So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 236

Chapter 236: To Be Your Man

Yang Ming hesitated for a moment and decided to tell Sun Jie about this matter. If he handled it properly, it would probably become a breakthrough to find the other kidnappers.

"Sun Jie, come with me for a bit." Yang Ming stood up and said to Sun Jie. The reason that Yang Ming wanted to tell her alone was that he was afraid Yang Li would expose his plan when the kidnappers called.

Sun Jie was feeling awkward. She didn’t understand Yang Ming’s intention. Thinking of the relationship between them, Sun Jie unconsciously recalled the event that day. Her good impression of Yang Ming was instantly shattered. She felt that Yang Ming didn’t know how to sense the current situation. What kind of situation are we in? Why are you always thinking about sex and relationships?

But she remembered that Yang Ming had just said in front of everyone that he had pretended to be her boyfriend. Sun Jie was afraid that Yang Ming might say something if she didn’t follow him. So, she frowned as she reluctantly followed Yang Ming.

Sun Jie didn't know where Yang Ming was going, so she had to follow him. But... Sun Jie saw that Yang Ming had pushed open the bathroom door!

Sun Jie’s heart suddenly trembled! What the hell is this guy doing? Is he seeking that again?

"What are you looking at? Hurry up and come in!" He said while he pulled her into the bathroom.

"Ah!" Sun Jie was surprised. She didn't expect that Yang Ming was so daring to her. She couldn't help but say with disgust, "What kind of situation are we in, and you still have your mind on this thing?"

"Heh?" Yang Ming was stunned. He looked at Sun Jie dumbfounded, "What are you saying?"

"What do you mean? Aren’t you trying to do that with me..." Sun Jie blushed and frowned.

"Oh my gosh!" Yang Ming broke into a cold sweat. He suddenly remembered the incident in the bathroom. It seemed that Sun Jie misunderstood, so he smiled cunningly, "What dirty things are in your mind? I asked you to come here to tell you something important!"

"Ah?" Sun Jie was stunned, and then she quickly recovered her calmness to ask, "What is it? Why did you have to choose the bathroom?"

"Since you are so smart, can't you figure it out?" Yang Ming asked deliberately.

Sun Jie took a glance at Yang Ming before observing the structure of the bathroom. Then she said, "What do you mean? Is it someone monitoring the movement in the villa?"

"Yes, you are right. Someone is observing this place with binoculars. I am not sure whether they could see us clearly." Yang Ming continued, "There is no window here so we can avoid his surveillance."

"How do you know?" asked Sun Jie.

"At the back of the garbage transfer station in the northwest corner, there is a man wearing a cricket cap. He is one of the kidnappers. I have already observed it. There is only one spot to ambush in the vicinity." Yang Ming said faintly.

"How are you so sure about this?" Sun Jie looked at Yang Ming with some suspicion.

"Do you want to say, am I one of the gangsters?" Yang Ming naturally understood what she meant and said as if he was smiling...

"I didn't say it. You said it yourself." Sun Jie looked directly at Yang Ming.

"But you said it and that makes me sad! People say that once a couple, forever a couple, but you don’t even have a minimum amount of trust in me.” Yang Ming shook his head and said sadly.

"I want to believe in you, but things are too strange. How did you find out?" Although Sun Jie said this with ease, her body was secretly alert.

Yang Ming was also considered to be experienced in this. He definitely noticed Sun Jie’s subtle movement. He smiled slightly, "Why? Do you want to hit me?"

"Yeah, I have learned some grappling techniques. You may not be my opponent." Sun Jie did not expect Yang Ming to actually discover her intentions, but her reaction was quick. She deliberately diverted his attention by saying a joke.

"You can try." Yang Ming was not looking down on her, but there were only a few people that could be faster than Yang Ming!

"There is no time to chat with you. What’s your business?" Sun Jie looked at Yang Ming and put down her guard. She knew that since Yang Ming noticed her intentions, he wasn’t afraid of it, or probably he really had nothing to do with it.

"When I came here, I observed the surroundings while I was in the taxi. There is only one place to hide a person. So, I paid special attention to it, and I found a cricket cap man looking at the direction of the villa using binoculars.”

"Are you sure it was only one person?" Sun Jie looked at Yang Ming with some surprise. The calmness and wisdom that Yang Ming had revealed were rare for a college student. Sun Jie couldn’t help but be curious about Yang Ming.

"I’m sure." Yang Ming nodded.

"So you mean?" Sun Jie seemed to guess Yang Ming's intentions.

"Yes, ask your men to catch him, then we will know about the rest of them," said Yang Ming.

"Are you sure?" Sun Jie looked at Yang Ming.

"If your men aren’t idiots..." Yang Ming was helpless. If they couldn’t even catch a person, then they should kill themselves.

Sun Jie nodded and began to arrange everything on her phone. After she finished with it, Yang Ming said, "Don't tell Yang Li about it. She is too emotional. I am afraid she will expose it when the kidnappers call."

Sun Jie nodded and sighed, "I didn’t know you were better than me in planning."

"What do you mean by this? I am your man. Of course, I should consider things that were outside your grasp!" Yang Ming proclaimed proudly.

"You can die now." Sun Jie didn’t bother about Yang Ming. She opened the door of the bathroom and went out.

Yang Ming didn’t think about having something in the bathroom with Sun Jie. He was just making a joke.

The kidnappers probably didn’t expect Yang Li to get such a large amount of money immediately. So, they didn’t call for a long time.

Yang Li didn't know why Yang Ming and Sun Jie sneaked into the bathroom. When they came out, she glanced at Yang Ming and asked Sun Jie doubtfully, "You and him… you guys?"

"It was about your decision last time. It brought some trouble to Yang Ming. Guo Jianchao had given him some trouble later on." Sun Jie's reaction was fairly quick. She simply gave a reason.

"Ah? Well." Yang Li immediately lost her interest after listening to it. After all, there was nothing more important than the kidnapping incident at this moment.

Yang Ming’s found it amusing. Guo Jianchao did look for him after that, but he asked if Bao Sanli was going to kill him. Maybe he got to know what kind of person Bao Sanli was. He might be still afraid of him now.

However, although Yang Li didn’t care about Yang Ming, his parents were concerned. “Yang Ming, who is Guo Jianchao? What happened?”

"Nothing much. He is one of Sun Jie’s pursuers." Yang Ming said in an understatement.

"Did he trouble you?" Mother Yang was not at ease.

"No, Mom, it’s not that complicated. I just advised him to give up on pursuing Sun Jie, and he agreed!" Yang Ming laughed.

"Oh, that's fine. As long as you don't have a conflict with others!" Mother Yang said.

However, Yang Ming’s words surprised Sun Jie! Is it really true? Guo Jianchao really went to see Yang Ming? Guo Jianchao seems to have given up on his own pursuit lately! Did he listen to Yang Ming's advice?

Sun Jie was feeling strange. Guo Jianchao was indomitable. She had rejected him numerous times. It didn’t work. Why would he listen to Yang Ming’s words? Is this guy... Sun Jie suddenly remembered the stack of photos and CDs about Yang Ming! Could it be that he used violent coercion on Guo Jianchao?

With these thoughts in mind, Sun Jie couldn't help but laugh a little! Yang Ming is really out of the ordinary!

In fact, Sun Jie actually guessed it correctly. Yang Ming did indeed exert violence on Guo Jianchao, and this violence wasn’t merely the typical evil!

Yang Ming blinked at her when he noticed Sun Jie was looking at him with doubt, meaning that, I solved a big problem for you!

Sun Jie was acting dumb. She blinked with doubt, and she made Yang Ming confused. When the cricket cap man was about to do something, Yang Ming raised his head and noticed three people in black slowly approaching the cricket cap man who was surveilling the villa!

The three of them were obviously formally trained. Although they were not as agile as Yang Ming, they could capture the kidnapper in one move. The cricket cap man was undoubtedly taken captive. After he was detained, one of the men in black searched his body. Then, he took out a leather rope to tie the cricket cap man’s hands and feet. Later on, he quickly carried the man into a blue Buick minivan.

At this moment, Sun Jie’s cell phone vibrated as it received a text message.

Chapter Notes:

[1] Buick minivan

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