Shura's Wrath

Chapter 380

Elegy of the Gods, Fury of the Gods

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Bang bang bang bang!

Seizing the opportunity, Ling Chen once again sent out four Ling Tian Slashes, and then retreated as the Mountain Giant’s Destruction Stomp descended… the Mountain Giant had a lot of attack skills, but since the beginning, it had only used its right foot. The damage from the Sand and Stone Hurricane was negated by the Dew of Dawn, but Ling Chen had used Broken Shadow to escape from the first Destruction Stomp. So this time…

“Moon Shadow!”

Silver light burst out, freezing the giant foot that was just five metres above Ling Chen in place. The rest of the Mountain Giant’s body was also affected, giving Ling Chen the chance to put some distance between himself and the giant. Five seconds later, he turned around to see the damage he had just dealt completely recovered. Although he had expected this to happen, his face still twitched in anger.

How the hell was he meant to fight this thing?!

Even bullying should have limits!

Just two skills, Destruction Stomp and Sand and Stone Hurricane, already made Ling Chen quite helpless. What was even worse was that there were still skills that the Mountain Giant hadn’t even used yet. Perhaps it thought that Ling Chen didn’t qualify for it to use its other skills; simply stomping on him like an ant would be enough.

Moon Shadow’s effects ended, and the Mountain Giant’s Destruction Stomp landed on the ground, causing it to once again tremble. It then raised its foot and took a step… which spanned 50 metres. It was once again above Ling Chen’s head. The distance Ling Chen had gained using Moon Shadow was but a step to the Mountain Giant.

This time, Ling Chen didn’t have Broken Shadow, Moon Shadow was on cooldown, and the Evil God’s Mask was nearly ready again. He was unable to escape from this Destruction Stomp, but he looked up and yelled, “It won’t be that easy to kill me!”

Ling Chen raised his right hand, sending out a blinding light from the Lunar Scourge. Although Moon Flare couldn’t damage the Mountain Giant, the bright light pierced into its eyes, causing it to roar in pain. As it turned its head, its body also shifted, causing the Destruction Stomp to land elsewhere. This allowed Ling Chen to survive once again, and though he wasn’t hurt, he was sent flying by the shockwave. He landed and stabilised himself, then wiped his mouth as he coldly harrumphed… this time, he had even used the Moon Flare. The next time, he could use the Evil God’s Mask, again, but what then?


The Sand and Stone Hurricane was activated again, surrounding the Mountain Giant. Ling Chen immediately drank a Dew of Dawn… although he knew that his struggles would all be in vain, he didn’t want to go down without a fight. This was a desire all creatures had, and it was especially strong for Ling Chen.

The Mountain Giant once again stepped towards him, and a simple Destruction Stomp that was filled with the aura of death descended towards him. The Destruction Stomp was reflected by the Evil God’s Mask for the third time. This time, Ling Chen didn’t have any chance to attack; instead, he could only sigh as he tried to increase the distance between the Mountain Giant and himself. He knew that he definitely wouldn’t be able to survive the next attack. Just as an ant could run all it wanted, it simply couldn’t survive being attacked by a human.

“Forget it, this is all I can do. Luckily, all of its aggro should be on me, so Tian Tian should be safe.” Although he was facing despair, he was relieved that he had at least protected Tian Tian. As for himself, getting back to where he was from LV0 wouldn’t be too difficult.

At this moment, a worried and familiar voice sounded in his ears…

“Big brother!! Big brother!!”

This voice caused Ling Chen to sharply turn his head, unable to believe his ears. He saw Tian Tian rushing towards him… as well as the Mountain Giant. Ling Chen stared in shock for a few moments, and roared, “Why did you come back?! Hurry up and run!!”

Ling Chen yelled so loudly that his voice became slightly hoarse. However, it was as if Tian Tian didn’t hear him and couldn’t see the Mountain Giant, and she continued to run towards him. Ling Chen gritted his teeth and charged over to Tian Tian. Just as he started to move, a large shadow and a familiar pressure fell on him.

The Mountain Giant was once again using its Destruction Stomp.

Ling Chen didn’t look back. He knew that no matter what he did, he wouldn’t be able to survive. Through the sand and stones, he could see Tian Tian getting closer and closer, and was about to reach the Sand and Storm Hurricane. With Tian Tian’s low HP and Defence, she would be instantly killed.

“Don’t come over here!!” Ling Chen yelled. He had been peacefully waiting for his death, but seeing Tian Tian coming over sent his emotions out of control. He simply couldn’t understand why Tian Tian would run over! She had been so afraid before, and should be far, far away!

Just as he yelled out, Tian Tian entered the Sand and Stone Hurricane, and Ling Chen’s body stopped. Above him, the Mountain Giant’s foot began to descend towards him.


Ling Chen clearly saw the red damage figure above Tian Tian’s head. Tian Tian’s HP bar was instantly cleared, and a worried and caring voice entered his ears, “Big brother… do your best…”

“Ding… your party member ‘Tian Tian Tian Tian’ has died.”

The system announcement notifying him of Tian Tian’s death sounded in his ears. The comfort in knowing that Tian Tian was safe instantly vanished. Ling Chen felt like both hugging her and smacking her bottom, and asking her why she had come back.

In his hazy vision, Tian Tian slowly stood up. A white light shot out from her body into his, surrounding his body with a pure light.

“Ding… your party member ‘Tian Tian Tian Tian’ has used her dying skill on you. You will receive invincibility for 60 seconds, and your Physical Attack Power, Magic Attack Power, Attack Speed, Movement Speed, Hit, Critical Hit Rate and Pierce Hit Rate will all be raised by 100%.”

This was the skill that Tian Tian could only use when she died- Elegy of the Gods! It allowed him to take no damage for 60 seconds, and buffed almost all of his stats!

It seemed that this battle wasn’t over. Ling Chen looked up and roared. The foot that was stepping down on him was gone, and within the booming sounds, the Mountain Giant actually retreated. Above each part of its body, massive damage figures rose up.


In his shock, another system announcement sounded out.

“Ding… your party member Tian Tian Tian Tian’s dying skill, ‘Fury of the Gods’ has activated. The ‘Mountain Giant’, which killed Tian Tian Tian Tian, will have its HP and MP reduced by 50%, and its level will be lowered by 3 levels.”

Ling Chen: “!!!!!!”

That’s right, the Mountain Giant lost half of its HP and MP in and instant. Moreover, it wasn’t just a single region- every part of its body now only had half of its HP and MP.

Its level also decreased from LV33 to LV30, and all of its stats were accordingly reduced.

It was as if Ling Chen was now in heaven, and the Mountain Giant was now in hell. All of this had happened because of Tian Tian’s death.

“Little master! This is an incredible opportunity! Its HP has gone down, and you’ve become invincible. With your strength, attacking nonstop for 1 minute… even this Mountain Giant will go down! As long as you can destroy its arms and legs in this 1 minute, little master will have a chance at victory!” Qi Yue shouted.

Ling Chen’s Physical Attack Damage was now at 2,418, and his Movement Speed was now 360. His Attack Speed was at 200, and his Critical Chance rose to 100%. His Pierce Rate was already at 100%, meaning that every hit would have a Critical and Pierce!

Adding on his Heaven Wind Technique and Soul Sacrifice and other Attack Skills… being able to attack without worrying for 60 seconds…

He had absolute confidence in destroying this Mountain Giant!

Tian Tian’s body disappeared in a white light. Looking at the holy and pure light around him, Ling Chen silently closed his eyes. Just as Qi Yue had said, this was an incredible opportunity- a miracle, even. It was a miracle given to him by Tian Tian’s death.

Even if it was just for Tian Tian, he was determined to kill this Mountain Giant!

Because the Mountain Giant’s head and body lost 50% of their HP suddenly, [Light of Destruction], [Titan Ray], [Titan’s Shield] and [Rock Devil Summon] all activated simultaneously. A yellow light erupted from the Mountain Giant’s chest, shooting in all directions. It passed through Ling Chen’s body, but didn’t deal any damage to him. The incredibly powerful Titan Ray shot out from the Mountain Giant’s single eye, and also passed through Ling Chen’s body, then buried dozens of metres into the ground. However, Ling Chen didn’t feel a single thing… the white light around him seemed to have separated him from the rest of the world, and there was nothing that could damage him.

20 Rock Devils were simultaneously summoned, and they rushed towards Ling Chen. Ling Chen didn’t even glance at them, and silently did some calculations in his head. He raised the Zephyr Blade and dragged the Great Ravager, his face completely calm, as he charged towards the Mountain Giant’s right leg. Ling Chen raised his weapons, activated Soul Sacrifice, and heavily smashed them into the Mountain Giant’s leg.

-122,312, -122,398!

 Two deafening explosions sounded out, bringing with them two deep-purple-coloured damage figures… both of which were six digits.

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