So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 189

Chapter 189: Assassination

They provided a web address for Yun Guangdou and an account. After he filled out the form, he needed to follow the instructions and transfer the money to a specific account. When the phone call ended, Yuan Guangdou logged into the account.

As he entered the website, there was a password notification. The question was still “the pagoda town suppresses the river monster[1].” Yun Guangdou inserted the answer and logged onto the website.

The content of the website focused on the registration of the assassination target’s details. Yun Guangdou input Yang Ming’s details as well as uploaded his photo based on the guideline for the pictures. After he had typed in the account number, the online payment interface appeared. Yun Guangdou inserted the account number and password before clicking the confirm button. He finally let out a sigh of relief when the notification of a successful transfer appeared.


After Yang Ming and Zhang Bing finished their meal, they directly drove to Chen Mengyan’s place. Since Zhang Bing had nothing to do, he accompanied Yang Ming with some idle chatter.

“Yang Ming, you are quite generous. You simply gave away a two million yuan imperial jade. Don't you feel any regret about it?” Zhang Bing had a slip of the tongue.

“There’s a price for the gift, but the friendship is priceless.” Yang Ming laughed. “Elder Liu helped me a lot. The imperial jade as a gift doesn’t cover it. Also, I gave it under the name of your father. You don’t need to flatter me for gaining a favor!”

Hehe! Yes, I called my father just now, and he was delighted!” Zhang Bing laughed.

Both of them continued their idle chatter. Yang Ming received Chen Mengyan’s call, saying that her grandmother left. She could come out now and asked for Yang Ming’s location.

Yang Ming told her that he was at the entrance to her dormitory. Chen Mengyan replied she would come down in a bit. Indeed, Chen Mengyan appeared running toward the exit in a short while.

She asked as she noticed Zhang Bing, “Why is Zhang Bing here?”

“Isn’t it great to have a free driver?” Zhang Bing smiled in response.

“She dislikes you for being the third wheel!” Yang Ming said without mercy.

Ah? Really?” Zhang Bing found it awkward.

“Not really. How about I give Zhao Sisi a call, and we can go together?” Chen Mengyan suggested. She later on complained. “Both of you are staying in a luxurious dormitory. You wouldn't be able to imagine our struggles staying in the female dorm. We have nothing and we need to buy our own appliances!”

“Ya, right. Probably Zhao Sisi was worrying about it as well!” Zhang Bing nodded, “Let’s call and ask her?”

“Alright!” Chen Mengyan smiled as she took out her phone and dialed Zhao Sisi’s phone number. “Hi, Sisi, I’m Chen Mengyan… Uhm… I want to buy daily necessities … Oh? You also want to buy come? That's great, let’s go together… Uhm, we will wait for you at the university gate in twenty minutes … Great, be there or be square!”

“Done!” Chen Mengyan hung up the call and said cheerfully.

After they picked up Zhao Sisi, the four of them found a market for manufactured goods nearby. They bought curtains, clothes hangers, table lamps, power cords and other daily necessities before returning back to the university.

Yang Ming looked at the time and realized it was still early. Hence, he decided to visit Fang Tian. He didn’t have time to visit his place for over a month due to military training. Yang Ming sympathized with this old man who was framed by his wife and didn’t have any children.

Yang Ming borrowed Zhang Bing’s car and drove to Fang Tian’s residence. He had passed by his cousin’s, Yang Li’s, villa. Yang Ming couldn’t help but think about Sun Jie. She was a spicy and wild woman who pretended to be innocent in public.

If this woman wasn’t too sl*tty, I think I can consider her as my mistress! Yang Ming sank into his lewd fantasies as he drove. If these thoughts got into the ears of Yun Guangdou or Guo Jianchao, they probably don’t know whether to laugh or cry at that statement! For them, they would be cheering and thanking God if they could get her as a wife. Do you actually want her as a mistress? How could you even use the word “consider” only?

Even though Yang Ming stated the fact and told himself that it was a one-night stand, his subconscious male ego wished to establish a connection with Sun Jie. It was best to tame this sl*t.

As he parked his car in the free parking space next to the subway entrance, Yang Ming got out of the car and walked toward Fang Tian’s residence. Fang Tian was sunning autumn vegetables, particularly Chinese cabbage, and leek. He nodded to Yang Ming when he saw him. “Why are you coming so late to see me?”

Damn, Uncle Fang. I visit you out of goodwill. Why don’t you appreciate my kindness?” Yang Ming pulled up his sleeves as he helped Fang Tian put the autumn vegetables under the sun. After all that, Yang Ming went into the house and drank a big cup of water.

Fang Tian nodded his head as he looked at Yang Ming’s figure from behind. Based on his observation over this period of time, he felt Yang Ming had a good quality that fit his requirements.

First of all, Yang Ming was ruthless toward his enemy. Even though he had sympathy, if the person was his enemy, he would be ruthless no matter if his opponent was old, weak or disabled.

Secondly, Yang Ming had a promising trait. Fang Tian didn’t want his successor to be a cold-blooded person who only sought benefits. Being ruthless was another case, but a person shouldn’t lose his spirit of brotherhood.

“Yang Ming, what do you think about your fighting skills?” Fang Tian prepared some snacks that complimented alcohol. Later, he brought out a pot of Chinese spirits [2] and poured Yang Ming a cup of it. Both of them straight away sat on the kang [3].

“My fighting skill? What do you mean?” Yang Ming didn’t know why Fang Tian asked this question. “Still fine, I guess? Most people are unmatched to me.”

“Really?” Fang Tian smiled without expressing much of his opinion. “How about those who were not ‘most people’?”

Damn, Uncle Fang, what do you mean by that? Do you think that I am a kungfu master in modern times?” Yang Ming rolled his eyes. “I wonder who helped you to settle the little punk that stole your steamed bread!”

“Yup, I am just giving a hypothetical situation. What if you met someone stronger than you?” Fang Tian raised his head and looked at Yang Ming. “It seems you aren’t running out of enemies.”

“How do you know that?” Yang Ming was caught by surprise. “But, those are just small fry. I don’t think I have such bad luck to meet someone stronger than me!”

Hehe.” Fang Tian laughed a little without uttering any further words. Even though Fang Tian considered Yang Ming as his successor, he didn’t need to hurry because there was more time in the future.

“Old man, why do you speak strangely today?” Is it a recurrence of your mental disorder?” Yang Ming asked curiously.

“...” Fang Tian drank a mouthful of Chinese spirits.

After lunch, Fang Tian bid Yang Ming farewell at the entrance. “Can you still drive after drinking?”

“It was just two cups of Chinese spirits.” Yang Ming had great tolerance for alcohol. This amount didn’t mean anything to him.

“Let’s not talk any further. I will be getting some pickled vegetables in a few days. Come over and have some dumplings.” Fang Tian told Yang Ming.

“Alright, I will take up that offer.” Yang Ming nodded his head.

Yang Ming waved his hand at Fang Tian. He took out the car remote key as he tried to unlock the door. In a split second, Yang Ming felt a strong wind from his back as though something was ambushing him. He wanted to turn around to take a look, but he received a heavy blow on his back. It was an agonizing pain where Yang Ming almost puked out his blood!

However, an expert fighter like Yang Ming encountered ambushes on the street before. Yang Ming subconsciously ran two steps forward and quickly turned to the other side of the Pentium.

He noticed a black shirt man approached him. Yang Ming was still dizzy due to the blow on his head, Motherf*cker, who is this guy? What an incredible speed! Emptiness struck Yang Ming’s vision. The black shirt man jumped onto the trunk of the Pentium and launched a kick toward Yang Ming.

If Yang Ming was considered smart in fighting, compared to the person in front of him, the difference was akin to that between a child and adult! The fighting skill of the black shirt man in front of him could only be described as a veteran. There wasn’t any sloppiness in his movements. Each technique was ruthless.

Yang Ming extended his hand in an attempt to catch the right leg of the black shirt man. However, the black shirt man altered his movement in the blink of an eye and retracted his leg. The black shirt man utilized the opportunity from Yang Ming’s attempt to catch him, and he extended both of his hands to deliver another critical blow on the back of Yang Ming’s neck!

Yang Ming noticed the black shirt man retracted his leg, and he felt something wasn’t right! As he heard the sound of the hand movement by the black shirt man, he broke into a cold sweat in astonishment!

If the blow landed on him, he would turn into a disabled person even if he survived it! But, he didn’t have the opportunity to evade it anymore!

I shouldn’t be in such bad luck, right? This old man Fang is a doomsayer like a crow’s beak. He actually managed to jinx it after all. As soon as I leave, I encounter an expert like him!

Lan Ling, Mengyan, Sister Ying. Numerous people like his parents and his lovers surged into Yang Ming’s thoughts in an instant...

Just as Yang Ming tensed his body to endure this blow, the black shirt man in front of him suddenly halted his movement!

Yang Ming raised his head in astonishment. The black shirt man in front of him slowly fell backward with a loud thump on the ground!

Chapter Notes:

[1] This is the second part of a countersign popular in Chinese movies. The full phrase in literal translation is: the king of sky covers the tiger, the pagoda town suppress the river monster.

[2] Name of a Chinese Wine.

[3] kang bed stove -The kang is a traditional long platform for general living, working, entertaining and sleeping used in northern part of China, where there is cold climate in winter.

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