So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Reporting

“Let’s stop here. The road ahead isn’t accessible by car.” Lin Zhiyun pointed at the road.

Yang Ming stopped the car. Lin Zhiyun got out of the car, then Yang Ming also got out.

“I can go home by myself. I don’t want to trouble you.” Lin Zhiyun noticed that Yang Ming didn’t want to leave. She didn’t have any opinion on him, but she was worried that her dad might welcome Yang Ming as a guest to stay and tell him her real name.

“It’s just for a while. Since I’m here already, I can walk you home,” said Yang Ming.

Ah? It’s not needed really… It is so late already. You have to go home as well.” Lin Zhiyun couldn’t reject him directly, but she was afraid that Yang Ming wouldn’t listen to her. So she was caught in a conflict. “Besides, I’m afraid that my family will see you. It’s not good…”

“Let’s do this. I’ll walk you near your house. I just have to see you walk into your home, and I won’t come any closer,” said Yang Ming.

“Okay then.” Since he took a step back, Lin Zhiyun didn’t insist anymore. She nodded in agreement.

Her house wasn’t far. It was just two alleys away. She said, “Alright, my house is the one with the lights on…”

En, you just go back then. I’ll stay here and watch.” Yang Ming nodded his head.

“Then… goodbye. Thank you.” She waved her hand to him.

Hehe, goodbye,” said Yang Ming.

Lin Zhiyun walked to her home. When she just opened the door, the person inside asked, “Who is it?”

“Dad, it’s me.” Lin Zhiyun was spooked. She was afraid that her father might reveal her identity, so she responded quickly.

“Linlin, come in.” Father Lin said.

Her nickname was Linlin. She was relieved because Shen Lin could also be called Linlin so Yang Ming wouldn’t suspect anything.

Indeed, Yang Ming didn’t suspect it. He walked away after Lin Zhiyun got into the house.

In his journey back to the university, Yang Ming recalled that Chen Mengyan hadn’t contacted him today. She should have texted him by now. Yang Ming took out his phone and checked that there were no new messages and incoming phone calls. Then, he called Chen Mengyan.

It was unexpected that Chen Mengyan turned off her phone! Chen Mengyan usually wouldn’t turn it off for twenty hours. Yang Ming looked at the time. It was only 11 p.m. University students normally wouldn’t be asleep at this hour. The normal room usually switched off the lights at 11 p.m., so they had the habit of sleeping after 11 p.m.

Chen Mengyan shouldn’t be sleeping at this hour. Yang Ming called the phone in Chen Mengyan’s room.

“Hello?” A girl picked up the phone. But it clearly wasn’t Chen Mengyan. Her voice was worse than Chen Mengyan’s. It was like a Kingfisher bird [1].

“Hello, I’m looking for Chen Mengyan,” said Yang Ming.

“Looking for Chen Mengyan? Who are you?” asked the Kingfisher girl.

“I’m Yang Ming,” answered Yang Ming. Chen Mengyan’s roommates probably had heard of his name.

“Wait a moment.” said the Kingfisher girl.

After a while, the girl returned and picked up the phone. “Chen Mengyan wants me to tell you that she has fallen asleep, so she couldn’t answer the call.”

“She said she had fallen asleep?” Yang Ming was surprised, but he laughed after that. “Alright, stop playing around. Just pass her the phone.”

Yang Ming naturally thought that Chen Mengyan was joking with him with such a creative joke.

“Who is playing with you? Goodbye!” The Kingfisher girl hung up the phone before Yang Ming could say anything.

Yang Ming was low-spirited. What is going on? He immediately made another call, but no one answered the phone. They probably had unplugged the phone cable.

Yang Ming was dumbfounded. What kind of joke is this? The phone is turned off, and no one is answering the phone. Yang Ming shook his head. But he couldn’t clarify it by visiting the female dorm because it was late at night. Even if he wanted to visit, the aunty at the entrance definitely wouldn’t let him in!

Yang Ming had no choice but to return back to his room. He would ask Chen Mengyan tomorrow.

After he got back. Zhang Bing wasn’t asleep yet. He was excitingly discussing something with Tian Donghua. Zhang Bing called Yang Ming to come over when he saw him return, “Yang Ming, come here. Let’s have a chat. I’m going to get some drinks!”

Yang Ming found it strange and sat on the sofa. He looked at Tian Donghua and asked, “What’s going on? What is so exciting?”

“Isn’t it exciting! Last night, he just took away his girlfriend’s ‘first night’! He’s still hyped!” Tian Donghua gave off a bitter smile.

“F*ck, it was just this?” Yang Ming didn’t have time for his nonsense. He thought Zhang Bing had something to tell him. It was just a small matter! Yang Ming stood up and returned to his room, “Just tell him that I have a cold so I’m going to sleep.”

“Sh*t, I’m leaving too! Tian Donghua clenched his teeth. He did the same as Yang Ming. He even locked his door.

When Zhang Bing returned to the living room with three cans of Wanglaoji Herbal Tea, he realized no one was there already.

“Yang Ming? Tian Donghua? F*ck!” Zhang Bing gestured a middle finger, “They really lack modesty!” He returned to his room resentfully after he said that. Zhao Sisi had just lost her “first night.” She was tired physically and mentally so she slept very early. This was why Zhang Bing was looking for people to talk to. Ah, I remember there was a broadcast called Sister Fang’s Relationship Hotline at 11 p.m. Zhang Bing decided to call.

Yang Ming immediately turned on his notebook when he got back. He logged onto QQ and checked if he had any messages from Lan Ling. It was unfortunate that Lan Ling’s profile had a grey status.

Wild Female Teacher and I’m a Superstar had left him messages too. They were just asking whether he was online. Yang Ming didn’t reply to them and turned off QQ straight away. He was gloomy because Lan Ling hadn’t contacted him, and Chen Mengyan was acting weird. Yang Ming wasn’t in the mood to chat online.

The next morning, Yang Ming asked Zhang Bing to tell Chen Mengyan to call him. Zhang Bing felt confused. “Bro, why can’t you call her?”

“I called last night and this morning. She turned off the phone.” Yang Ming shook his head helplessly.

Ah? Is that true? Are you guys having some conflict?” asked Zhang Bing.

“I don’t know either. I didn’t see her yesterday. Is it because she got angry that I didn’t look for her?” Yang Ming frowned. We sometimes didn’t meet each other for over a day too. She wasn’t the type of girl that will show such temperament.

“Alright, I will ask for you.” Zhang Bing nodded. “But let me remind you, my brother. For a great woman like sister-in-law, you should conquer her heart quickly. If not, you might lose your chance! As an example, Zhao Sisi was treating me like normal before. Ever since we had sex, she is sticking with me all the time. She just sent me a message to have breakfast together…” As he spoke, his phone rang. Zhang Bing looked at Yang Ming and smiled. “Here is the phone call!”

Yang Ming shook his head because he knew Chen Mengyan was a serious girl. He didn’t want to force her so there wasn’t any progress. It could be that Lan Ling had fulfilled his needs so he slowed down his progress of tasting Chen Mengyan.

Yang Ming’s class for today was a lab. This was a physics experiment so he could choose not to attend as long as he passed in the lab report.

Yang Ming was in a bad mood, so he skipped it. But this gave Sun Zhiwei a chance to mess with Yang Ming. Sun Zhiwei was trying to trouble Yang Ming all the time. He asked people to investigate his background. He couldn’t offend Yang Ming before the investigation was done. He still could trouble him as a class monitor.

The attendance for the first few classes in university was usually taken by the lecturer. Then, the class monitor would take over the role. The Class monitor usually wouldn’t offend other students by reporting them for skipping class.

But Sun Zhiwei was delighted that Yang Ming was skipping class today. Ha, you’re done for!

When the research lecturer asked the class monitor whether anyone was absent, Sun Zhiwei said immediately, “Yang Ming is absent!”

Zhou Jiajia looked at him with despise. She was a vice class monitor, but she never reported other students for skipping class.

Chapter Notes:

[1] Kingfisher bird call

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