Shura's Wrath

Chapter 486

Mysterious Door (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Because of Moon Flare, the Ice Demon Beast was unable to see anything, and started to panic. As such, she was unable to even determine Ling Chen’s position, so she started to use ice-type AOE attacks. This attack unleashed with all of her fury was definitely going to be a powerful one.

Of course, Ling Chen wasn’t afraid, as he had the Evil God’s Mask. Conversely, he hoped that the Ice Demon Beast’s attack would be incredibly powerful, so that the reflected attack would be more powerful. Immediately, he found out just how terrifying the Ice Demon Beast’s attacks were in this icy environment.

In just an instant, cold wind started to howl around the Godchild Peak, blowing all of the snow that had been stored for countless years into the sky. The snow completely covered the sun and sky, and hovered hundreds of metres high in the air. Underneath the snow was thick layers of ice. Not only was it mystic ice that had been stored for countless years, but was more than a hundred metres thick. It was like a gigantic ice lid covered the summit. Let alone a Mysterious God grade being, even a Saint Destroyer grade being would find it difficult to destroy… however, the Ice Demon Beast was an exception, because its main ability was controlling ice! Despite being mystic ice from ten thousand, or even a hundred thousand years ago, its Mysterious God power could still control it.

Crack!! -6000,-6000……

That was the sound of the ice cracking, but Ling Chen never knew that ice could produce such a terrifying sound. That sound shook the world around him, and the ground started to violently tremble, causing Ling Chen to stumble. The ice and snow that filled the air completely obscured his vision, making it difficult for him to see around him. However, he knew all of the snow had been lifted up in the air, and fissures started to rapidly extend along the layer of ice.

At the same time, an incredibly powerful wave of ice energy savagely smashed into him. An attack full of fury from a Mysterious God grade being had enough power to destroy the heavens and the earth, and could insta-kill Ling Chen in his peak condition more than 100 times. In that instant, the eyes of the Evil God’s Mask on Ling Chen’s face shone with a red light and let out a low and furious roar. The wave of ice energy acted as if it was a beast that had been violently scared, and shot back and slammed into the Ice Demon Beast.

The Ice Demon Beast grunted as she was blasted back. She didn’t fear ice attacks, but she couldn’t completely dispel the momentum from that attack.

The Evil God’s Mask had saved Ling Chen from a fatal attack, but it could only do so every 10 seconds. Ling Chen’s body was then lifted into the sky by the massive snowstorm.



Compared to the ice attacks from the Ice Demon Beast, the snowstorm only served to harass him. However, despite the fact that it was simply a harassing move, it came from a Mysterious God grade being, and still carried with it massive amounts of damage. In just 2 seconds, Ling Chen’s HP almost emptied out. Ling Chen took a great shock as he immediately drank down a drop of Dew of Dawn.

+6,500, +6,500……

The Dew of Dawn combined with the effect from [Fairy’s Blessing] stopped the snowstorm from reducing Ling Chen’s HP even further. Ling Chen gave a sigh of relief, after which the effects from [Moon Flare] ended. The snowstorm also weakened, and Ling Chen’s body was thrown down from the air and fell onto the cold, hard layer of ice. Because of how slippery the ice was, his body slid for a while before stopping.

Ling Chen quickly equipped the Twilight Spear and prepared to stab it into the ground to stop himself from sliding. However, just as he raised the spear, he suddenly couldn’t feel anything under his feet…

This came as a big surprise to Ling Chen, and he quickly looked behind him. Only then did he find that he had slid into a large fissure. The fissure was 3 metres wide, and was nearly 100 metres in length. By the time he had realised what was happening more than half of his body had fallen in. The ice was incredibly slippery, and although Ling Chen had reacted as quickly as possible, he was unable to stop himself from falling in.

He had blocked the Ice Demon Beast’s attack, but had fallen into a fissure in the ice. He had been quite unlucky, making him feel so depressed that he wanted to cough up blood. As his body quickly fell, the fissure became narrower and narrower, and the walls of ice on either side came closer and closer. Ling Chen deeply breathed in as he summoned the Great Ravager as well, and after activating [Battle Soul Possession], he smashed at the ice on either side of him.



The Twilight Spear was quite sharp, and easily pierced into the ice. Although it didn’t pierce too deeply into the ice, it was enough. The Great Ravager was a blunt weapon, and didn’t have much piercing power. However, with its weight, and a full-strength attack from Ling Chen, it managed to bury itself into the ice. Ling Chen was finally able to stop falling by hanging on to his two weapons.

Ling Chen deeply breathed in and out, his head beaded with cold sweat. He somewhat hesitantly looked below him, and what Ling Chen saw caused his body to tremble, and he almost fell down again. What was under his feet was a large dark tunnel, and the two walls of ice were like massive cliffs that extended down for eternity.

This was evidently just a fissure in the layer of ice, so why did it become a bottomless abyss! And Ling Chen was hanging right above this abyss…

How was this possible?! It didn’t make sense!

Ling Chen ranted to himself inwardly. Suddenly, he felt a large pressure descending on him from above. He subconsciously looked up, and found that a 1 metre long and wide block of ice was falling towards him with great precision.

In this sort of situation, Ling Chen wouldn’t be able to escape even if he was a god.

Bang!! The freefalling large block of ice accurately fell on Ling Chen’s head.


The instant he was hit by the block of ice, Ling Chen felt an incredibly strong desire to curse and swear… he had blocked the Ice Demon Beast’s terrifying attack, but had fallen into this fissure. After he had finally steadied himself and stopped falling, a large block of ice had fallen on him. This was the only block of ice of that size that he had seen falling, and it just had to have fallen on his head.

This was definitely his unluckiest day in the game.

Just like that, together with the block of ice, he began to fall even faster down the fissure. The block of ice stayed on top of him, weighing him down and making it almost impossible for him to slam his weapons in to the 2 walls of ice again. He could only unhappily continue to fall deeper and deeper… deeper and deeper… and as he fell, his surroundings became darker and darker.



The space under him was clearly empty, but Ling Chen felt his body meet some resistance, causing him to stop falling momentarily. The Lunar Scourge on his wrist flashed with a black light, and he continued to fall. However, the weight of the block of ice on him disappeared. Ling Chen looked up and was surprised to see that the block of ice had stopped in the air, as if it was resting on something. It was exactly where he had felt that strange resistance.

What was going on? How could a block of ice float in the air?

An idea popped into his mind as he felt a gust of wind rising to meet his feet. With a slight thought, Ling Chen activated the decrease in falling speed from the Feng Chen Technique, slowing his descent.



Ling Chen’s body heavily hit the ground, and he found that he wasn’t standing on a slippery layer of ice. The impact caused him to feel a bit dizzy, but he was still able to land in an upright manner.

Ling Chen shook his head and looked around him. The scenery that greeted his eyes left him feeling stunned.

After falling down that fissure, the place he landed in should definitely be the narrowest point in the fissure. If the layer of ice completely separated, the place he fell should be the actual summit of the Godchild Peak that had been buried under the ice and snow from countless years… The true summit of the Godchild Peak. However, there were large ice cliffs on either side of Ling Chen, seeming like 2 gigantic mountains that were right next to each other.

Instead, what Ling Chen saw was an impossibly vast area.

When he was falling, there was only about a 3 metre gap between either side of the fissure, and the narrowest point he felt was about 2 metres. However, the place he was standing was around 20-30 metres wide! And the altitude…

Ling Chen looked up and felt even more shocked. It was completely dark, and the only bit of light came from directly above him. Nearly 50 metres above him, he could still see the block of ice that had fallen with it. It strangely had remained there, while he had fallen down into this incomprehensible space.

Ling Chen quickly realised that this space likely hadn’t seen the sun in countless years due to the ice and snow. However, because of the Ice Demon Beast’s power, the layer of ice had been ripped open, down to this point, causing him to fall down here. Moreover, the block of ice that hadn’t fallen down added to the strangeness of this place.

Ling Chen shook his head and started to look around him. He was standing on dirt and soil. Although it had become incredibly hard due to the cold temperature, it definitely wasn’t ice. In fact, there wasn’t even a thin layer of ice here. Although the ground was made of dirt and soil, it was abnormally flat, as if it had been cleanly cut with a sharp blade.

All around him were even, stone walls. This flat ground and the stone walls didn’t seem like things that had naturally formed.

There were 2 small piles of blue ice crystals on the ground to Ling Chen’s left. When Ling Chen looked around, they were the first things he noticed, due to their faint but beautiful blue light. Even the legendary luminous pearls could only give off light in the darkness after soaking in light. However, despite this place not receiving any light, these ice crystals could still give off light, which was incomprehensible. Ling Chen walked over, and just as he approached them, he suddenly stopped. His eyes shifted from the ice crystals to the region in between the 2 piles of ice crystals, and stayed fixed there.

That was because there was a door there!

 Embedded into the dark stone wall was a stone door, that was essentially fused into the wall. After walking closer, Ling Chen could make out the details on the door.

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