Shura's Wrath

Chapter 323

Bloodbath (3)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Long Zheng Yang normally resided in the Central Military District, and the Long family residence was a separate District. All of the Districts were close by, but independent to each other. To the right of the Long family residence was the Xuanyuan family, and Long Yu was to the left. As the main residence of the Long family, not only were the Xuanyuan family and Long Yu close by, but the Long family’s seven main forces also resided nearby. The defences of the Long family’s residence were quite remarkable. In fact, the Long family was even called the safest place in the world. Unauthorised people were not allowed to get close, and did not have the power to get close. Small problems would be quickly squashed. Larger problems would cause the Xuanyuan family, Long Yu and the seven forces to immediately act. Over these years, there were occasionally small problems, and a big problem just once… that was six years ago. A person in black had actually passed through many of the Long family’s defences and security systems, and reached the inner region of the residence. However, no matter how powerful that demon was, he was powerless against the combined might of the Long family’s guards. In the end, the Xuanyuan family’s leader severely injured him, but he was able to escape. This was the greatest humiliation suffered by the Long family’s guards.

Under the moonlight, the person from six years ago had once again come to the Long family’s residence. What was different was that this time, he did not stealthily enter. Instead, he walked towards the main entrance. Wherever he walked, it was as if the lighting became even dimmer. He walked at a slow, but steady pace, and his heavy footsteps made everyone who heard them shiver… they were like the footsteps of an approaching deathgod.

“Who are you? Immediately leave, this is the Long family’s residence!”

The Long family’s outer guards appeared. Although they were the lowest-ranking guards in the Long family, each of them were the best of a hundred. Every person was equipped with a heavy machine gun that weighed 30 kg, and there were more than one thousand of them. Although they were the lowest-ranking guards, just them alone made an unbreachable wall. The seven main forces were hidden in wait, and there was also the Xuanyuan family and Long Yu…

As such, Ling Chen had no plans of returning alive.

Since Shui Ruo had died, how could he let her leave by herself.

Hearing the voice, Ling Chen looked up, and his grey eyes shot out a menacing aura… Ruo Ruo, wait for me. I’ll be there with you soon. Let me give them a memory they’ll never forget first…

Ling Chen continued to slowly walk forwards. One hundred metres away was where the Long family’s residence was.

When he looked at them, the malevolent aura caused all of the guards to shudder. Sensing the danger, they all raised their heavy machine guns, “Immediately leave, otherwise we’ll shoot!”

Ling Chen continued to walk…


The gunshot pierced through the silence. The guard resolutely opened fire, and shot Ling Chen in the right kneecap. Without confirming the identity of this person, they didn’t dare to kill him. This shot was to incapacitate him. However, when the bullet hit him, they didn’t see a spurt of blood. Only after a few seconds did a small trail of blood leak out.


The smell of blood once again caused Ling Chen’s savage nature to burst out. His eyes widened as he released a demonic howl, and charged towards the person who had shot him. His speed was too fast, and all the guard saw was the blur of a black shadow, followed by screams.

The screams came from two guards who were standing together. Each of their chests had a hand protruding through them, and their scream lasted only half a second.

Before today, Ling Chen had not killed anyone for six years. He didn’t want his hands, which held Shui Ruo every night, to be stained with blood. However, Shui Ruo had passed away, so he didn’t hold himself back at all.


Ling Chen roared, and threw the corpses into the air, and each of them flew tens of metres away. Ling Chen had grabbed the heavy machine guns in their hands, and held one of the 30kg heavy machine guns in each of his arms, as he madly sprayed at the other guards.


Ling Chen was simply too fast, and everything had happened in the blink of an eye. By the time Ling Chen began to rapidly fire around him, the other guards still had not realised what was happening.

Ling Chen was a Reaper trained in Hell, and was skilled in all sorts of assassination methods. Of course, he was also proficient in using guns. Even though he was blinded by his rage, the two heavy machine guns still accurately took lives like two deathgods. They shot out at least 5 bullets per second, but every single bullet found a target. What’s more, all of the places hit were heads, hearts, temples, solar plexuses… the accuracy was incredible.  

The sound of heavy machine guns being rapidly fired put the entire Long family on the highest alert. Ling Chen charged towards the Long family’s residence with the two heavy machine guns, and the guards couldn’t even retaliate before being killed. Very soon, Ling Chen ran out of bullets.

Ling Chen roared as he flung the two heavy machine guns forwards, which accurately smashed into two of the guards who were about to shoot him. With the machine guns flying at such a speed, it was impossible for them to dodge. The machine guns crashed into their heads, causing them to explode. As they fell, Ling Chen had already rushed in front of them and picked up their heavy machine guns, as he once again sprayed while running forwards. In the blink of an eye, the guards once again began to scream as they fell down.

The rest of the guards finally began to take action, and bullets began to rain down towards Ling Chen.

An expert at using guns was often an expert at dodging guns. Not a single one of the Reapers who had followed Ling Chen out of hell would be afraid of this sort of attack. After all, despite being shot at by 75 Steel Dragon Corps, not one of them had suffered fatal injuries. Ling Chen was even more skilled than them, and now that he had become serious again, it was simply impossible to hit him. In fact, Ling Chen’s reaction speed and instincts allowed him to dodge without even thinking.

However, facing this barrage of bullets, Ling Chen did not dodge or retreat, but rather continued to charge. He took tens of lives every time he swept around with his heavy machine guns as he yelled, “All of you… die!!!”

Countless bullets shot into his chest, arms, legs, head and face… causing blood to trickle out from Ling Chen’s body. However, this sort of attack that could kill most people a hundred times over didn’t even slow Ling Chen down. He rushed into a group of soldiers like a streak of black lightning as he wildly shot, causing numerous screams of pain.

“What’s going on?!”

Hearing the guns and screams caused Long Zheng Yang to frown. Just as he spoke, the sound of rapid gunfire once again filled the air. Long Tian Yun calmly replied, “Looks like someone knows that father is here, and so wanted to take this opportunity to attack. How arrogant of them.”

All of them knew how impregnable the Long family’s residence was. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to have resided there for hundreds of years.

“Xiong Tian, do you want to go and see what’s happening?” Long Zheng Yang asked.

Surprisingly, Murong Xiong Tian shook his head as he replied, “Leader, in this sort of situation, I have to remain within 10 steps of you. However, rest assured, with the defences here, no one will be able to break through.”

Long Zheng Yang nodded, and said, after thinking for a while, “Strange, if they were targeting me, the best time to attack would have been when I was arriving. Could it be that they’re not targeting me… Xiong Tian, ask the guards what sort of people have come, and how many there are.”

“Roger.” Murong Xiong Tian immediately picked up his communication device. Just as he was about to talk, Flame Shadow burst in, as he hurriedly said, “Hurry! Master, young master, we need you to move to a secure location. The intruders have already broken through three defence lines, and all of the guards in those three defence lines have been killed!”

“What?” Long Zheng Yang and Long Tian Yun gaped at Flame Shadow in shock. Although the outer defence lines comprised of the lowest-ranking guards, but every one of them were highly trained, and had some of the best machine guns available on the market. From when the gunshots started, only about 30 seconds had passed… these intruders had broken through three defence lines, and had even killed everyone, in just 30 seconds!!

It seemed that these intruders were no ordinary people.

“Do we know what sort of people they are? How many are there? More than a thousand?” To be able to break through three defence lines in such a short time, it was only logical that the enemy had such numbers. However, what Long Zheng Yang couldn’t understand was why they had not been detected earlier.

“I-It’s just… one person!! A single person!!” Flame Shadow said breathlessly as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.


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