Shura's Wrath

Chapter 310

The Avenger from Hell (6)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Restored eyes, restored right arm and a woundless body…

This person was indeed Hell, but it wasn’t Hell’s body!

“Your body has been modified?!” Ling Chen finally realised something as he coldly asked. Only a certain person could make such modifications to a human.

And that was the Mad Scientist!

“That’s right.” Hell curtly replied. He rolled his neck, which released a ‘ka ka’ sound, and folded his arms as he looked at Ling Chen with pity in his eyes, “My body was destroyed by you guys, but because of that, I received an even more perfect body- the most perfect body in the world! You little monsters should know who it was that modified my body right? Heh… that year, it was the Mad Scientist who saved me. I never thought that it would be him who would save me one day. He had been waiting for that day for a long time, because to him, I was the perfect experimental subject. However, he had never had the chance to make me into one of his subjects. It was only because of what you did that gave him this opportunity. He used 6 years to create for me a new body-  an unfathomably strong and tough body.

Ling Chen gritted his teeth… so he was right! No wonder why, after Hell had disappeared, the Mad Scientist had also disappeared. So he had been reviving Hell, then hid away.

Hell slowly raised his right hand. It was a snow-white hand, with the palm facing Ling Chen. Ling Chen’s eyes narrowed as he readied his body. Suddenly, Hell’s entire right hand swung downwards, while his wrist stayed in the same place. With a ‘kacha’ sound, Hell’s fingers were now pressed against his wrist, and a black hole had appeared in the gap between his arm and his wrist.



As something ignited within that dark hole, Ling Chen’s body instantly jumped and rolled to the side… BOOM!! A massive explosion sounded out, with the force knocking Ling Chen far away, slamming him into a tree. There was now a 3-metre-deep hole where he had been previously.

“Heheh, as expected from the Adam that I developed. You made such a perfect response in such a situation.” Hell said as he coldly laughed. He raised his left hand, and his hand also swung down, revealing another hole and pointed it towards Ling Chen, “I wonder how long you can dodge. Do your best though, so I can have fun for a bit longer. It’d be too boring if this ended before I could fully test out my new body.”

Ling Chen’s eyes contracted as he stared at Hell, and he suddenly remembered a name that only appeared in sci-fi movies…


This was definitely the work of the Mad Scientist!

The Mad Scientist had actually created such a terrifying being!!

Ling Chen breathed in, and stuck close to the tree behind him as he said, “You… the proud and strong Instructor Hell, were actually willing to give up your pride and dignity to become half-human and half-robot!”

“Hahaha,” Hell was not angry at all, but instead started to laugh, “A long time ago, the Mad Scientist told me that he wanted to give me a body like this, which would make me many times stronger. However, at that time I refused… now that I know how powerful this body is, I know how stupid I was back then.”

Hell stretched out his arms, revelling in his own body, “This is such a wonderful body. The surface of my body is made of a metal that does not come from earth. Its hardness is three times that of the best diamonds on earth. Even lasers can’t harm me much now. My full talent has been unlocked by this body! My internal organs have all been fully restored, and with a body like this, it’s impossible to damage them at all!

“My eyes are from a creature that does not exist on earth, and I can even see 1,000 metres away clearly! My body has exceeded anything you all thought was possible, and my right hand has become a weapon that can turn into 30 different types of destructive weapons… Haha, how incredible, how wonderful is this body. Do you know why I let those two women, as well as those two trash go? The reason is that I have this body because of you, and so only you are qualified to become the first offering that this body makes. Prepare yourself, Adam!”

A body three times harder than diamond… no wonder that knife was unable to even hurt him.

With this sort of body, even if Ling Chen was 10 times stronger, he still wouldn’t be able to harm him!

In other words… he could never kill Hell!

Ling Chen’s body didn’t feel as numb anymore, and he coldly laughed, “The Instructor Hell I knew definitely wouldn’t have given up his basic dignity for power. Although I hated Instructor Hell, but I respected him for his strength. However, now you’ve become mad- no, you’re not even Hell anymore. You’re just a monster that’s even lower than a human!”

“Moreover…” Ling Chen narrowed his eyes as he swept over Hell’s body as he said in a low voice, “Your body’s toughness and strength has increased, but after adding so many things to your body, don’t you feel heavy…”

As soon as he spoke, Ling Chen suddenly turned, and rushed into the forest behind him. With his speed and explosive power, as well as the cover from the forest, he soon disappeared.

He simply couldn’t hurt this damn monster at all. Against him, Ling Chen only had one choice.

Escape! As far as he could!

Ling Chen disappeared from Hell’s field of vision. However, Hell did not panic at all, and did not give chase, but instead coldly laughed, “Did you really think that I would be slower with this body? You’re way too naïve… There’s something else that I forgot to tell you- my eyes are also equipped with the best tracking devices- even if you escape to the end of the world, I’ll still be able to find you… well, I’ll enjoy this game of cat-and-mouse. Don’t worry, as the Reaper I put all of my hope in, I won’t let you die too quickly. I’ll prolong this game as long as possible and enjoy your suffering, hahaha!”

One of the fundamental rules of being an assassin was: Do not toy with your enemy.

However, Hell had forgotten this important rule that he himself had drilled into Ling Chen. From another perspective, he had no reason to follow this rule- after all, he wasn’t worried that his target would be able to escape or retaliate, and there were not any variables that could change the outcome. The current him, to humans, was simply a ‘god’!

Ling Chen desperately ran, and didn’t stop even for a second. He pulled out the pieces of the knife from his hand as he ran, and the blood from both his left hand and right arm was beginning to stop. His flesh was repairing at a rate that could be observed by the human eye. This recovery speed was also something given to him by the Mad Scientist.

Thinking to the Mad Scientist, Ling Chen’s body shuddered… he was indeed completely and utterly mad. That incredibly skinny, short and weak looking old man with white glasses had again and again created completely monstrous and impossible creations!

From that single attack from before, Ling Chen knew just how incredibly powerful Hell was. Just as Hell had said, even lasers probably couldn’t harm him. How could the Mad Scientist create such a monster!!

Right now, even if there were 10 Ling Chens, it would be impossible to kill Hell. His only option was to flee. His only hope was that Hell’s speed had been reduced due to the modifications, and he would not be able to catch up to him.

Behind him, he couldn’t sense Hell chasing him. It seemed that he had shaken off Hell, but the pressure within his heart didn’t disappear at all. Every second that he ran, he could almost feel a pair of eyes watching him, and his body felt like it was locked by something. No matter how fast he ran, or which direction he ran in, he couldn’t get rid of that feeling.

What was with this feeling…

Was he being too paranoid?

Yes… that was the only explanation…


Ruo Ruo and Tian Tian are at home waiting for me… I can’t die here! I can’t let him find me!

Ling Chen wiped the sweat off his forehead. In front of him was a vast piece of farmland. He retraced his footsteps and ran in a different direction.

Without any birds or insects, the only sound was his feet lightly running on the ground, as well as the sounds from branches and twigs that he stepped on. An hour passed, and Ling Chen once again exited the forest, and returned to where he was originally. He stopped running, and looked around him, his body covered in cold sweat.

This pressure and the feeling of being constantly watched…

“Haha, run, keep running. Why did you stop? The Adam that I trained shouldn’t be exhausted so easily.”

Ling Chen’s body stiffened, and he deeply inhaled and exhaled. He slowly turned around, and looked at Hell, who seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Hell was standing within 10 steps of him, but even with Ling Chen’s senses, he was unable to detect him!

“Your eyes contain some sort of tracking ability!” Ling Chen coldly said as he stared at Hell’s eyes.

“Your observation’s pretty good. Indeed, as long as someone has been locked on to by me, with these eyes, they’ll never be able to escape. Do you want to try?” Hell asked as he grinned evilly.

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