Shura's Wrath

Chapter 801

A Terrifying Intruder  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

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“Wait for me, I’m going to have a look in the game.” Qi Yue’s words made Ling Chen feel deeply worried, causing him to quickly speak before running to his room. After closing the door, he locked it… because he felt an extremely ominous feeling within his heart.  

“Look… in the game? Is Sha Sha in the game? But…”  

Fey frowned and said with a sigh, “Let’s not think about it; perhaps he already knows where Sha Sha went. Let’s just wait for him.”  

The lively atmosphere became quite tense and gloomy due to Sha Sha’s strange disappearance and Ling Chen’s response.  

“Don’t worry, Aunty Gu, he should be back soon,” Li Xiao Xue gave a relaxed smile and comforted the worried Gu Qing Han. “At the very least, he put on the jade pendant in front of all of us. This is a joyous development.”  

“Aunty Gu, are you really… big brother Ling Tian’s…” Xiao Qi craned her neck forwards as she asked hesitantly. Hearing this question, all of the girls turned to look at Gu Qing Han. Even though they essentially knew the answer, they wanted to hear it from her. This was especially so for Xuanyuan Dia Wu, Xiao Qi, Su’Er, and Yun Meng Xin, who already knew her and her status. If this was true, it would be too shocking… it would be enough to shake the upper-level society of China.  

Gu Qing Han did not nod or shake her head. She looked at the girls who all cared for and liked Ling Chen with a warm and grateful look as she said softly, “Perhaps I’m not qualified to be his mother… because I’ve never borne the responsibilities of a mother and allowed him to suffer so much…” 

Ahh!” This was undoubtedly Gu Qing Han admitting to it. All of the girls’ mouths widened in shock. Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s reaction was the most intense because she knew who Ling Chen’s father was. “Could it be that he and you…”  

“That’s right.” Li Xiao Xue gave Xuanyuan Dia Wu a deep look. By now, everyone present had the right to know everything about Ling Chen. She said gently, “Ling Chen is Aunty Gu and Long Zheng Yang’s son.”  


Xiao Qi sprayed out the juice that she had just drank.  

“U-U-U-U-U-U-Uncle Long?!” Xiao Qi stood up with a ‘whoosh’, causing her chair to fall backwards.  

“How… How could this be?” Su’Er’s eyes widened as if she had heard the most unbelievable thing in the world.  

“This…” Even Yun Meng Xin was completely dumbfounded. However, she found that Fey, Yola, Mu Bing Yao, Chao Ying, and Chao Xi looked quite calm, and she asked, “Why aren’t you shocked about this? Did you already know?”  

“Mm. We knew from a long time who his father was, but he has long since stopped acknowledging that person as his father, so we naturally did not acknowledge him either. However, in the end, it’s impossible to deny that he is indeed his biological father,” Fey said very calmly.  

“Bu doesn’t Uncle Long only have 1 son? That despicable Long Tian Yun. How could… How could…”  

“Long Tian Yun is Long Zheng Yang’s first son, while Ling Chen was his second son. However, only the internal members of the Long family know this. The reason for this is somewhat complicated, and I can’t explain it clearly in a short period of time. After Ling Chen was born, Aunty Gu gave him the name Long Tian Ya, but he was always referred to as only ‘Tian Ya’ without the ‘Long’ because no one acknowledged his identity, including his father and grandfather. He was a son of the Long family, but his status was less than even the children of the servants. His father and grandfather barely ever spent time with him or cared about him. From the highest to the lowest in the Long family, including the guardian family, Xuanyuan family, everyone avoided him like the plague. For 10 years, he was ignored, looked down on, mocked, and bullied by everyone. Even pets had better lives than him.”  

Yun Meng Xin and the others spaced out listening to this, imagining a poor boy hiding in a corner by himself despite being born into a powerful family. As for Gu Qing Han, her face was covered with tears. To a mother, there was nothing more painful than her child living in such pain.  

“Back then, the only thing keeping him going was Dia Wu. If Dia Wu hadn’t ignored the Xuanyuan family’s threats, his worldview would have become twisted, and the Ling Chen we know would be a different person. It was just that when he turned 10, the year he could be reunited with Aunty Gu, Long Tian Yun pricked him with a needle infected with the Isrock Disease, and because of Long Tian Yun’s plot, this was quickly discovered, resulting in him being isolated in a dark room… that night, people came to bury him alive a hundred kilometres away.”  

Ahh!!” The girls all cried out. Their gazes became filled with fury, disbelief, and worry. They had never thought that Ling Chen had grown up in such an environment and had such an unfortunate fate. And the ones who had treated him so coldly and harmed him… were his own relatives! The people in China with the noblest bloodline.  

“Why did they do that! Big brother Ling Tian was just a child back then; what did he do wrong for them to treat him like this? Uncle Long’s usually so kind, but it turns out that… that he’s actually such an animal! And Long Tian Yun… Long Tian Yun…” Xiao Qi was so furious that she could not finish her sentence, her eyes filled with tears.  

“No wonder… No wonder he hates the Long family so much. Even the kindest person would be twisted by such hatred,” Yun Meng Xin muttered.  

Gu Qing Han’s face was completely pale with tears streaming down her face… as well as hatred in her eyes.  

“All of this was not Long Zheng Yang’s fault; he neglected Ling Chen for so many years because he had his own troubles. If it wasn’t for Ling Chen’s extraordinary luck, he would have died long ago. Long Zheng Yang knows that he can’t cover up the fact that he was the cause of all of this no matter what secret troubles he had, and he wants to make it up to Ling Chen. However, I don’t think he’ll ever be forgiven by Ling Chen in his lifetime… oh, that’s right, he found out about Ling Chen’s true identity not too long ago,” Li Xiao Xue said sorrowfully.  

“And then? And then?”  

“And then he met me,” Fey, who had been sitting there silently and calmly, finally spoke. “After he was buried alive, he was dug up by someone looking for experimental subjects and brought to a place called ‘heaven’. That’s where we met, and altogether, it has been almost 14 years.”  

“Experimental subjects? Heaven?”  

“That’s right.” Fey casually nodded. “It was an isolated place in the middle of an ocean. He and I were experimental subjects for testing the limits of the human mind and body, and we were bathed in medicinal water every day along with 1,000 other subjects. We had countless tubes stuck into our bodies, and we also had massive electrical currents passing through our bodies, stimulating every nerve and cell. We felt as if there were tens of thousands of knives cutting our bodies, tens of thousands of arrows piercing our hearts, and every second was like hell… more and more experimental subjects couldn’t take it anymore and died every day, and in the end, it was just me and him. The experiments we endured became worse and worse, and we walked the boundary between life and death in immense pain every day.”  

“Don’t… Don’t say anymore!!”   

Fey spoke incredibly calmly as if she was telling a children’s story. However, the girls’ faces had become incredibly pale, and all of their bodies shook, their eyes trembling, feeling as if a blade had stabbed through their hearts. Gu Qing Han was lying on the table, her arms trembling and sobbing her heart out.  

They had always been curious as to how Ling Chen had developed his almost superhuman abilities. It turned out that it was not the result of training but immense pain and suffering.  

“Alright, but you don’t need to react like this; it’s all in the past. He and I have more or less forgotten about most of it.” Fey shrugged. Just as she was going to continue speaking, she suddenly froze and looked towards the courtyard. At the same time, a massive explosion sounded out.   


It sounded like an incredibly powerful bomb going off, causing the ground beneath their feet to tremble. The chandelier violently swayed, and everyone simultaneously stood up. Tian Tian cried out in horror, “Ah… W-What was that?!”  

“Don’t just sit there!” Fey roared, waking everyone up from their stupor. This was because she clearly felt that the explosion from outside was not the result of a bomb, nor was there a burnt smell in the air. Rather, she felt an additional presence after the explosion sounded out…   

It was an immensely powerful and oppressive aura!!  

This aura was even more powerful than Instructor Hell’s – no, not even one hundred Instructor Hells could give off such a terrifying aura.  

Impossible! Instructor Hell was already a peak existence in this world; how could there be a person with an even more terrifying aura… this was impossible!!  

“I’m going to take a look, none of you come out… Ying, Xi, Yola, Bing Yao, make sure you protect them!” Fey said in a low voice, her body turning into a blur as she rushed out of the living room.  

A serious expression appeared on Fey’s face, which Yola, Ying, and Xi rarely saw, causing their hearts to tighten. They quickly stood in front of the other women and said as calmly as they could, “Don’t worry, don’t panic; there might be an intruder outside. With Fey here, we won’t have to worry even if there are tanks.”  

Fey rushed outside and immediately saw the intruder that she had detected.  

The air was filled with sand and dust, and countless cracks had appeared on the ground. Some of these cracks extended to the swimming pool, and others extended to right in front of the living room. The longest ones even stretched into the bamboo forest. At the centre of these countless cracks was a tall and muscular middle-aged man wearing a set of old, green clothing.  


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