Shura's Wrath

Chapter 606

The Shocked Ling Chen

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

When Tian Tian went to make dinner, Ling Chen found an opportunity to talk to Sha Sha by themselves. He pulled Sha Sha aside as he asked in a low and serious voice, “Sha Sha, please answer me truthfully -  how did you come here?”

Sha Sha blinked, “Of course it was when Ling Chen held my hand when he logged off, bringing me here. Wasn’t it like that?”

Sha Sha looked extremely cute and innocent, and no one would be able to think that she was lying. However, the problem was that what she said was simply impossible. Ling Chen scratched his head and felt quite frustrated. “How’s that possible?! Sha Sha, you’re an incredibly cute and good girl, so you can’t tell lies.”

“I didn’t lie.” Seeing that Ling Chen didn’t believe her, Sha Sha’s face fell, looking wronged. “It really was Ling Chen who brought me here. Could it be that Ling Chen hasn’t tried holding anyone else’s hand when logging off to bring them here?”

Hold someone else’s hand when logging off… in the game…

Who the hell would do that! Even someone who was mentally challenged wouldn’t do such a thing!

Hearing Sha Sha say this… could it be that it is possible to bring someone with him when logging off if he holds someone’s hand?

What the hell?! I actually thought such a thing? I must be going mad! If that’s true, the world would descend into chaos.

However, seeing how wronged Sha Sha looked, even though he didn’t believe it at all, he was unable to continue asking. He hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, of course I believe Sha Sha… but, but if it’s like that, how do I take Sha Sha back into the game?”

“It’s very simple!” Sha Sha stretched out her small hand to hold Ling Chen’s big hand and said, “Ling Chen just needs to hold my hand when logging on to take me back into the game.”

“Are… you sure?”

“Of course! Since Ling Chen can bring me out by holding my hand when logging off, he can take me back by holding my hand when he logs on.” This ridiculous suggestion was said extremely matter-of-factly by Sha Sha.

Ling Chen didn’t say anything. He held Shadissika’s hand and sat down on the sofa. He tilted his head back and logged on to the game.

“Ding… welcome to the Mystic Moon world, we hope you enjoying playing.”

As the pleasant voice sounded out, his vision became filled with the green forest, and he could smell the refreshingly fresh air… this all told Ling Chen that he had returned to the virtual world. However, he could feel something soft within his hands.

“Wow! We’re back already! The air here is so nice.” Shadissika vigorously breathed in the fresh air here. The Fairy Forest was naturally pure and clean, and the pure air here simply could not be compared to the polluted air in the real world.

Looking over and seeing Shadissika next to him, Ling Chen felt like he was turning into stone.

“Lala… lala… lalalalala… I’m the pretty and cute little Cai’Er… I’m a pure and kind Fairy…”

The clear sound of singing could be heard, and very soon a small, light green figure appeared in Ling Chen’s vision. She sang as she beat her small wings and flew around, carrying a small basket in her hands while collecting honey like a small bee. Seeing Ling Chen, she gave a small exclamation as she happily flew over, “Aiya! Big brother, why are you here? Are you here to play with Sha Sha?”

“Hello, little Cai’Er!” Shadissika smiled as she greeted Cai’Er.

“Cai’Er, why are you here?” Ling Chen asked. He still felt stupefied, and his mind was incredibly chaotic.

“Granny told me to go home to collect some Fairy Fountain Water. The new city will be our new home, so we want to pour the Fairy Fountain Water on the soil in the new city… that’s what granny said,” Cai’Er spoke clearly as she floated in front of Ling Chen and Sha Sha. Her sweet voice could make anyone feel like they had just eaten honey.

“Oh, it’s like that,” Ling Chen began to reply. He suddenly frowned as he stretched his hand towards Cai’Er. “Cai’Er, give me your hand.”

“Eh? Hand? Is big brother going to give me something fun?” Little Cai’Er blinked before she gave her hand for Ling Chen to hold.

Without saying anything, Ling Chen immediately logged off.

The scene before his eyes changed as Ling Chen opened his eyes. He saw that he was in his living room, and just as he was about to get up, a voice that definitely, definitely shouldn’t exist in this world sounded out by his ears…

“Aiya! Where is this? We were definitely in the Fairy Forest; why would we suddenly be here?”

Ling Chen looked up and saw Cai’Er floating there, her small head almost hitting the chandelier. She continuously turned as she looked around, her eyes filled with fear, shock, and confusion.

Ling Chen felt his legs grow weak, and he almost fell to the ground.

An illusion… an illusion… this was definitely all an illusion… it was all an illusion!!

“Hehe, I was right. As long as Ling Chen holds our hands when he logs off, we’ll be able to log off with him,” Shadissika, who had acquitted herself, giggled as she spoke.

Ling Chen stared at Cai’Er before standing up with a ‘whoosh’. He grabbed Cai’Er’s small hand and entered the game… although he let go of Shadissika’s hand.

“Ding… welcome to the Mystic Moon world, we hope you enjoy playing.”

The familiar log-in voice sounded out as the scenery in front of him became the Fairy Forest again. Shadissika wasn’t beside them, but in front of him, Cai’Er was staring at him with a pair of confused and innocent eyes.

“That was all an illusion, all an illusion.” Ling Chen said seriously as he looked at Cai’Er.

“Illusion?” Cai’Er said as she opened her mouth.

“That’s right, it was all an illusion. We were here the whole time, but everything Cai’Er saw was fake. It was just a fun game,” Ling Chen said as he smiled stiffly.

The pure and innocent Cai’Er was very easily tricked, and she immediately believed Ling Chen’s words. She let out a small sigh of relief, “Ah! Illusion, illusion, illusion! So there was a game like that – that nearly scared me to death… that game seems really fun though. Big brother actually knows such a game – you’re so amazing!”

“Heheh, of course. If Cai’Er wants to play, I can take Cai’Er to play next time.” Ling Chen smiled before changing the topic. “That’s right, Cai’Er, didn’t your granny ask you to bring back some water from the Fairy Fountain? Hurry and go home, otherwise your granny might get angry.”

“Mhmm!” Cai’Er obediently nodded and flew towards the Fairy Realm. “Big brother needs to remember to take me to play that illusion game again next time!”

Ling Chen tricked Cai’Er with a few words, but Ling Chen’s heart was still pounding. He spread his hands and looked as his palms, his head incredibly muddled… my god, my ancestors! What the hell is going on?!

He had thought that he could take Sha Sha out and bring her back because it was her. After all, he had brought Sha Sha out from a strange place, so she didn’t belong to the Mystic Moon world. She evidently still contained many mysteries. However, he could even bring Cai’Er out… Cai’Er was a Fairy from the Mystic Moon world; she definitely belonged to the virtual world!

Since it was like that, perhaps it was him!

Could it be that in this game, if a player held someone’s hand when logging off, they could bring them to the real world?!

3 minutes ago, if anyone said this, Ling Chen would think that they were crazy.

However, he had actually done this! This was reality!

If this was true, just what was going on with the Mystic Moon world? If it was true, why had he never heard of such a thing happening before? There were billions of people in the world, so surely some players who were not right in their head had tried such a thing before!

“Little master, what happened? Your heart is beating so erratically. Could it be that you’ve met some sort of exquisite beauty?”

Qi Yue’s voice suddenly sounded out in Ling Chen’s mind, causing his mind to freeze. He immediately spoke, “Qi Yue, I just encountered something incomprehensible. Perhaps you’ll know the answer to it.”

“Oh?” Qi Yue sounded quite curious.

Ling Chen stretched out his hand as he frowned, “When I logged off and held Sha Sha’s hand, I actually brought her to the real world!” 

Qi Yue: “……”

“When I held her hand and logged on, I brought her back. Just then, I met Cai’Er and the exact same thing happened! When I held her hand and logged off, I brought her out with me, and when I held her hand when logging on, she came back here. What’s going on?!” Ling Chen asked as he frowned. He had found out that the 2 worlds intersected because of Qi Yue! It was when Qi Yue had suddenly appeared to him in the real world, letting him know that the Mystic Moon world was not that simple. As such, the only person who could answer this question was Qi Yue.

Qi Yue thought for a moment, as if she was shocked by what Ling Chen had said. Following this, she replied with a look of shock, “Such a thing actually happened? Are you sure it was real?”

“Would I joke around with you over such a childish joke?” Ling Chen said in frustration. “If you don’t know what’s going on, how did your voice and image appear to me in the real world?”

“That’s completely different,” Qi Yue replied. “Little master should know that I don’t have a real body, and I exist as a ‘soul’ and live in the Lunar Scourge. When little master enters the virtual world, it’s your mind or your ‘soul’.”

“The reason my voice and image could appear in your world was because before you log off, I attach some of my soul onto your own and go to your world with your soul. That way, I can experience your world through your senses as well as speak with my voice and create an image that looks similar to me. However, that’s only a small part of my soul, and whether it is simply sensing, speaking, or projecting an image, it can only last for a very short period of time. What little master just spoke of was bringing Sha Sha and Cai’Er’s bodies into the real world. Honestly, even I’m so shocked that I can hardly believe it… hm? Could it be because of the Lunar Scourge?”

“Lunar Scourge?” Ling Chen raised his wrist. “What does it have to do with that?”

“The Lunar Scourge is an ancient evil item, and it is something left behind by the gods that also contains the power of True Gods. It is something incomprehensible even to the apex creatures of this day and age. As such, the Lunar Scourge contains some mysterious and incomprehensible powers. If what little master said was true, I think the Lunar Scourge is the only explanation.”

As Qi Yue spoke, the Lunar Scourge on Ling Chen’s wrist flashed as a woman with an incredibly enchanting and seductive body, wearing a black muslin dress, appeared before Ling Chen.

Her jetblack hair fell across her shoulders, and her black eyebrows were like fog. Her beautiful eyes looked around her surroundings, and her skin was as glossy and smooth as sheep rouge and white jade, while her thin black muslin dress barely covered her fiery body. The cloth in front of her chest was spread open, revealing her large, round, and perky breasts. The tight muslin clung onto them, making them seem extremely proud, and her cleavage could make any normal man’s blood boil.

The demoness Qi Yue!

Although Ling Chen had known Qi Yue for a long time, upon seeing her looks and body again, he couldn’t help but stare as he thought of a household item…

 A Bed!!

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