So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 209

Chapter 209: A Gorgeous Appearance

Yang Ming went on the stage like a great man. He faced the crowd and threw his hat into the audience. Then, the crowd went crazy.

Yang Ming threw his scarf and coat subsequently. When the place was heated, Yang Ming shouted all of a sudden, “With a loud noise from the sky, I appear in front of your eyes!”

There was another round of cheers and whistles below the stage. Of course, their reactions were mixed. Some people despised Yang Ming’s exaggerated act. They thought that he was showing off. But most students thought his appearance was gorgeous and unique! It brought some freshness to the insipid students.

Ren Jianren was even more furious when he saw Yang Ming’s performance. What is this guy doing? Is he showing off already before fighting? Ren Jianren said coldly, “Yang Ming, are you done? Can we start now?”

“Anything can be told silently. I’m presenting you all a rhyming couplet!” As he spoke, Yang Ming turned around and showed the rhyming couplet on his back. On it was written: Punching at the Nanshan Nursing Home, Kicking at the Beihai Kindergarten; on the horizontal scroll attached to his *ss was written: Brick Breaking Technique.

Some boos and snickers immediately spread offstage. Ren Jianren‘s face had turned green! Isn’t this is belittling me with the nursing home and kindergarten? Does this mean that I’m as weak as the old and sick?

Brick Breaking Technique? This is obviously mocking my kungfu as being useless! When he wanted to refute Yang Ming, Yang Ming spoke, “How do you want to compete?”

“How to compete? Of course, Taekwondo!” Ren Jianren said unsatisfyingly, “Since you’re here already, don’t you understand the logic?”

“This is different though!” Yang Ming immediately shook his head. Ren Jianren was dumbfounded, then Yang Ming said without rushing, “If you want to compete with Taekwondo, then I can only give up!”

“What do you mean?” Ren Jianren was stunned. “You want to give up? Are you changing your mind now?”

“No, no!” Yang Ming waved his hand. “You want to compete with Taekwondo, but I don’t even know the basic rules of Taekwondo. How would I win? If that’s the case, I may as well give up so it won’t trouble all of us. Do you guys agree?”

“Yeah, he is right. Isn’t this unfair? He doesn’t even know Taekwondo. How could he fight with you?”

“Yeah, right, that is unfair! Too unfair!”

“Stop the fight. The loser has the glory, and the winner is filthy!”

The audience was complaining. Zhang Bing and the others like Tian Donghua were leading the crowd. Even Wang Zhitao who hated this Taekwondo club also asked his classmates to support Yang Ming.

As for Sun Zhiwei, although he hated Yang Ming, Yang Ming was representing the class of computer science level 8 class 2, even the cohort of freshmen!

He couldn’t do anything to stop his classmates from cheering for Yang Ming. He could only swallow his grudge and step aside, hoping that Ren Jianren could punish Yang Ming.

“What do you want then?” Ren Jianren was flushed, but he couldn’t be angry. Yang Ming’s reasoning was somehow correct. He doesn’t know Taekwondo. If I fight him now, isn’t this unfair to use my strength to compete with him?

“Then let’s go for mixed martial arts!” Yang Ming said, “Without any rules.”

Mixed martial arts? Ren Jianren was stunned, then he thought abruptly. That’s great! I can beat you up with Taekwondo! Ren Jianren was afraid that Yang Ming would restrict him from using Taekwondo techniques. It was like tying up his hands and legs. Since there was no rule, he could use his strength well!

Before that, he was sure that Yang Ming wouldn’t know about Taekwondo. So, he didn’t request anything. Therefore, he thought it wouldn’t affect him now that Yang Ming brought up the rule. Then, he nodded his head, “Alright! I’ll be using my Taekwondo, and you can use whatever technique you want.”

Another round of boos spread among the audience after Ren Jianren said that. That was impudent. He used his strength, and the other could use anything. This was a one-sided competition!

But Yang Ming didn’t bother. He said forthrightly. “I can use any technique?”

“Yes! Do as you wish!” Ren Jianren thought. Why are you talking so much? Just let me beat you up, and you’re done for!

“That’s great! I can use my unique skill?” asked Yang Ming.

“F*ck! Do you think I care? Hurry up, are you ready?” Ren Jianren was being impatient.

“Don’t you want to know about my unique still?” asked Yang Ming calmly.

“F*ck you…!” Ren Jianren almost went on a rampage, but he restrained himself, “What is your unique skill then?”

Ha!” Yang Ming turned and showed his couplet to Ren Jianren, “This is my tactic!”

Ren Jianren was on the borderline of going berserk! So he is trying to humiliate me! Punching at the Nanshan Nursing Home, Kicking at the Beihai Kindergarten? Do you think I’m from the nursing home and kindergarten? Piece of sh*t, I will show you who the boss is here!

“Can we start now?” Ren Jianren said flatly.

“Alright, I’m teaching you that you will be invincible if you learned you opponent and yourself well!” Yang Ming said.

“I can win against you without learning that.” As Ren Jianren said, he was in the posture of offending.

“What are you doing?” Yang Ming asked abruptly.

“Isn’t the competition starting now?” Ren Jianren was stunned.

“Wait, I still have to warm up. You have done it, but I haven’t.” As Yang Ming spoke, he was jumping like a boxer. “You won’t even let me warm up? Are you trying to bully me?”

“Do as you wish!” Ren Jianren was furious. Are you trying to play with me! So he relaxed his tense nerves and looked at Yang Ming warming up.

“After about six minutes, Yang Ming was sweating all over his head. Finally, Ren Jianren couldn’t take it anymore. “Are you done already?”

“Alright.” Yang Ming nodded his head and stopped his warm up.

When Ren Jianren was trying to attack, Yang Ming said, “Wait, I’m sweating all over my body already. I’m getting cold now.”

“Why are you so troublesome?” Ren Jianren said in an angry tone. He stopped his attack abruptly.

“Are you trying to let me catch a cold? Are you planning to win by using this trick?” Yang Ming acted surprise.

“F*ck! Do whatever you want to do!” Ren Jianren was helpless. What is this guy doing? Are you trying to delay the time?

“Where’s my coat?” Yang Ming looked around the stage because he just threw it away when he got on the stage.

“It’s here!” Zhang Bing took Yang Ming’s coat and rushed to the stage.

Yang Ming took the coat and asked, “Is everything ready?”

“Don’t worry, just like what we planned. The stuff is in the left pocket.” Zhang Bing nodded his head.

Yang Ming wore the coat and tied the button. Then he nodded toward Ren Jianren, “You can start now!”

Ren Jianren was relieved. Motherf*cker, you’re finally done! Ren Jianren jumped to the middle and was ready to start the assault. But he didn’t expect Yang Ming to say, “What are you doing?”

“Do what? Of course, starting to fight.” Ren Jianren replied to him.

“Shouldn’t we greet each other according to the etiquette of Taekwondo? How can you not know about this as the president of Taekwondo club?” Yang Ming acted puzzled.

Huh.” Ren Jianren was helpless. He had to stop his attack again, but his lungs were almost plump like a balloon. Great, keep on fooling me! Let me see how long can you drag it! I’ll let you suffer later!”

Ren Jianren bowed to Yang Ming stiffly, and Yang Ming imitated him.

“Are you done? I’m going to attack if you’re done.” Ren Jianren didn’t dare to attack first instead he probed first. He had already been confused by Yang Ming many times.

En, can you let me think?” Yang Ming acted hesitantly, but he was laughing in his mind. You're just a sports student. I don’t think you’re good at studying! I’m was a top student in my senior high school! In “Zuo Zhuan” [1] there is one chapter called “Cao Gui Lun Zhan” [2]. There is one popular sentence, “Once you’re angry, the second time you will get weak, the third time will exhaust you. I can see that you’re exhausted already judging by your looks!

Yang Ming didn’t have to do that actually. Even if Ren Jianren’s mood was at his peak, Yang Ming now had one hundred ways to kill him.

Chapter Notes:

[1] A chronological history book from ancient China.

[2] A comment by Cao Gui during one of his wars.

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