Shura's Wrath

Chapter 97


The 3 Undead Lords

According to the information gathered from Peace Town, the Ghastly Grounds are around 10km long. In the depths of the Ghastly Grounds, is the entrance to the Silent Soul Ridge. As he was travelling he was calculating the distance at the same time. In that moment, he had already travelled 9km of distance. With a few hundred metres more, he will be at the Silent Soul Ridge… the place where no one has ever returned.


He was losing life at 50HP per second. With the rate of HP loss, the whole way, Ling Chen had ran out of yellow potions and the 600 green potions that he started with was now down to 200. He was only prepared to scout the area. He totally didn’t expect to quickly use up so many potions. With the current rate of consumption, the most he could stay was for another 20 minutes before needing to ride out of there on his mare at full speed, otherwise he’ll die due to running out of potions…. Because the Ghastly Grounds is a special map, one can’t use return scrolls.

Continuing to walk for 500m, in the far away distance in his line of sight is a black silhouetted figure on the mountain. Looking ahead, it looked like the devil’s castle on the mountain top. The eeriness would cause people to not even dare to look at it more than once.

Is that the Silent Soul Ridge?

In the Ghastly Ground’s low visibility, he could only make out a vague outline, which meant that the distance from here to the Silent Soul Ridge is now less than 100m! The distance to which all who enter will die, is only a stone’s throw away.

Ling Chen’s footsteps grew slower, almost checking his surroundings for each step that he took. Then, Xiao Hui that was behind him suddenly stopped moving. It made a warning sound. Ling Chen’s eyebrows raised and he immediately stopped stepping forwards.His left and right hands were holding the Soaring Cloud and the Zephyr blade respectively.

“chirpchirpchirp… heheheheehe”


The echoing laughter came with the wind. From the black fog in front of him, a walking shadow slowly emerged. It was a black coat floating in the air. Under the cover of the cloak he could see the body below. Under the black hood, he could see a skull grinning.

[Undead Summoner]: Category: Undead, Level: 15, Grade: Boss. HP: 7800,  An undead summoner created by Death’s Breath. It can manipulate the dead bodies for their use. When they die, unless their real body dies, they will continue to summon more undead, never dying.

Talents: Can float up to 5m high while freely moving around. 70% resistance to dark attacks.

Attacking techniques: [Summon Undead Warrior]: Manipulate corpses of dead warriors to attack the target. Summoned undead warriors are level 15-20. All summoned warriors have the same skills as normal warriors. It can summon up to three at a time. They cant be killed in deadly environments [TLN: I assume because of death’s breath] [Summon undead wolf]: Manipulate a demon wolf’s body to attack the target. All wolves are level 15 and 2 star elites. It can summon up to 2 at once. They cannot be killed in deadly environments.

[Undead floating]: Able to short distance teleport on ground and air, each time up to a 5 metre distance. The cool down between uses is no less then 3 seconds


The undead summoner let out a creepy laugh. In the black fog in front of him, there was the sound of heavy footsteps, which will soon showed their bodies… Its whole body was green. It was a combination of human and animal. It was a giant troll and in its hands, were two bloody machetes.

[Dual Wielding Troll]: Category: Undead, level: 15, class: boss. HP: 16800, The underworld’s lowest level guard. It has a  cruel temperament and is bloodthirsty. Chopping the bodies of the living gave it the greatest joy.

Talents: Very high attack, very high movespeed. 50% resistance to dark attacks.

Attacking technique: [Brutal blow]: Cutting in front of him with the blades in his hands. All targets within 4m in front of it are damaged twice. Has  2% chance of triggering instant death.

[Monster Blood]: When down to 30% HP it will be filled with a burning anger. Its defence will become 0, and its attack will surge by 50%. Attack range increases 5 metres more.

“heheheehhahahahahaha… chirpchirpchirp”

In the rear, another gloomy array of voices rang out. Ling Chen’s head turned to the side. Another one of the same cloak figure was floating behind the undead summoner. Under the cloak was an equally scary ferocious skull… The only difference was that under the cloak had a stretched out skeleton arm, holding a long jade staff.

[Undead Destroyer]: Category: Undead, level: 15, class: boss. HP: 8800, An undead summoner created by Death’s Breath. It can control low level undead. It steals creature’s lives.

Talents: It can float up to 5m high while freely moving around. 70% resistance to dark attacks.

Attacking techniques:

[Sickle of death]: Summon an evil sickle from purgatory to ruthlessly cut down all living creatures before it. It has a 10m range of attack. The base damage is 350. Ineffective against the undead. Before it starts there 1.3 seconds of singing, with a very high frequency.

[Winds of Hell]: Undead wind blows from the underworld. 15m around in an area of effect [TLN: AOE] dealing 300 dark damage. It has 25% chance of putting targets in 5 seconds of “confusion” state. Will active after it is lower than 50% HP whilst making a low frequency noise.

[Undead Floating]: It can short distance teleport on ground and air, each time up to 5 metres distance. The cool down between uses is no less then 3 seconds

In front was the Undead Summoner and the Dual Wielding Troll. Behind them was the Undead Destoryer…

3 level 15 Lord of Souls boss!

“Lets…go…” Ling Chen didn’t run. His eyes narrowed. He slowly raised both hands. Then he suddenly turned his body, he rushed towards the rear… the boss that poses the biggest threat is the Undead Destroyer!

Upon meeting it, Ling Chen suddenly attacked. The Undead Destroyer in a flash had teleported 5 metres away where Ling Chen couldnt reach it. Its whole body was dark. It laughed with a “chatter”, then sent its dark sickle, creating a thick atmosphere of death. Ling Chen rolled aside, calmly avoiding it. Behind him came the Dual Wielding Troll’s footsteps. Ling Chen didn’t look back. After avoiding another swing of the dark sickle, in that moment, his right hand pointed the Soaring Cloud at the Undead Destroyer…


Soaring Cloud hit the Undead Destroyer in midair. The magic type boss gave it strong attacks and an large attack range but it also had extremely low HP and defense. As they were similar level 15 lord bosses, the Undead Destroyer and Undead Summoner’s HP is only half of the Dual Wielding Troll. The Soaring Cloud directly hit the Undead Destroyer, taking a ¼ of its HP whilst also mercilessly shooting it down from the sky. Ling Chen ignored the falling Undead Destroyer and the Dual Wielding Troll behind him. He rushed ahead with all his strength, quickly rushing towards Soaring Cloud, grabbing it and turned his body, facing the the Dual Wielding Troll as it was swinging his machetes aggressively.

Even though the Dual Wielding Troll’s body was big, his movement was still pretty fast. Ling Chen calculated the time it was taking  to get close. It must have between 140 to 150 movespeed. It was better than his by a dozen points!


The two machetes hits the ground, making a deafening sound. It kicked up dust within metres of the impact. The ground was left with 2 lines that were long and deep. If the 2 strikes hit, given Ling Chen’s vitality it would not kill him, but it would at least draw blood. But, with strong attack power and good move speed, the troll’s shortcomings are immediately apparent. Each time it attacked there was a long wait period… Ling Chen jumped away when he was attacked once again by the Undead Destroyer. It took about 2 seconds to raise the two blades before it started to chase him again.


In the darkness, there were 6 flashing red lights, rushing towards him. They were summoned by the Undead Summoner. They were 2 star elite undead demon wolves. Behind the undead wolves, were three hands holding a sword each. They were armour warriors.  2 star elite undead soldiers!

Unless you could the Undead Summoner itself, these six summoned 2 star elites could not be killed!


A sound of disdain escaped from Ling Chen’s mouth. In the face of the three undead wolves and three undead warriors, he still rushed up all the same. When he neared them, two wolves suddenly pounced towards him trying to bite. Ling Chen’s eyes flashed and instantly determined the trajectory of the wolves. Without reducing his speed, he moved his body slightly left, letting one of the wolves bite him. After pausing for a bit, he suddenly accelerated and within seconds he moved his body three times, leaving all the wolves behind. Looking ahead he used both hands to cast the “Ling Tian Slash” on the undead warriors ahead.


Two loud noises were head as two undead warriors were knocked back 3 body lengths. The third undead warrior came to attack him. The recovery speed of Ling Chen was unthinkable for someone who just attacked. After the attack, his hands were quickly controlled to move the body. He escaped the attacker and rushed forwards, with the undead warriors following behind. He then looked over to the Undead Destroyer in the air. A dark round sickle flew towards him. He didn’t think, he just jumped. In the air there was a sound of tearing. The dark sickle fell at his feet as he was jumping. Ling Chen who was in the air put his hands together, overlapping his hands to use a “Ling Tian Slash” directed at the Undead Destroyer.


The Undead Destroyer can only be at a maximum of 5m in the air. That was absolutely not a height that Ling Chen couldn’t reach. Not just his Soaring Cloud, but also his Ling Tian Slash, they could both reach a 5 metre distance!

The Undead Destroyer in the air once attacked and immediately floated back down. When the Undead Destroyer was floating down behind Ling Chen, the three undead demon wolves nearby and the soldiers turned to face him. With the strong Dual Wielding Troll only a few metres away from him with such a strong attack, Ling Chen silently glanced before him and raised his right hand…

“Lunar Scourge!!”

In thes Ghastly Grounds, Lunar Scourge’s light was extra bright. Lunar Scourge’s light had a range of 13m, which included all the summoned undead. The Undead Destroyer and the Dual Wielding Troll was frozen there. As for the Undead Summoner… all it could do was summon undeads. It itself didn’t have any attacking capabilities, so Ling Chen ignored it. Moving his hands together, he performed round after round of “Ling Tian Slash” towards the motionless body of the Undead Destroyer.



It was only the second round but the Undead Destroyer’s HP was gone but because it was completely frozen, its state cannot be changed, so its body was still floating in the air. Ling Chen quickly turned around, targeting the Dual Wielding Troll, saying aloud: “Next!”

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