So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 240

Chapter 240: Flirting With Sun Jie

Although Yang Ming wouldn’t mind showing off in front of Yang Li, so she could not act bossy in front of him, this was a critical moment, and he couldn’t take the risk. Although Yang Ming could show off, it would cause him so much trouble! Yang Ming’s idea was to send these kidnappers to Bao Sanli. Of course, it would be under Hou Zhenhan’s name. In this way, he could establish clearly the boundary between Bao Sanli and him.

It seemed that the relationship between his own uncle and Bao Sanli was close. If Yang Li knew that Yang Ming saved his uncle, Yang Li would tell his uncle the truth, so how would he be sure that his uncle wouldn’t tell Bao Sanli?

When Bao Sanli knew the truth then it would ruin Yang Ming’s initial plan! Yang Ming was no longer the impulsive high school student from a few months ago! Now he naturally planned his next move!

"I know. I just said that," whispered Sun Jie.

"That's good. Wait for me. I’ll be back in ten minutes." Yang Ming said. He couldn’t help but praise Sun Jie. It seemed that this little girl was thoughtful of him!

After hanging up the phone, Yang Ming said to the men, "Just mention that it was discovered by someone, and it was not related to me."

"Understood." The big bearded man didn’t ask why and nodded firmly. There were some things that you didn’t have to know. This was the professional standard for mercenaries. If people pay you to go to war, can you ask them why?

So, the big bearded man had developed such a habit of simply performing tasks without asking for useless nonsense.

The car quickly returned to the Yang Li’s home at the villa area. Yang Ming told the big bearded man to look after the people in the car, and then let Ge Long and Mao Kai carry his uncle into the house.

When Yang Li saw her father being carried into the house, she was excited. But when she noticed her father was motionless, she was shocked. She ran over and asked urgently, "Yang Ming, what happened to my father?"

"It's okay. He’s just asleep. Maybe the kidnapper gave him drugs like sleeping pills. Just wait for him to wake up by himself." Yang Ming said faintly. It was a bit uncomfortable for him not to be able to take the credit that he earned!

When his aunt saw his uncle returned safely, her sorrowful face finally showed a smile, and she quickly thanked Sun Jie. Sun Jie accepted it calmly and made Yang Ming secretly curse her for being shameless.

But he was helpless because he had another plan!

"Big Ming, you and your mother go back first. I will stay here and look after the situation." Yang Dahai did not feel relieved, so he said this to Yang Ming and his mother.

"Uncle, it’s okay. You should go back and rest. We had to trouble you to come over so late..." Auntie said with a little embarrassment.

Since Yang Dahai only ate half of his meal at home, and his elder brother seemed to fare quite well, he didn’t insist. He nodded and said, "Well, if there is anything else, please call at any time."

Yang Li was a person who lacked proper courtesy. When Yang Ming’s family left, she didn’t even say a word of thanks. Yang Ming was too lazy to bother with her.

When Yang Ming walked to the door, he passed by Sun Jie and said in a small voice in her ear, "They are in your car. Later ask Lu Liang to stop the car near the family district at the Song Jiang Bus Factory."

Sun Jie nodded to show that she understood. Then, Yang Ming and his parents left the villa.

"Should we go back using the subway?" Mother Yang still retained the habit of diligence and frugality. They were not rushing back, so they didn't plan to call for a taxi.

"Mom, three people taking the subway is more or less the same as taking a taxi. For three people taking the subway, it would be six yuan, while we can take a taxi for nine yuan," said Yang Ming quickly. After a long day, he was indeed hungry, so he wanted to get back as soon as possible for dinner...

"Big Ming was right. Let’s take a taxi." Yang Dao nodded.

When they got home, the food was already cold. After Mother Yang warmed them up in the microwave oven, they were placed on the table again. The atmosphere of happiness in the family had dissipated.

The family ate the meal silently. After such an incident, they weren’t in a good mood. Plus, the heated meals weren’t as delicious when they were just served, so the three people finished dinner quickly.

"Dad, Mom, I’m going out for a while." Yang Ming still had an important task to do. Just now Sun Jie sent a text message to him. They had arrived in his neighborhood.

"Why are you going out at this hour?" Yang Dahai asked curiously, "What are you doing?"

"That..." Yang Ming hesitated and said, "I have an appointment with my classmate..." Yang Ming didn't want to lie to his parents, but sometimes it was better to not tell them anything so that they wouldn’t worry.

"Appointment with a classmate?" Mother Yang was stunned and looked at Yang Ming. Then, she suddenly revealed a sly smile. "Oh Oh! I get it. You have a date with Mengyan, right? Then you should go now!"

Yang Ming’s mother naturally thought of that based on his hesitation.

"Ah?" Yang Ming was astounded too, but immediately said with awkwardness, "Okay, I understand."

Seeing Yang Ming’s expression, Mother Yang wasn’t suspicious of him. She said, "Be sure to pay attention to your safety! Don't go too far. It is best to go for a movie."

"Mom, I know. You can rest assured." Yang Ming nodded with a smile.

"Wait, Big Ming. Do you have money?" Yang Dahai asked out of habit.

"Dad, I have earned some money. You don't have to worry about it!" Yang Ming smiled.

"That’s great! You should go now and come back early!" Yang Dahai also smiled and patted Yang Ming's shoulder. “A boy should be generous. Don't let Mengyan spend her money!"

When he got out of the corridor, Yang Ming shook his head helplessly. It seemed that his parents were most concerned about his marriage!

Not far away from the apartment, Yang Ming saw Sun Jie's Audi R8 and the blue Buick minivan from earlier in the day. Yang Ming walked over to them quickly. He didn't go to inspect the kidnappers on the Buick, but instead, he knocked on the window of the R8.

The door of the R8 slowly rose up. Yang Ming didn’t hold back and sat in the passenger seat. Then he said, "Close the door."

"What do you want?" Sun Jie looked at Yang Ming and asked. But she still closed the door.

"What else can we do?" Yang Ming said with a smile, "Xiao Jiejie, have you been thinking about me recently?” Yang Ming flirted with her naturally.

"That’s disgusting. Go to hell." Sun Jie said with agitation, "If you want to do this, just get out."

"Hehe, are you angry?" Yang Ming simply said it. He didn’t think that there was something else to do in such a small space in the R8. Besides, there were still important things to do later on. He said this because he subconsciously still wanted to progress with Sun Jie. After all, the two of them were an illicit couple.

"No, it's not worth it." Sun Jie glanced at Yang Ming, "If you have something to say, make it quick."

"Were you going to say that if you want to fart, make it quick?" Yang Ming smiled.

"Yes." Sun Jie unexpectedly nodded seriously, "Since you know, don't delay the time. Hurry up. I still have some private matters to do tonight."

"Private matters? What private matters?" Yang Ming couldn’t help but ask, "A date with a boyfriend?"

"If I had a boyfriend, why would I need you to pretend?" Sun Jie snorted, "My brother is going to my house tonight."

"What brother?" Yang Ming continued to ask.

"Cousin! Satisfied? Why are you being such a busybody? You were just my temporary boyfriend. Why are you asking so much?" Sun Jie looked at Yang Ming with an ambiguous smile.

"Cough! Nothing, I was just simply asking." Yang Ming coughed twice, then said, "Then you should go back. Oh yeah, can you lend me the Buick for a while?"

"What about my people?" asked Sun Jie.

"You can take your people." Yang Ming said, "I can drive by myself."

"Okay, but the car license is legitimate. Don't give me trouble!" Sun Jie reminded him.

"Let them take away the car plate. If there is a fake car plate, just put it on. If not, it’s still fine. The traffic police are off duty at night anyway." Yang Ming hesitated and thought that it would be wise not to let Bao Sanli know about the car plate. Who knew if he would investigate the car plate later?

"It seems that you really want to do something bad!" Although Sun Jie said so, she still took out her phone and told the big bearded man and team to do it.

In a short while, the car plate from Donghai was removed and replaced by a Guangdong car plate. When he was learning in driving school, Yang Ming also learned the method of distinguishing between the real and fake license plates. This Guangdong car plate was quite close to a real one when compared to the common pirated car plate!

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