Shura's Wrath

Chapter 316

The Awakened 13223 Drug (3)

Translators: Master Shadow and Mr Voltaire

Editor: Mr Voltaire

“Ruo Ruo, are you okay? Are you in pain?”

The paleness of Shui Ruo’s face caused Mu Bing Yao to feel incredibly worried. Even Shui Ruo’s cherry-red lips were now without a trace of blood. Hearing Mu Bing Yao’s words, Ling Shui Ruo gently shook her head as she said, “I’m fine. Maybe it’s because I haven’t rested well these days…”

Her voice was soft and light, as though she was making no effort to raise it. When speaking, she was still blankly looking at Ling Chen, and Mu Bing Yao could see that her eyes were not even focused. Slowly, Shui Ruo reached out with her hand, putting it on top of Ling Chen’s as she softly whispered, “Big sister Bing Yao, I … would like to sleep for a while … please take care of big brother, alright…”

All of them were desperate for Shui Ruo to immediately get some rest. Hearing her say this, Mu Bing Yao didn’t feel anything was off, and breathed a sigh of relief, “Alright, go and rest. When you’re awake, perhaps master will already be awake. I’ll take you to your room.”

“No need,” Shui Ruo said as she shook her head, “Let me sleep here … I want to stay with big brother, so that when big brother wakes up, the first thing he sees is me … I have a lot of things I need to tell him … So … So, please don’t let me and big brother be separated, okay? ”

No matter how cold-blooded one was, seeing Shui Ruo like this was enough to make their heart bleed. None of them could bear to insist otherwise. Mu Bing Yao nodded, “Okay, have a good rest. Master will wake up soon.”

“Thank you … big sister Bing Yao.” Shui Ruo weakly smiled. She held on to Ling Chen’s hand tightly as she sat on the chair and rested her upper body onto the bed. Her voice almost became a whisper, “I don’t have the power to protect big brother or take care of him, so in future, please protect him and take care of him… and also, tell big sister Meng Xin, Qi Qi and Su Su… I really like them…”

Then, although in a seemingly uncomfortable position, Shui Ruo drifted out of consciousness and into a deep sleep.

Shui Ruo’s words caused Mu Bing Yao a bit of heartache, but she did not find anything strange about them. She assumed that Ling Chen’s wounds had too much of a mental blow on her, causing her to feel guilty that she couldn’t do anything for him. The latter part of the sentence was probably because she hadn’t see the other girls in Heart’s Dream for a while.  Mu Bin Yao faintly sighed, took the bedside blanket and gently covered Shui Ruo’s back, then as best she could, silently tip-toed out of the door.

Upon exiting the room, Mu Bing Yao saw Tian Tian hurrying over with a bowl of hot soup. This was the sweet soup she had finally managed to make. Mu Bing Yao stopped her, and gestured to be quiet, “Tian Tian, don’t go in, your sister is asleep. Let’s not wake her up.”

“Ah? Really?” Tian Tian yelled out in joy. However, she immediately covered her mouth and vigorously nodded. She crept back slowly while carrying the soup, for fear of making any noise.

The summer days were quite long and the night only began to fall after 7pm. Today’s dinner was cooked by Mu Bing Yao. Although she hadn’t cooked in a while, her skills had not slipped by much, if at all. This was evidenced by Tian Tian’s saliva flowing to the ground upon seeing and smelling the food. All afternoon, she did not dare to enter Ling Chen’s room for fear of disturbing the resting Shui Ruo. For Ling Chen, whose body healed extremely quickly, his injury was no worry at all. However, Shui Ruo’s body, on the other hand, was something to be distressed about. She had finally fallen asleep, and everyone was so relieved and could not bear to disturb her. Tian Tian, who wanted to tell Shui Ruo that dinner was ready, gently opened the door. She saw that Shui Ruo was peacefully asleep on the bed, and so quietly closed the door. After eating dinner, she went to the living room, turned on the TV and muted it. She uninterestedly stared at the screen as she waited for Shui Ruo and Ling Chen to wake up.


Outside of the window.

These days, Gui Ya was always close by Ling Chen. Usually, only two or three people stayed here at a time, waiting for Ling Chen’s orders. Only if a major event had occurred, or if he had personally been summoned, would he appear. Because of Ling Chen’s abilities, he did not require any protection- it would be more appropriate for Ling Chen to be the one protecting the others. However, with Ling Chen unconscious, Gui Ya couldn’t feel at ease without being nearby.

“Gui Ya, we seem to have been noticed.” A shadowy figure behind him whispered.

“Mmm we were noticed from the first day; these three days, there have been seven separate groups of people investigating us, but they’ve never been close. For such a thing to happen, it’s not strange for us to be noticed. I hope that this won’t cause master’s identity to be exposed” Gui Ya said. He was at a dimly lit corner of the roof, where he could see far away into the distance while remaining unseen.

“Yao Ying and Qian Mo said that that master should wake up tonight.”

“What time is it now?”

“It’s just past eight.

“After master wakes up, immediately return to your posts. Don’t neglect the other matters. Hell is dead, so nothing can threaten the safety of master. As for Eve…” Upon mentioning this name, Gui Ya and the dark figure looked at each other, and chuckled.

“Right, how do we deal with Hell’s body?” Gui Ya suddenly asked.

“… He’s Bing Yao’s father, so we should bury him properly. Also, although Hell is dead, there isn’t the slightest sign of injury to his body externally…”

“Who cares; all that matters is that he’s dead. Hmph, how can that demon be fit to be Bing Yao’s father.” Gui Ya spat. Whenever he mentioned Hell, his body would release murderous intent. Ling Chen’s recovery was on everyone’s mind, but at the same time, there was nothing to be worried about. Their only concern was that this would lead to some unwanted consequences, such as…

The Tian Yuan District was not very well lit, and in the darkness, Gui Ya’s eagle-like eyes flashed. He slowly stood up straight and sneered, “Those idiotic troublemakers are making a move.”

“5 o’clock, 9 o’clock, 1 o’clock … … three directions, with around 10 people in each direction. They’re within 100 metres, and they seem to be carrying guns and other weapons.”

“Since the guests have come, let’s give them all a big gift. Get rid of them as quickly as possible, and find out their backgrounds.”

The shadow nodded, and disappeared into the darkness.

As the wind blew through the otherwise silent night, Gui Ya stood motionless, his eyes fixed on the distance as he muttered, “Have we been exposed…”

Three groups of people, all from different directions, slowly approached the Number 12 House of the Tian Yuan District. They were all dressed in plain clothes, casually walking and conversing as if they were a group of friends who had just come back from dinner. Their task was to test the waters, but they never thought that as soon as they had entered the District, they were exposed… after all, they were up against the Reapers from ‘Hell’, existences that were more like demons than humans.

All of the security cameras in the District had failed at the same time, but the lights of the security hall were still on. However, the doors, both inside and outside were locked, while the staff on duty inside lay in the monitoring station motionless.

As they came closer to their target, they knew that although their goal was simple, they couldn’t leave any traces in this important mission. If they couldn’t guarantee that, they would have to eliminate their target by any means, regardless. By the time they were only fifty meters away from the target building, they were still talking and laughing – nothing out of the ordinary. However, at this moment, a number of black silhouettes appeared from behind. Then … a split second later, silence. They all stopped walking, and fell backwards… they hadn’t even heard any sounds, nor did they even have an opportunity to cry out before they were killed, much less see who killed them or retaliate.

“We finished them all off, a total of 27.” Very soon, Gui Ya received the news. Killing, to them, was approached with as much nonchalance as mowing the grass. It was still unclear to them where these people had come from or what their goal was, but for the safety of Ling Chen, they would not allow these people to come close to him. Killing them was the best way to guarantee this.

“Their background?” Gui Ya asked.

“The Long family.”

Gui Ya: “!!!!”

The thing he had least wanted to happen, had finally happened.

The Long family’s intelligence network was simply too vast. Long Tian Yun had been investigating Ling Tian’s real life identity for a long time. The people from just then were sent by the Long family. Now that the people they sent had disappeared… Ling Chen’s identity and location had finally been exposed.

“Prepare our defenses; that was probably just a test. Since they’ve started to move, they won’t give us any space to breathe!” Gui Ya quickly ordered. Then, looking out into the distance, he muttered to himself, “It looks like we won’t be able to stay in Beijing anymore. After this ordeal, where will master choose to go…”


“What !? You lost contact with all of them? Hmph, don’t bother trying again- looks like the other side found them and killed them all. It seems that we’re not up against any ordinary people.”

“Since they found out, they must be making preparations… they might even be moving as we speak. What’s our next course of action?”

“Do not give them even the slightest opportunity to breathe or escape. Since they have already been alerted, we do not need to hide; use whatever means necessary to kill the target. Remember to bring heavy weaponry. If the opposition is too dangerous, blow them to kingdom come.”

“But … but if that’s the case … ”

“No buts! That man must die- this is an order from young master. The police will not go there, and you don’t need to concern yourself with the consequences.”

“Roger, we’ll definitely complete the task!”

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