Shura's Wrath

Chapter 774

Star God Orb  

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“You’re the Night Emperor!” Ling Chen said as he stared at the old man in shock.  

“Night Emperor?” This name, which the old man had not heard in many millennia, did not evoke any intense emotions from him, and it only caused him to bitterly laugh, “What Night Emperor… the Night Demon Clan disbanded long ago, so how can there still be a Night Emperor… I’m just a trash who can’t do anything, a trash…”  

Ling Chen’s expression rapidly changed. From the information he had received from Xiao Hui, he not only knew who this old man was, but he had also found out about the origins of the Night Demon Clan and the dreary and bitter life that the Night Emperor had led. It turned out that the Night Demon Clan had been part of the Moon God Clan, but its original name had been the ‘Xiao Yao Sect’ and originally had no enmity with the Moon God Clan. However, the Lunar Scourge resurfaced and somehow devoured the Night Emperor’s daughter, turning her into the Lunar Scourge’s item soul. From that timeline, it seemed that this happened right before the Shura’s Devastation.  

After the Shura’s Devastation ended, the Lunar Scourge fell into the 3 Moon Goddesses’ hands. However, the Night Emperor’s daughter was within the Lunar Scourge, so he couldn’t allow the 3 Moon Goddesses to destroy the Lunar Scourge no matter what. He desperately looked for a way to save his daughter from the Lunar Scourge, but the 3 Moon Goddesses evidently weren’t very patient, and when the Night Emperor finally found a way to save her, the 3 Moon Goddesses had split the Lunar Scourge and sealed its main body into a remote place.  

After finding out about this, the Night Emperor became enemies with the Moon God Clan, leading to the birth of the Night Demon Clan. However, the Night Demon Clan could not defeat the Moon God Clan, and after suffering repeated defeats, the Heaven’s Secrets Sect, Feng Chen Sect, and Earth Fiend Sect left the Night Demon Clan, and the Night Emperor vanished without a trace… for the past thousands of years, he had travelled all over the Mystic Moon world, trying to find the Lunar Scourge.  

It was just that he had never imagined that Novice Village 49554, where he had remained after falling into despair, was exactly where the Lunar Scourge’s main body had been sealed! Qi Yue had said that she had been in the Lunar Scourge for over 10,000 years, which was why she knew about many things from over 10,000 years ago.  

In that case, she was definitely the person who had been devoured by the Lunar Scourge, the Night Emperor’s daughter! It was just that with how Ye Wu Ya currently looked, even if he stood in front of Qi Yue, she definitely wouldn’t be able to recognise him, and this was even more so given that they had been separated for 10,000 years.  

Ling Chen comforted him and said, “Night Emperor, you shouldn’t be so pessimistic. If your daughter is the item soul sealed inside the Lunar Scourge, I’ve already met her. She… is doing well.”  

Ye Wu Ya looked incredibly emotional, and he stumbled forwards and grasped Ling Chen’s shoulders as he said, “I-Is that true? You’ve really met my daughter? Where is she? Right… Right… She’s inside the Lunar Scourge. Can… Can you ask her to come out? I want to see her…”  

As he spoke, Ye Wu Ya’s voice started to tremble. After looking at him, Ling Chen inwardly sighed. This was the Night Emperor – he was a man with real emotions and was a truly great father. For his daughter, he had become enemies with the Moon God Clan and had searched for his daughter for thousands of years. For his daughter, he had fallen to such a state. He had incredible power and status and could do as he wished in the world, but he had given up all of this for his daughter. Even after a whole 10,000 years, he had not forgotten about his role as a father.  

Even though he was in an extremely sorry state, Ling Chen could not help but admire him. He thought for a moment before saying, “Don’t worry, she’s definitely doing much better than you think. However, she’s not in the Lunar Scourge right now because of some reason. You could say she already has an independent body.”  

“She’s not in the Lunar Scourge? She has an independent body… is this… true? Where is she now? I want to see her; I’ve wanted to see her for the past 10,000 years!”  

Ling Chen fell silent for a moment and said, “Wait here, I’ll bring her over. It won’t take too long; it’ll be 5 minutes at most.”  

“Alright! I’ve already waited 10,000 years, waiting another few minutes is nothing.” Ye Wu Ya emotionally nodded.  

Ling Chen nodded and logged off, disappearing from before Ye Wu Ya 

After returning to the real world, Ling Chen immediately headed to Qi Yue’s room and opened the door, seeing Qi Yue pleasantly sleeping on her bed. Her sleeping position was incredibly seductive: he had no idea if it was on purpose or not, but her low-cut top was hanging incredibly low, revealing 2 large and white globes, creating a massive valley as she lay on her side.  

The instant Ling Chen walked into the room and saw Qi Yue, he felt his blood rush up, but he pressed down on his blood and forced his mind to think about other things. He walked over to the bed and woke her up, “Qi Yue, come with me into the game; there’s something incredibly important.”  

“Wu…” Qi Yue, who had been woken up, lazily opened her hazy eyes and said in a soft voice, “Doesn’t little master know that all beauties need their beauty sleep…” Following this, Qi Yue gave a long yawn before lazily closing her eyes again.  

Ling Chen got straight to the point. “Was your name Ye Yue before? Is your father called Ye Wu Ya?”  

Qi Yue’s closed eyes instantly flew open, her sleepiness disappearing. She stared at Ling Chen for a while before asking, “You met him?”  

Qi Yue’s reaction dispelled any doubts that Ling Chen had. He nodded. “That’s right! I met the Night Emperor Ye Wu Ya, and I was talking to him just then. His greatest wish is to meet his daughter, who had been sealed in the Lunar Scourge. You were sealed in the Lunar Scourge 10,000 years ago, and you’re evidently his daughter, Ye Yue… after being separated for so many years, I’m sure you want to see him as well, right? So come with me into the Mystic Moon world; he’s waiting for you there. You can be reunited with your father right now.”  

Hearing Ling Chen’s words, a complicated light flashed in Qi Yue’s eyes. However, there was no happiness, excitement, or even sadness in her eyes. Following this, she slowly shook her head. “Little master, I won’t come with you because I don’t want to meet him.”  

“Why?” Ling Chen was quite surprised towards Qi Yue’s reply, and he asked in confusion, “He’s your own father, and after being separated for 10,000 years, don’t you want to see him?”  

Qi Yue gave a faint sigh but did not say anything. Ling Chen had no idea what she was thinking.  

“Perhaps you hate him for not being able to save you back then, making you suffer a bleak and miserable pain… the darkness and solitude in the Lunar Sky Hell nearly drove me mad, while what you experienced was 10,000 years of darkness and solitude. You must have suffered indescribable pain, so you must have hated your father, the Moon God Clan, or even the entire world. Perhaps you were right in doing so. However, he’s your own father, and even though he was one of the successors of the Moon God Clan, he became enemies with them for you, and he walked across the entire Mystic Moon world for 10,000 years to find you. Even now, he hasn’t given up on finding you. Back then, it wasn’t his fault, and even if it was, he has done so much for you and has held on for 10,000 years. There’s really no reason for you not to forgive him.”  

“No, it’s not that I don’t forgive him.” Qi Yue slowly shook her head and closed her eyes, “It’s just that the Ye Yue from 10,000 years ago was gentle and mild and was extremely close with her father, but it has been a whole 10,000 years. During those 10,000 years of darkness and isolation, any creature’s personality would be twisted. The current Qi Yue is not the Ye Yue from back then. Her personality, nature, and mental state are completely different, and even her feelings towards her father have become indifferent to the point that she does not feel any joy or expectation after hearing about him. This kind of me standing in front of him won’t make him feel happy at all, and it will instead make him feel like he’s facing a stranger… to give up everything and search the world for 10,000 years to find out that his daughter is like a stranger; that would be an incredibly cruel shock, right?”  

Ling Chen: “……”  

A faint conflicted look appeared in Qi Yue’s eyes but she continued to speak. “Even though I can’t see him right now, tell him to wait another 3 years because I need 3 years to reshape my body. My current body can only appear in this world, so I cannot appear in the Mystic Moon world. Perhaps in 3 years I’ll know how to face him.”  

Ling Chen frowned – he couldn’t quite understand Qi Yue’s words, and the final reason seemed incredibly forced and was more like an excuse not to see the Night Emperor than a real reason. However, Ling Chen had never been able to change Qi Yue’s mind, and this matter was unrelated to him, so he did not try to convince her. As such, he nodded and returned to his own room.  

After Ling Chen left, Qi Yue did not seem sleepy at all anymore. She sat up from the bed, fixed up her clothes that could barely contain her breasts, and stared outside the window for a while before muttering to herself, “It’s better this way… I hope you won’t blame me…”  


Ling Chen returned to the game and reappeared before Ye Wu Ya. Facing his eyes full of hope, Ling Chen could only shake his head. “Apologies, I wasn’t able to bring her because she said… she can’t see you right now.”  

“Can’t see me… Can’t see me?” Ye Wu Ya felt incredibly surprised, and his eyes full of hope seemed as if they had been extinguished by a bucket of cold water. He stumbled backwards and said in disappointment, “Why can’t she see me… does she still hate me… does she hate me for not being able to save her back then, making her suffer so much…”  

“No.” Ling Chen shook his head. “It’s not that she doesn’t want to see you. It’s just that… she said that her nature had greatly changed after 10,000 years and that she’s afraid that you’ll see her as a stranger. At the same time, she doesn’t have a body, so she’s afraid that you’ll feel sad when seeing her… so she hopes that you can wait for her for 3 years. In 3 years, she’ll have a new body and will be able to meet with you.”  

Ling Chen’s words caused some light to reappear in Ye Wu Ya’s eyes, and he said dispiritedly, “Is that… what she said? 3 years… 3 years, alright, I’ve already looked for her for 10,000 years; how could I not wait for 3 years? As long as she’s willing to see me, let alone 3 years, I’d be willing to wait 300 years if not 3,000 years.”  

Ling Chen nodded. “Don’t worry, after these 10,000 years, her nature has greatly changed, but since she said 3 years, she won’t go back on her word. However, you should also use these 3 years to regain your bearing as the Night Emperor; I’m sure you don’t want your daughter to see yourself like this when you meet, right?”  

Ye Wu Ya looked down at himself and bitterly laughed, “That’s right, that’s right… young man, your eyes are incredibly deep, but I can see clarity and sincerity in them. I trust everything you’ve said. All in all, thank you. Even though I don’t know how you obtained the Lunar Scourge and became its master, that’s not what I care about. I know that you saved my daughter and that you’ve given me a chance to be reunited with my daughter, so I hope that I’ll be able to repay you in the future.”  

As he spoke, he slowly stretched out a withered right hand. Within it was an orb with a star engraved on it that had the same size and shape as the Moon God Orb, and it even gave off the same light. “Young man, as someone who inherited the Moon God Clan’s power, I know that returning to this sort of place for anyone who isn’t from the Moon God Clan is incredibly difficult. You braved many dangers and difficulties in coming back, and I’m sure you came for this… since you have the Lunar Scourge, this should belong to you, so I now return it to its proper master. What sort of disasters the Lunar Scourge will bring now that it has resurfaced has nothing to do with me; I just hope that returning the Star God Orb to the Lunar Scourge will help my daughter recreate her body soon.”  


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