Shura's Wrath

Chapter 312

The Avenger from Hell (8)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Ling Chen had walked along the border between life and death countless times. This was the first time he had experienced this within the last 6 years, and his strong desire to live helped him maintain his last shred of consciousness.

Although Ling Chen was powerful, in the end, he was still a person. It was simply impossible for him to compete with a monster. Back then, Instructor Hell was already virtually invincible, and was called the most powerful man on earth. Despite this, 6 years ago, Ling Chen was still able to defeat him with the help of Eve. However, this Hell was now a monster…

The pain was almost unbearable, and many of his bones had been broken. Nevertheless, Ling Chen was glad he could feel pain- after all, it meant that he was still alive. He blinked, trying to focus his vision, and wriggled his fingers… however, that was all he could do. He could feel an oppressive pressure drawing closer and closer, and he was once again picked up by his neck.”

“It’s painful, isn’t it? You’re not willing to die like this, right?” Hell asked in a low voice, “What you’re going through is more or less what I went through back then. However, I could come back from hell, but you won’t even have a corpse! Heheh… actually, it’d be fun if I could make you my puppet. It’s a pity that your mental energy is too strong though- strong to the point that you could even escape from the Mad Scientist’s control. Thus, our only choice was for me to come and end you. To be honest, you should be thanking me. Because if you lived on, and had to face what was coming, your fate would be even worse than death, hahahaha!”

Ling Chen: “……”


This time, Hell used almost all of his strength as he once again flung Ling Chen towards the thickest tree he could see. With a massive “boom”, Ling Chen crashed into a one-metre thick tree that was probably over 100 years old. The incredibly thick tree was split in half, and the upper half also flew out.

The moment Ling Chen smashed into that tree, his consciousness was once again on the verge of collapse, and he didn’t even notice as he fell to the ground. The entire world had become white, and everything had become silent. It was so silent that he could hear his own heartbeat.

My heart… is still beating… I’m not dead…


Ruo Ruo is waiting for me at home; how can I die here… if I die, who will protect her… if I die, she’ll be overcome with grief and might even do something stupid…

I can’t die no matter what…

Ling Chen’s body lay slanted against a large tree, completely unmoving. Beneath his body was a large pool of blood. His eyes were still open, but they seemed to stare out into the distance, as if he was dead. Even when Hell’s body blurred, then appeared in front of him, there was no reaction at all from him. Seeing the strongest Reaper he had trained using his own skills against him, causing him to fall into despair, had filled Hell with boundless fury. Right now, he was no longer Instructor Hell- not only had he received a new body, but his mind had also been twisted. Seeing Ling Chen on the brink of death, he coldly laughed, “If it was that woman Eve, she’d already be in a hundred pieces. You monster, you’re still in one piece and alive after all that. No wonder you blocked so many hits for Eve back then, and could even deal a life-threatening strike to me. If it wasn’t for the power and weapons that the Mad Scientist gave me, I probably wouldn’t be able to kill you.”

Ling Chen: “……”

Ling Chen didn’t know what sort of condition he was in right now, only that he was still alive. He could feel that Hell was in front of him, and that he was saying something, but he couldn’t focus on what he was saying. It had been like this every time he had been on the verge of death, but like every time before this, he wouldn’t allow himself to die… he couldn’t die no matter what!

It was so hard for Ruo Ruo and I to finally get rid of the Isrock Disease nightmare, and everything has been getting better and better. How can I allow myself to die here and now?

Before, with his sheer willpower, he had been able to resist his consciousness fading, time and time again. However, this time was different. Back then, he could use his willpower to keep his consciousness intact. This time, it was his body that was going to perish first.

The world in front of him was completely white, and he tried to focus to see what was in front of him. He was unable to move, so he could only focus his mental energy into his eyes… despite this, his vision still hadn’t recovered, so the world was still white to him. However, when he had done this, the white world started to spin, and began to spin faster and faster.

“Having a strong body doesn’t seem to be that great of a thing either, because I won’t ever be able to experience the thrill of fighting. Even if it’s you, all you can do is struggle uselessly in front of me. Since it’s like this, I should end this game now.” Standing in front of the unmoving Ling Chen, Hell raised his wrist towards Ling Chen, pointing the muzzle towards his head as he said, “Goodbye, Adam. When you’re in hell, don’t forget to welcome everyone else, hahahaha.”

As he was talking, he didn’t notice that behind him, a black shadow had stealthily appeared. This shadow was almost undetectable by the human eye, and it raised its palm towards Hell’s back.

As he madly laughed, Hell prepared to open fire when suddenly, two rays of red light appeared in front of him… those two rays of red light evidently came from Ling Chen’s seemingly lifeless eyes.


This sight caused Hell to freeze in shock. The shadow behind him was also shocked, and froze in place, staring at the red light coming from Ling Chen’s eyes.

How could a human’s eyes let out red light… what was going on? Moreover, this light was blood red!

Ling Chen’s world had changed from white to blood red.

He didn’t understand what was going on, and didn’t know why his vision had turned blood red. He could see a person’s silhouette in front of him, and could tell that it was Hell. However, what he didn’t see wasn’t Hell’s face and external appearance, but rather, his arteries, veins, heart, bones, lungs…

This was the inside of Hell’s body…

Why would he be able to see such a thing…?

The outside of Hell’s body was virtually indestructible, but his organs were still human. If his organs were destroyed, he would still die…

Destroy his organs…

Destroy his organs…

Destroy his organs!!!!!

Ling Chen stared intensely at those countless arteries, veins, organs… desperately willing them to explode, to be cut… gradually, the scene before him began to change. He saw the arteries begin to twist, and the organs began to enlarge, as if they were going to explode…


Hell, who was preparing to deal the final blow to Ling Chen, suddenly gave a horrific shriek, feeling as if his entire body had been pierced by thousands of swords. As he howled, he pressed against his chest with his hands, then fell to the ground, rolling around in pain. As his organs began to rupture and explode, blood began to stream from his seven orifices, splattering the ground with blood.

However, no matter how much he screamed and yelled, the pain didn’t stop, but instead became even more intense.

Ling Chen’s world became an even deeper shade of red, and he continued to fixedly stare at Hell’s exploding blood vessels and organs… he continued to use his gaze to rip them apart and rupture them…

Destroy… all of them!!

All of them!!

Ling Chen gathered all of his mental energy into his eyes, and watched as the blood vessels and organs all twisted together and became a pile of bloodied mush. As his consciousness faded, the blood red world once again became white, then completely black.

Hell’s tortured cries finally died down, and stared at Ling Chen as he also lay on the ground. The whole region had become completely silent.

The mysterious shadow that was behind Hell came in front of Ling Chen and stared at him for a while, before softly speaking out in a quivering voice, “Eyes… of… Extermination!!”

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