Shura's Wrath

Chapter 317

A Dark Night

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

By night time, the Tian Yuan District had become very quiet. Although the lights in many houses were still on, but it was a lot less noisy than during the day. Many large cars started to drive in from all three entrances of the District, the noise incredibly obvious in the quietness. After entering the District, the cars did not slow down, but drove straight towards the Number 12 house.

On the roof of the Number 12 house, Gui Ya picked up his communication device and muttered, “They’re here.”

“Fifteen cars in total, with 70 or so people. And they’re all bullet-proof cars! It’ll be impossible to destroy them!”

“What?!” Gui Ya’s voice was filled with shock, “How many people do we have?”


“Tell everyone to come here!! We can’t let these people enter the house! Tell everyone in Beijing to get here ASAP!”

In order to deal with Ling Chen, they had actually dispatched fifteen bulletproof vehicles! These vehicles belonged to one of the Long family’s seven most powerful and secret forces. They would only appear in important situations, and were directly under the command of the Long family. Every single vehicle was extremely expensive, and were equipped with state-of-the-art defences. Normal bullets couldn’t do a thing to them. In fact, they were comparable to even tanks. However, this wasn’t the most terrifying thing about them- what Gui Ya was worried about was their destructive power. Every vehicle was equipped with extremely powerful heavy weapons!

Bastards! Is the Long family crazy? They actually sent out a force like this in public; are they not afraid of the repercussions! Even if Long Tian Yun hates Ling Chen, this is simply ridiculous!

In the darkness, fourteen shadows gathered around the Number 12 house. Every person’s body was releasing a chilling aura. The sounds of the cars drew nearer and nearer, and soon, there were fifteen identical bulletproof vehicles surrounding the Number 12 house. The doors of the cars were almost simultaneously opened, and the soldiers filed out one by one. Every person was holding… a heavy machine gun! Moreover, all of them were wearing thick metallic armour!

It seemed that the Long family was willing to do anything in order to kill Ling Chen!

“Kill them all!”

Gui Ya issued out the command, and as the soldiers were still exiting the cars, more than ten shadows suddenly appeared… they were like ten or so demonic shadows, and stealthily closed in on the intruders before they even noticed them.

Each of them was wearing heavy armour, and holding heavy machine guns that even three or four normal people would have struggled to hold. Evidently, these people were all formidable existences. On the battlefield, these sorts of people were pretty much humanoid tanks! These people weren’t simple assassins- they were one of the most terrifying forces in all of China. There were about 1,000 or so people in this force, and in order to destroy Ling Chen, the Long family had actually mobilised around 100 of them!

Indeed, Long Tian Yun had the authority to order these soldiers. The hatred he held for Ling Chen was such that he simply didn’t care about the consequences!

However, these people who had walked out of ‘Hell’ with Ling Chen were the strongest out of the strongest. They were all world-renowned assassins, and the dark night made the situation extremely favourable towards them.

Seeing these ghastly shadows, the soldiers didn’t panic at all, but instead raised their heavy machine guns as easily as raising a pistol. There were no words exchanged. The sound of the heavy machine guns being rapidly fired filled the air, and cries of shock and fright erupted from around the District. All of the houses’ lights were now off, and families all huddled together in the corners of their houses. Many of them picked up the phone to call the police, but this was futile. After all, the Long family had already ordered that without their permission, not a single police officer was to go there, no matter what.

The bullets from the heavy machine guns all had incredible destructive power and speed. It would be impossible for these Reapers from Hell to withstand more than a few hits. However, these heavy machine guns had their own drawbacks. Because there was too much recoil, the accuracy of the guns wasn’t great. With their speed and judgement honed in ‘Hell’, it wasn’t too difficult for the assassins to dodge them. After one round of wildly firing, not a single assassin had fallen. However, Ling Chen’s house was already riddled with countless bullet holes, and most of the glass had shattered.

The Reapers immediately retaliated. As soon as they got close enough, they turned into deathgods, using countless methods to kill their targets. A flash of light glinted in the darkness…


Gui Ya’s dagger had struck against his target’s neck, but what resulted was the sound of metal clashing against metal. These soldiers were covered from head to toe in armour, and normal bullets wouldn’t even be able to hurt them. However, Gui Ya did not despair or panic. Within the darkness, he found his target’s eyes, and pierced them with his dagger…


The soldier’s scream pierced through the air. Gui Ya kicked him away while grabbing his heavy machine gun, and started to fire at the other soldiers. His vision wasn’t hampered by the darkness at all, and he was able to fire both rapidly and accurately. The only part of the soldiers’ bodies that was exposed was their eyes. As such, every bullet Gui Ya shot out always hit his target in their eyes or forehead. Every time he shot, agonising cries would fill the air…

After these people reached the underworld, Hades was sure to tell them how stupid they were for angering these demons from ‘Hell’!

Compared to Gui Ya, Mu Bing Yao’s actions were much more graceful and efficient. Every time she attacked, blood would spurt out from her victims. The dagger in her hands looked ordinary, but it was able to easily pierce through the armour, cutting many throats. The dagger was called ‘Icy Hell’, and the creator was the Mad Scientist! It could cut through metal as easily as cutting through tofu. It had originally belonged to Ling Chen, but he had given it to Mu Bing Yao.

Whether it was their armour, weapons or numbers… the Reapers were all disadvantaged. This sort of heavy-armoured and weaponed force could even face up against a normal army. However, these Reapers were all true deathgods. They had been trained how to efficiently kill since young, as well as how to keep themselves alive.

If they wanted to take someone’s life, they could do it in an instant. However, if someone wanted to take their life, it would be even more difficult than reaching the skies. The tens of heavy machine guns would be enough to strew the ground with corpses. However, although the assassins’ bodies were hit multiple times, not a single person fell down. It was impossible for them to dodge every single bullet, but they wouldn’t allow their vitals to be hit. Although the soldiers were covered in full-body armour, their eyes were unprotected, which was enough for the assassins to instantly kill them.

The sounds of guns being fired and screams filled the night sky. More and more corpses fell to the ground, dying the ground blood-red. However, still, not a single Reaper had fallen. Even if they were hit by a bullet, they wouldn’t slow down at all. Although this was simply incomprehensible and impossible to normal people, they had gone through experiences like this many times.

Mobilising 15 bulletproof vehicles and close to 100 elite soldiers to eliminate a single target seemed like a joke. To them, using such a force to crush a single person was simply overkill. Usually, with their equipment and skills, just two or three people would be more than enough. As such, they had not felt even the slightest pressure when tasked with this mission. However, while fighting they discovered that they were wrong… completely wrong.

What was awaiting them were fourteen people… no, they weren’t humans. They were simply demons!

Under the dense barrage of bullets from the heavy machine guns, not a single assassin fell. Their bodies were covered with blood, and the bullets were hitting them, but none of them made any noise, and didn’t slow down at all. On the other hand, the soldiers were equipped with heavy armour, and yet they were screaming and falling one by one…

What was going on! Were these people even human? Even if it was the Xuanyuan family, such a thing would be impossible!


“Big sister, big sister! Wake up, big sister!”

Most of the glass in the house had been shattered, many bullets would fly through the walls. Ling Chen was still unconscious, and a terrified Tian Tian shook Shui Ruo as hard as she could, trying to wake her up. However, no matter how hard she yelled, or how hard she shook her, there was no response from Shui Ruo. She seemed to be in a very deep sleep.

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