Shura's Wrath

Chapter 525

The Shura Emperor of the Legends

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

The Thunder God’s Bulwark… A protective skill that could completely absorb Lightning damage!

Ling Chen never thought that the White Tiger would have given him a skill that could completely negate, as well as absorb, Lightning damage!

Ling Chen was completely dumbfounded. He knew that anything from the White Tiger would be quite impressive, but he never thought it would be such a powerful and heaven-defying skill. With the protection from the Thunder God’s Bulwark, not only would Ling Chen never be damaged by Lightning attacks, but they would instead be beneficial for him. In other words, apart from the ability to absorb Water attacks from the Aquarius Orb, Ling Chen now had this same effect for Lightning attacks! This skill also allowed him to store up Lightning then release it at will!

However, this was not the most important point.

This skill was more so important for the Divine Lightning Tribulation!

In the Fogotten Continent, the wrath of the heavens was mainly manifested through Divine Lightning Tribulation. And now, even the wrath of the heavens could not affect him!

“So it was… The Thunder God’s Bulwark of the legends.”

Qi Yue spoke incredibly softly, but her voice was full of awe and incredulity. She was much more familiar with the ‘Thunder God’s Bulwark’ than Ling Chen. Only mature White Tigers could give this blessing, and they could only give it once in their lives. After giving it away, their power would fall by half a grade for the next 100 years. As such, unless it was to someone incredibly important to them, someone who needed the skill urgently, the White Tiger wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice so much of its power. Moreover, the White Tiger was an incredibly resolute creature, so it was impossible to force it to give this blessing.

Back then, when the Scarlet Flame Sword Emperor became a Shura, he had desired the White Tiger’s Thunder God’s Bulwark. However, that was just a desire, and could not become reality. Afterwards, when he became a Shura, he faced the Divine Lightning Tribulation, and perished at the Moon God Clan’s hands. If he had possessed the Thunder God’s Bulwark, the Shura’s fate would have been changed. The Shura’s remnant spirit had proudly told Ling Chen before, “Back then, if it wasn’t for the Divine Tribulation Lightning, the three Moon Goddesses and the Void Dragon God would not have been able to harm me at all!!

Before the Shura’s remnant spirit had disappeared, it told Ling Chen to find a way to defend against Lightning… He was telling Ling Chen that compared to the Moon God Clan and Void Dragon God, the Divine Lightning Tribulation was far more terrifying.

And now, this legendary blessing that the Shura had sought, was given to Ling Chen, who possessed the Lunar Scourge.

No matter if it was Qi Yue or Ling Chen, they both knew that the White Tiger had not given Ling Chen this blessing out of gratitude. There was only a single reason… and that was Xiao Hui, who possessed the Holy Qilin’s bloodline. The White Tiger’s power was birthed from the Holy Qilin, and it did this to protect the Holy Qilin’s bloodline, so that it would not go extinct.

“White Tiger, this gift, is too great.” Ling Chen deeply breathed in and out. He raised his hands and saw that there was still some pure purple lightning crackling around them.

“I don’t want you to die, because I don’t want to see the Holy Qilin’s bloodline disappear from the Mystic Moon world. Moreover, I’m about to die, so if I don’t give it away, it’ll disappear with me.” The White Tiger’s soul was even weaker after giving Ling Chen the blessing, and its voice was almost inaudible. It focused the last of its soul on Xiao Hui, and Ling Chen could feel its reluctance to go, but also appreciation.

“This is simply… Fate that even the heavens would be jealous of.” Qi Yue said emotionally. Better than anyone else, she understood what this ‘Thunder God’s Bulwark’ meant for both Ling Chen and her. This blessing meant that the greatest obstacle Ling Chen would face in the future was gone, and had greatly increased his strength. Qi Yue was simply ecstatic.

“This time, it was Xiao Hui who brought me this luck.” Ling Chen said, before gratefully saying to the White Tiger, “All in all, I will remember your kindness. This Thunder God’s Bulwark is simply too important to me.” The White Tiger’s voice slowly sounded out, “For the Holy Qilin’s bloodline, I don’t regret this decision. However, I do not know if this decision was correct or not. After all, I don’t know if I will create a Shura that is even more terrifying than the one from 10,000 years ago.”

Ling Chen completely understood what the White Tiger was saying. The Lunar Scourge created Shuras. The Shura from 10,000 years ago was created because of the Lunar Scourge, and had fallen under the Divine Tribulation Lightning. Now, the Lunar Scourge had reappeared, so it was possible that another Shura could be birthed. However, this Shura… because of the White Tiger, would not fear Lightning. If the Shura caused another catastrophe, the White Tiger would be a sinner.

“Don’t worry, although I possess the Lunar Scourge, I won’t become a Shura, because I don’t have any reason to become a Shura…” Ling Chen paused, and thought of the ingredients necessary for resurrection, “At least, I don’t have any right now.”

The White Tiger fell silent for a few moments before replying, “You know the connection between the Lunar Scourge and Shura… but you don’t seem to understand it fully.”

“Eh?” Ling Chen was quite confused.

“The Lunar Scourge has a curse called ‘Heaven’s Wrath’. This curse will make those who possess the Lunar Scourge to walk on the path of heaven’s wrath… In other words, with the Lunar Scourge, even if one does not want to, they will inevitably walk towards… the path of the Shura! This has held true since ancient times until now.” Ling Chen: “……”

“Could it be… that those who have the Lunar Scourge, even if they aren’t willing or have any reason to, they’ll still become a Shura sooner or later? Including me, as someone who has subdued it?” Ling Chen asked as his heartrate sped up and he frowned.

The Lunar Scourge had 2 debuffs: Heaven’s Jealousy and Heaven’s Wrath. Ling Chen had suffered from the Heaven’s Jealousy the most, but he had never understood the Heaven’s Wrath debuff… the White Tiger seemed to be talking about this!

“That’s right,” the White Tiger replied. It could feel the changes in Ling Chen’s emotions, and it continued to speak, “However, you don’t need to be too worried. In order to create a Shura, the Lunar Scourge needs at least 12 God Orbs. If you don’t want to become a Shura, then don’t return more than 11 God Orbs. Moreover, even if you become a Shura… you’ll be different to the Shura from 10,000 years ago.”

“Different? Why would I be different?” Ling Chen was quite confused.

“It’s very simple. Your mind is stronger than his, and by quite a lot. This is evidenced through you conquering the Lunar Scourge. Shuras are created through killing, and once one becomes a Shura, they will receive immense power. At the same time, their seven emotions and six pleasures will be turned into bloodlust. That bloodlust will make it so that the Shura will only desire to continuously kill. It was because of that bloodlust the Shura from 10,000 years ago killed nearly 10% of all creatures in the Forgotten Continent.

 “Moreover, there are different types of Shuras… the lowest type of Shura is a Shura that is filled with bloodlust, but doesn’t have the complete power of a Shura. In fact, that sort of being isn’t truly a Shura, but a powerful and demonic murderer. The second type is like the Scarlet Flame Sword Emperor from 10,000 years ago. He had the bloodlust of a Shura, as well as the complete power of a Shura. He was a true Shura.”

“Both of these Shuras are created by the Lunar Scourge?” Ling Chen asked.

“That’s right,” The White Tiger’s remnant soul replied.

“They’re both created by the Lunar Scourge, but their difference lies in their power. One has complete power, while the other only has part of the power of a Shura… from your explanation, it seems that the difference in power is quite great.”

“Indeed, it is very great. Shuras without complete power simply cannot compare to true Shuras. As for why there are these 2 types, I do not know. Perhaps the lower type of Shura is missing something, and is unable to truly step onto the path of the Shura.”

“Missing something?” Ling Chen muttered to himself.

The White Tiger continued to speak, “Perhaps you will find the answer to that question in future. There’s also a third type of Shura that only exists in the legends and has never appeared before. However, you might become that sort of Shura.”

 “Third type? There’s a third type? What are its characteristics?” A type of Shura that only existed in the legends and had never appeared before, but was something he could become? Ling Chen became quite curious.

“The first type is a demonic murderer that comes close to the border of being a Shura. The second type is a true Shura, The third type… breaks free of a Shura’s chains and surpasses both a Shura’s soul and power- Shura Emperor.”

“Shura… Emperor?” Hearing this unfamiliar, yet mighty name, Ling Chen’s heart shook.

“The Shura Emperor is even more powerful than a true Shura, but it will not massacre like the normal Shura. A Shura Emperor has boundless bloodlust, but is able to control it, and  has seven emotions and six pleasures like a normal person. Shuras are said to be the most terrifying existences in the world, and those who receive a Shura’s power lose their humanity as the price. However, if one becomes a Shura Emperor, their personality and mind will not be affected, and will even be able to control their seven emotions and six pleasures. This type of Shura is many times more powerful than a normal Shura… maybe even more than 10 times!”

10 times more powerful than a normal Shura… that was simply incomprehensible! Ling Chen had heard too many stories about how powerful the Shura had been in the path. However, the price for obtaining that sort of power was losing oneself to his or her bloodlust. There were no records of a being ever possessing that much power, as well as rationality, in the Forgotten Continent.

 “How can someone become that type of Shura? And why do you say I might be able to become that type of Shura?” Ling Chen hurriedly asked.

 “The way to become a Shura Emperor is quite simple, but actually achieving it is as difficult as reaching the skies. The method is… using one’s mental energy to conquer the bloodlust that comes with the Shura’s power! It sounds incredibly simple, but in the history of the Forgotten Continent, no one has ever achieved it before. You are the first human who has conquered the Lunar Scourge. Although this was partially because the Lunar Scourge was in a weak state, adding on the auspiciousness that the Holy Qilin brings, perhaps you really will be able to do it. Of course, the precondition is that the Shura Emperor isn’t just a legend, and is actually a possibility. After all, no one has ever seen a Shura Emperor, and there are no records. Some say that the Shura Emperor is simply a story that was made up.”

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