Shura's Wrath

Chapter 306

The Avenger from Hell (2)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

The day after Ling Chen and Xiao Qi went to the Lava Purgatory

Tian Tian, wearing light blue pyjamas, sat on a plastic chair on the balcony, staring at a glass cup with a face of concentration.

“That feeling just then. Just a bit more… a little bit more…”

“I have to succeed this time!”

Tian Tian touched her hands together and bit her lips, her face fully serious. She deeply inhaled, as she pointed at the cup with her right hand and held her breath… after a long while, when her little face became red, she opened her mouth, yelling, “Marvel at Tian Tian’s power… turn into two!!”

Under the sunlight, a mysterious light shone, which became blindingly bright.

In front of Tian Tian, another glass cup, exactly the same as the original one, had appeared next to the original one.


Tian Tian stared for a while before standing up with a ‘whoosh’ and excitedly yelling, “I did it, I did it!!”

Her little face became red from excitement, and she carefully picked up the two glass cups to examine them closely. She ran into the dining room with both cups in hand, yelling at Ling Chen and Shui Ruo, “Big brother, big sister, look at this!!”

Ling Chen was lying on the sofa, reading through a story book… in order to be able to tell Leng’Er stories every day, he had to start reading story books. He soon found that… they were actually quite interesting. Hearing Tian Tian’s yelling, Ling Chen looked over, and saw Tian Tian rushing over like a hurricane. He sighed inwardly- it seemed that today’s peace was over. Ling Chen put down the book and asked, “What are you so excited about? I hope you’re not going to drag me to play video games.”

“Big brother, look!” Tian Tian carefully put the two glass cups on the table, and excitedly pointed at them, “Look, I turned it into two! My magic is coming back! Awesome, awesome!”

Ling Chen could feel his face twitching… Bullcrap, we already had two of these anyways. You’re way too inexperienced at conning people.

Ling Chen immediately revealed a mock expression of shock as he exclaimed, “Wow! You turned one cup into two! Tian Tian’s so amazing! No less expected from the Demon Queen herself! Tian Tian needs to work hard to recover her magic, so she’ll be invincible!’

“Mhmm, mhmm!” Tian Tian was in high spirits and she vigorously nodded her head. She stretched out her hand as she said, “Big brother, I’ll show you my magic… I’ll turn these two cups into three, watch!”

After speaking, little Tian Tian stretched out her hand and yelled, “Turn into three!”

One second passed…

Three seconds passed…

Five seconds passed…

A tumbleweed blew past…

But nothing happened.

Ling Chen: ╮╯▽╰╭

“Ahhhh!!” Little Tian Tian stared at the cups in disbelief, “It worked just then, so why isn’t it working anymore… I-I’ll try again!”

“Turn into three!”


“Turn into three!”


“Ahem, Tian Tian,” Ling Chen simply couldn’t take it anymore, and he tried to help Tian Tian, who was almost at the verge of crying, get back some of her pride, “You just regained a little bit of your magic, and you just used it not too long ago. If you don’t properly rest before trying again, it definitely won’t work. Don’t worry, it’ll definitely work tomorrow… plus, since your magic has started recovering, it’ll definitely become stronger and stronger as time goes on.”

Hearing Ling Chen’s ‘very logical’ explanation, little Tian Tian did not feel embarrassed anymore, and instead nodded her head, “Yep, yep, big brother’s right! It must be like this. I thought I lost my magic just as I regained it. I’ll perform my magic for big brother tomorrow then! I’m going to go tell big sister now!”

Tian Tian picked up the two glass cups and ran into the kitchen. Shortly after, the two girls’ voices could be heard:

“Big sister, big sister, look, some of my magic has come back and I turned this cup into two cups!”

Ling Chen knew just how doting Shui Ruo was of Tian Tian, and could already predict what her reaction would be.

As expected…

“Wow! Tian Tian’s amazing! Can you teach big sister sometime?”

“Ah? I… I don’t think I can.”

“Alright, that’s okay. Then big sister will teach you how to cook, alright?”

Shui Ruo skilfully redirected the topic to cooking.

“Wuu… can I please not learn? Cooking’s so hard and I’m so bad at it.”

“No way, Tian Tian has been improving by a lot, and even big brother says so. Plus, if Tian Tian learns how to cook, she can cook whatever she wants, whenever she wants. If one day I’m not at home, Tian Tian can still cook for big brother, and big brother will like Tian Tian even more.”

“But I’ve learnt from big sister so many times and yet what I make is still so yucky…”

Looking at the clock on the wall, Ling Chen put down the story book he was reading and quickly sent a text on his phone. He got up and walked into the kitchen, announcing, “Alright, let’s go out for a picnic today!”

“A picnic? Wow, really? Yay! Yay!!”

Tian Tian, who had been unwillingly forced into cooking again, happily jumped up and down. Shui Ruo smiled as she saw Tian Tian like this. She put down the knife in her hands and said, “Big brother, it’s already lunch time, and preparing a picnic will take a long time. How about we have the picnic in the afternoon?”

“Don’t worry, everything’s been prepared already and the location has also been chosen. We’ll leave after getting changed.”


10 minutes later, the three of them walked out and a large and luxurious SUV was parked outside.

“Let’s go. Everything has already been prepared- food, drinks, chairs, barbecue equipment… and a tent apparently.” Ling Chen and Shui Ruo held each of Tian Tian’s hands as they walked towards the car. A man wearing a cap walked out of the side-seat and opened the door for them, then respectfully stood to one side.

“Wow! Such a cool car! Big sister, big sister is this our car? Are these two uncles big brother’s friends?”

“En, they’re big brother’s friends. Let’s get on the car.” Shui Ruo said as she smiled, and helped Tian Tian onto the car. Shui Ruo had never met these two people before, but she could guess who they were. Before, Ling Chen had never told her about his past, or about the powerful organisation controlled by Ling Chen… an organisation filled with monsters who had walked out from ‘Hell’. Ling Chen had only told Shui Ruo about all of this after the incident with the Sword Emperor. This was the first time she had met these people.

Seeing this, Shui Ruo didn’t feel the need to ask anything.

On the way, the two men in the front didn’t say a single world… without Ling Chen saying anything, they didn’t dare to say anything. They were two of the people always secretly monitoring the house, and their sole job was to protect Shui Ruo. All of them knew just how important Shui Ruo was to Ling Chen- although it seemed like a very easy job, but it was an incredibly important one.

The one who spoke the most was Tian Tian. After getting on the car, she simply couldn’t calm down. She would glance out both windows, and would even sometimes try to stick her head out the window, giving Shui Ruo a scare. Many of the things said by her caused even the two men in the front to almost laugh out loud.

Seeing Shui Ruo fretting so much over Tian Tian, Ling Chen sighed in amazement… Shui Ruo was only 16 years old, and was still somewhat a child herself. She liked pretty clothes, eating ice cream, being piggybacked by him, as well as hugging her pillow while rolling around on the bed. However, after Tian Tian had joined them, in order to look after Tian Tian, she had gradually matured and became more and more adult-like. In front of Tian Tian, she would not do any of the childish things she used to do in front of Ling Chen.

There was a saying that a man or woman only truly matured after having a child. Shui Ruo’s changes… were evidently because she saw Tian Tian as her own daughter.

After nearly an hour, they had reached their destination.

Ling Chen had originally wanted to go to a park on the top of a mountain, but then suddenly thought of the place they had gone to for their first picnic after Ling Chen had joined Shui Ruo’s family. After Shui Ruo had contracted the Isrock Disease, they had not gone out for a picnic. As such, he wanted to find a comfortable place where there would not be anyone else.

This was a small forest with a stream nearby. The sounds of birds and insects, as well as flowing water filled the air.  It was an incredibly peaceful and relaxing area, and it didn’t seem like there were any other people around.

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