I have a task for you this evening. I’m in the parking lot below the hospital. Finish up quickly and get down here as soon as possible." Yang Ming instructed.

"No problem. I was accompanying my mother for a meal. I will come down in ten minutes!" Hou Zhenhan said.

"Alright, I will wait. Blue Buick minivan with a Guangdong license plate." Yang Ming said.

"Got it." Hou Zhenhan replied.

The four people in the back of the car wouldn't wake up for a while. The big bearded man had knocked them out with some incapacitating agent. It was estimated that they would only wake up around midnight. Yang Ming looked at the cricket cap man with deep thoughts. Although these four people won’t have much chance of getting out after they were sent to Bao Sanli, Yang Ming was still concerned about him. After all, the cricket cap man had seen his appearance. Yang Ming was afraid that he would act as a leak after he woke up.

Yang Ming looked at the cricket cap man and took a deep breath. Although he knew that from the moment he got his abilities, his life trajectory would be completely different, he still struggled for a long time in his heart.

Sometimes life was like that. Sympathy for your enemy could be a cruelty to yourself. Yang Ming sighed. Whether these four men could get out alive from Bao Sanli’s hands would be uncertain. It was very likely that Bao Sanli would kill the four men in front of his underlings to boost morale.

Therefore, even if Yang Ming gave some leeway to the cricket cap man, it didn’t mean that he would be able to get off. Thinking of this, Yang Ming slowly approached the cricket cap man. In the Buick, the second partition was completely enclosed, and the window was covered. Therefore, others couldn’t see what went on inside. Yang Ming didn’t have to worry about being seen.

Yang Ming raised his hand and slammed it down to an acupuncture point on the cricket cap man’s head. The cricket cap man snorted unconsciously, and the body twitched gently. He then resumed his normal breathing.

Yang Ming breath out a sigh of relief as he calmed his emotions. The cricket cap man was in a comatose state. Most probably, he would never wake up again. However, it also saved him from Bao Sanli’s torture.

After doing all this, Yang Ming took out his phone and gave Bao Sanli a call.

"Brother Yang! What made you call me?" The Bao Sanli now was still in his prideful state, and his tone reflected his joy.

"Brother Bao, one of my friends caught four of Yu Xiangde’s underlings." Yang Ming had already thought about the explanation, so he said calmly.

"Your friend? Who?" Bao Sanli was stunned, then he asked with some vigilance.

"He is also a person who wants to get involved in the underworld of Song Jiang. There’s a possibility of you both cooperating together." Yang Ming said.

"He asked you to speak to me?" Bao Sanli said after muttering to himself, "Brother Yang, you know, the relationship between the two of us was about life and death in the detention center. If you want to share a piece of it, I would willingly do it without a second thought. But if it were others... I am afraid that it may not work based on the present situation in Song Jiang..."

Yang Ming had expected Bao Sanli to say this. After all, if Bao Sanli promised to work with someone he didn’t know, something was horribly wrong! Especially right now where Bao Sanli was at an advantageous position and had not reached a desperate point. If Yang Ming was in his shoes, he would have done the same thing and not want to work with a stranger.

"No, I don't know this person either, but I have some friendship with one of his confidants. I just revealed what I heard from him to you." Yang Ming said with ease.

"Oh? That was the case!" Bao Sanli didn’t have any doubts. "Right, how did they capture Yu Xiangde’s people?"

"Actually, this is what happened. My uncle was kidnapped by Yu Xiangde’s underlings. My friend happened to have some conflicts with Yu Xiangde before, then unexpectedly he saved my uncle along the way, which was also the reason why I know he captured Yu Xiangde’s underlings. My friendship with that person wasn’t particularly good. If my uncle wasn’t involved, he wouldn’t have told me these things." Yang Ming mixed the truth and told the story.

"I see... Right, what’s your uncle’s name?" Bao Sanli suddenly thought of it and asked immediately.

"Yang Dashan." Yang Ming pretended as if he didn’t understand and asked, "What's wrong? Was there a problem?"

"Yang Dashan! Is he your uncle?" Bao Sanli asked, surprised.

"Yeah, he is my uncle." Yang Ming pretended to be confused.

"What a coincidence. Yes, is your uncle alright?" Yang Dashan was Bao Sanli’s source of wealth. So, Bao Sanli immediately turned his attention to Yang Dashan instead.

"Yes, he’s fine. They didn't do anything to my uncle. There shouldn't be many problems." Yang Ming said, "What a coincidence. Their people had a conflict with Yu Xiangde, and by fate, they saved my uncle along the way!"

Yang Ming deliberately said this to dispel Bao Sanli’s suspicion. Certainly, Bao Sanli didn’t doubt him, "Good to hear that he’s fine!"

"Oh yeah, Brother Bao. They wanted to send Yu Xiangde’s underlings to you. Do you want them?" Yang Ming asked while smiling.

"Send to me? Why? Don’t they want to use them to threaten Yu Xiangde?" Bao Sanli found it strange.

"They don’t have any relationship with Yu Xiangde, and the conflict between them and Yu Xiangde’s underlings were also accidental. I don't know the exact situation either. How about I ask them to look for you? Because right now I am just a middleman." Yang Ming said vaguely.

"If it’s as such... Alright. You tell them to find me at the Nightless Club. We’ll speak again after we meet!" Bao Sanli thought about it for a moment. He felt that if these people weren’t asking for anything in return, then he would be letting go of a free lunch. But he still had to be careful when it came to this kind of matter!

"Oh yeah, I heard that one of the persons captured was named Brother Bear." Yang Ming noticed that Bao Sanli’s tone didn’t sound like he cared a lot about it. So, he emphasized his bargaining chip. Although Yang Ming didn’t know what role this Brother Bear had beside Yu Xiangde, if Yu Xiangde could give such an important task to him, his position wouldn’t be too low in the gang. Therefore, Yang Ming probed with this sentence.

"What! Even Big Bear was caught?" Bao Sanli was shocked and replied in joy, "Brother Yang, where are the people that you have mentioned? Can you call them to come over immediately? I don’t even mind sending a car to pick them up!"

Even though Yang Ming didn’t know what Brother Bear did, Bao Sanli knew! Brother Bear’s position with Yu Xiangde should be comparable to the position of Yu Lei and Qi Wenrui with me!

He was the right-hand man of the Yu Xiangde. If I were to capture Big Bear, then it would be beneficial regardless of whether it was in front of Yu Xiangde or my own underlings! Therefore, Bao Sanli had a lot of interest right after he heard the word "Brother Bear."

Yang Ming secretly smiled when he knew that he had guessed it correctly, so he said, "I don't know where they are at the moment. How about this? I will call my friend to look for you immediately!"

"Yes. I will depend on you then Brother Yang." Bao Sanli said joyfully.

Even though there seemed to be a lot of questionable details in this incident, Bao Sanli was originally a boor. He didn’t doubt Yang Ming much after the story was blended with Yang Dashan’s name. Moreover, he was elated that Big Bear was captured and couldn’t think of anything else! He naturally didn’t think about the details thoroughly!

Chapter Notes:

[1] In China, 大套手续 (complete set of procedures) meant that all the procedures were done for it to be driven in the country. It normally is used for imported cars. 

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