Shura's Wrath

Chapter 468

The Might of the Mysterious God Grade

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Under the Sunrise City.

Ling Chen exited his stealth and concealed his aura as he lightly came to where the Evil Black Dragon had been, and raised his head… he could see a massive 20-30-metre-wide hole going straight upwards, and it was quite bright at the end.

Ling Chen leaned back and breathed in a breath of cold air… he could clearly remember that from this place to the surface, the distance was at least 100 metres! Which meant that a single attack from the Evil Black Dragon had broken through more than 100 metres of dirt!!

This was the power of an Ancient Beast! It was simply terrifying!

The rumours said that the power of the Mysterious God grade was enough to destroy an entire city! This massive hole left by the Evil Black Dragon told Ling Chen that this rumour was not exaggerated at all. With this sort of power, a single strike could cleave a mountain in 2! If it hit a person, there wouldn’t even be powder left.

Ling Chen’s original plan was to enrage the Evil Black Dragon, then enter into stealth, which would cause the berserk Evil Black Dragon to rush out of here and vent its anger on the Sunrise City. He never thought that after saying the words “Sunrise City”, the Evil Black Dragon would have directly blown a hole upwards to the Sunrise City and rushed up. Ling Chen roughly estimated that above this place was a bit to the north of the centre of the Sunrise City.

Needless to say, the Sunrise City was definitely… heheheh…

A wicked smile appeared on Ling Chen’s face, and he quickly ran back towards the inner region of the underground space, where the City Lifeline was.

Not long after, Ling Chen reached the end. Without the Evil Black Dragon, there was just the large City Lifeline standing there. Ling Chen sauntered over as the Great Ravager and Twilight Spear simultaneously appeared in his hands, and he looked up at the gigantic City Lifeline.

“If I destroy this City Lifeline, the Sunrise City will probably be finished.”

“Calamity of the Black Dragon, Catastrophe of the City Lifeline… heh, I didn’t want to do this. Cherry Blossom God Representative, I wonder if you’ll regret the stupid decision of keeping me here after the Sunrise City is destroyed!!”

As he coldly laughed, Ling Chen raised his weapons and heavily smashed them down.

Bang!! Bang!!

2 heavy strikes fell on the Sunrise City’s City Lifeline, and amidst the tremors, the sturdy City Lifeline shook as small cracks appeared on it. Although they were only small cracks, Ling Chen was quite satisfied. After all, the City Lifeline determined the safety of an entire city, so it had to be incredibly tough. This was especially so for the City Lifeline of a main city, and some would even be protected by the Moon God Clan’s power. Ordinarily, it would be impossible to destroy it. This was even more so with the Evil Black Dragon guarding it. As such, the people within main cities never worried about the City Lifelines being destroyed.

If Ling Chen didn’t have the Scorpio Orb, even if he attacked for 100 years, he wouldn’t be able to damage the City Lifeline at all. However, with the strong [Destruction] element given by the Scorpio Orb, the situation was completely different. Even if it was protected by the Moon Goddesses’ power, the City Lifeline would be slowly destroyed by Ling Chen.

Ling Chen continuously attacked more than 10 times, and more and more cracks appeared on the City Lifeline. He looked up at the gigantic City Lifeline, and estimated… with his speed, it would take him at least 1 hour to destroy the City Lifeline. To normal people, destroying a city’s City Lifeline was simply incomprehensible. However, Ling Chen felt that this was too slow. The longer it took, the more variables there would be. If the Evil Black Dragon went retarded and suddenly came back…

“Soul Sacrifice!!”

With [Soul Sacrifice] activated, Ling Chen’s attack skyrocketed and he sent a [Thousand Kilogram Rend] from the Great Ravager onto the City Lifeline.

BOOM!! A massive shockwave sent the sand and stones on the ground flying, and the thick City Lifeline shook. A 1-metre-long crack started to quickly grow…

At this moment, the Sunrise City had been thrown into an abyss of suffering.

“You despicable humans… must all die!!”

The savageness that it had repressed for countless years exploded out, and the current Evil Black Dragon was many times more terrifying than even a demon god. It looked at the humans escaping in fear, as well as the city it had ‘protected’ for countless years, and it found something to vent its flames of fury on. It spoke human words and a heaven-shaking howl as it mercilessly released its terrifying attack in front of it.

Yesterday, it was the Sunrise City’s guardian beast.

Today, because of the pain and humiliation it had received from Ling Chen, it had become a mad beast that wanted to destroy all humans and the entire Sunrise City!

The fearsomeness of an attack from a Mysterious God grade beast was personally experienced by the Sunrise City’s residents through fear and death. When the Evil Black Dragon’s claws landed on the ground, a horrifying dark light covered the entire

Administrative District Plaza. Amidst the massive explosion sounds, the entire ground of the Administrative District Plaza was lifted up. All of the people and items in the Plaza were thrown into the air, and they screamed as they were turned into fragments…

The Evil Black Dragon’s furious roars could be heard throughout the entire city. Everyone knew that the Evil Black Dragon was the Sunrise City’s guardian beast. There was even a mighty statue of the Evil Black Dragon in the Sunrise City’s Central Square. As such, when everyone saw it, they immediately recognised it to be the Evil Black Dragon. However, it had evidently gone mad, and was wildly attacking everything around it. Immediately, the news of the Evil Black Dragon crazily attacking the Sunrise City spread like wildfire, and countless residents desperately rushed away. The city had fallen into complete chaos.

“What’s going on?!”

“It’s Lord Black Dragon… it… it’s gone crazy!! Utterly crazy! Lord, please escape from here! The Black Dragon is getting closer and closer- if we don’t leave soon, it’ll be too late!”

“Escape? Bastard! How are we meant to escape? Mobilise everyone possible…  and bring out the Guardian Weapon as well the Lunar Soul Cannon that the Cherry Blossom Goddess gave us! We have to slow it down no matter what! Slow it down for as long as possible so we can contact the Cherry Blossom Goddess! Heavens, that’s Lord Black Dragon. Only the Cherry Blossom Goddess can save us… I hope the mighty Cherry Blossom Goddess will hear our cries for help.” “R-Roger!!”

Under the City Lord’s order, the City Guards quickly assembled and stood guard in front of the Lord’s residence. However, every person’s lips were pale and their hands and feet felt weak… because they were facing an enemy that they couldn’t defeat even in their dreams… the Mysterious God grade Evil Black Dragon!!

“Everyone… must die… must die!!”

As the ground quaked, the Evil Black Dragon’s rampage came closer and closer to the City Lord’s residence. The City Lord’s residence was the core of a city, and couldn’t be allowed to be destroyed no matter what. Otherwise, it would be as if the Sunrise City had become half crippled. Facing the Evil Black Dragon were countless City Guards and high-levelled Guards. Most of them were Silver and Gold grade, and some leaders were Celestial grade. However, these people were just like a swarm of ants in front of the Evil Black Dragon.

As it came closer, large numbers of City Guards rushed up to attack, some of whom had powerful attacking weapons… However, no matter how dense their attacks were, they were unable to delay the Evil Black Dragon by even a single step. Instead, they simply made it even more furious. The Evil Black Dragon roared, and its jet black tail carried a dark light with it as it swung out, and smashed in front of it. Countless City Guards that hadn’t even approached were caught in the explosion of the berserk energy. The incredibly tough and durable main door and walls of the Lord’s residence were annihilated like rotten wood. A single attack from the Evil Black Dragon not only destroyed the main door and walls, but everything within a 100 metre radius. All of the structures within that area instantly collapsed into ruins, and countless residents and players that hadn’t had time to run away screamed as they died. BOOM!!!

As an explosion sounded out, a gigantic white orb of light shot out from the Lord’s residence and hit the Evil Black Dragon squarely in the chest. Another energy cannonball shot out, and exploded onto the Evil Black Dragon’s body. This was an attack that came from the Lunar Soul Cannon, and was one of the most powerful attacking weapons that the Cherry Blossom God Representative had given to the Sunrise City, A single round was enough to flatten a mountain. The Evil Black Dragon was blasted back by the first round by almost 100 metres, and crashed to the ground. Just as it hit the ground, it was once again hit… however, although it was a weapon from the Cherry Blossom God Representative, to hope that the Evil Black Dragon would be killed by such attacks was simply dreaming.

The Lunar Soul Cannon only deal a trivial amount of damage, but also caused its fury to once again skyrocket. Within the dust that filled the air due to the Lunar Soul Cannon’s attack, an earth-shattering howl sounded out. A massive shadow shot into the air, and grew as it rose into the sky. After growing to tens of metres, it heavily fell, and caused everyone in the city to feel as if a massive mountain was falling towards them.


The ground within 10 kilometres trembled violently and countless structures… Including the Lord’s residence were lifted high into the air. In that moment, more than half of the light was blocked out… while countless people lost their lives from this horrific attack…

This was the might of the Mysterious God grade! Humans were so insignificant and powerless in front of this Mysterious God grade beast…

“Ding… Warning! Warning! One of the East Ocean Continent’s main cities, the Sunrise City, is currently being attacked by the Evil Black Dragon. Please immediately stop it or the Sunrise City will be in danger of destruction!”

“Ding… Warning! Warning! One of the East Ocean Continent’s main cities, the Sunrise City, is currently being attacked by the Evil Black Dragon. Please immediately stop it or the Sunrise City will be in danger of destruction!”

“Ding… Warning! Warning…”

“Ding… Warning! Warning…”

“Ding… Warning! Warning…” ………… …………

The warning in the East Ocean Continent continuously sounded out, almost once every 10 seconds.

Looking at the scene of annihilation in the centre of the city, the Sunrise City’s residents ran in despair, and countless players screamed in fear… the Sunrise City was currently the most important city for players, and no one knew what the consequences would be for such an important city being destroyed. After all, they had never heard of a main city being destroyed… however, what they did know was that all of the registered guilds would be disbanded, the countless buildings that the players had spent massive fortunes to buy and build would be destroyed, as well as countless shops and businesses… they didn’t dare to continue to think about this.

 Against the attacks of an Ancient Beast, if all of the East Ocean Continent’s experts gathered at the Royal City, it was possible they could stop it. However, the Sunrise City simply had no way of contending against it, much less players. Asking the players, whose average level was LV40, to stop an Ancient Beast? What a fantastic joke!

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