Shura's Wrath

Chapter 279

Black Flames Xuan Feng

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

The top ranked player on the Player Rankings had already reached LV23, and seeing his own level which had been stuck at LV20 for a while, Ling Chen felt slightly annoyed. However, he wasn’t in a rush- after a few days, he would be able to reach the Vermillion Bird City. There, he would be able to level up while looking for the Vermillion Bird. If he focused on levelling up again, he had confidence that he would be able to rise to the number 1 position again within 1 or 2 months.

Yun Meng Xin had decided to completely give up on her battle profession, as well as all of the hard work she had put into it. It seemed that she was planning on choosing a ‘lifestyle profession’. These days, she had been deep in thought as to what she should do.

As for the other girls of Heart’s Dream: Shui Ruo played a support role, and was absolutely critical to the team. The main source of damage came from Mu Bing Yao and Yun Meng Xin originally. Xiao Qi didn’t have a Hidden Profession, but even with all of the equipment Ling Chen had given her, her ice magic wasn’t very powerful. Seeing how much damage her ice magic dealt, Ling Chen frowned, but didn’t say anything. Apart from Mu Bing Yao, Xiao Qi was the only one who didn’t have a special profession. He was afraid that if he said anything, her confidence would be lowered. Perhaps it was because ice magic also had crowd-control abilities, so its damage was comparatively lower. As for Su’Er, although she had a special profession, but her battle sense and reaction speed were far inferior to Mu Bing Yao, who didn’t even have a special profession. After Meng Xin leaving the battle team, the main source of damage was left to Mu Bing Yao. However, Tian Tian had filled this big gap that Meng Xin had left behind. After she had all of her LV10 equipment sorted out, her summons would be a big help to the team. Although she was still a kid, her profession was unmatched in all of China!

As such, the girls all viewed little Tian Tian as a treasure- not only was she incredibly cute, but was also an important member of their battle team.

After coming to a fairly remote area, the Ling Chen’s map indicated that the region ahead was called the “Seven Mile Slopes”. It was a mountainous region that extended for about seven miles, and contained monsters around LV65-70. Moreover, travelling through it was quite difficult, and there was even a possibility of encountering traps.

As such, when entering the Seven Mile Slopes, Ling Chen slowed down, and focused on his surroundings. Any of the monsters that appeared here could easily destroy him. This sort of place, where it was difficult to walk, as well as contained high level monsters, was his least favourite type of place.

“Big brother! Big bad guy brother! There are people bullying big sister, quickly come!”

After entering the Seven Mile Slopes, Tian Tian’s voice suddenly erupted from the communication device. When he was alone, Ling Chen always set the settings so that anyone who called him would be able to reach him directly. He lifted up the communication device, and asked, “Which baddie has the guts to dare to bully your big sister? You should be rushing over to protect your big sister.”

“But… they have so many people. So, so many. They’ve completely surrounded us. With so many people, it’s impossible for me to beat them. We can even run away! Big brother, hurry up and save us!” Tian Tian’s voice was sounding more and more worried and desperate. At this moment, Ling Chen could clearly hear a man’s voice wildly laughing as he yelled, “Hahahaha, little brat, shout as much as you want. When you big brother gets here, he’ll crap himself when he sees all of us, hahaha…”

Ling Chen immediately opened up the Guild Page, and saw where they were located.

“Haha, looks like something interesting’s going to happen. I want to see which idiot doesn’t want to live anymore.” Ling Chen coldly laughed as he took out a teleport scroll. After crushing it and arriving in the town, he rushed out of town and charged in the direction Shui Ruo and Tian Tian were, while saying in a low voice, “Broken Shadow!”

Ling Chen’s body blurred, and he shot away with a gust of wind following behind him.

Plains Region District 3

There were at least 300 people gathered together, all wearing similar clothing and every person had a tattoo of black flames on their right arm. This tattoo showed their status- members of the Black Flames Alliance. There was not a single person in China who didn’t know of this guild, which was one of the 10 largest guilds.

The 300 people had grouped together in a large circle, with five girls surrounded in the middle. Using this many people to surround just 5 girls seemed to be quite excessive. However, the person in charge didn’t think that this was excessive at all. He looked at the girls with an immoral expression while his arm was wrapped around another woman. His eyes looked up and down each of the girls continuously… these 5 girls were simply too exquisite. The ones who weren’t wearing masks were all exceptional beauties who could take any onlooker’s breath away and make them burn with desire.

He had seen quite a few beauties, but it was the first time he had seen such astoundingly stunning girls. What made his heart beat even faster was that two of the girls hadn’t even matured yet, but already had amazing bodies- after they grew up, their looks would simply transcend that which was humanly possible. As for the 2 girls who were wearing masks… the tiny one was definitely out of the question, but the older one was definitely a goddess-class beauty, even though her face was covered.

He had certainly struck gold today! The man could feel his heart beating faster and faster, and was already starting to imagine them as his possessions. He spoke to the girls with an arrogant tone, “Our Black Flames Alliance doesn’t want to bully a few girls, so we won’t pursue the issue of you coming onto our territory. The only thing is that my woman wants that piece of clothing you’re wearing, so name a price and we’ll buy it off you. I promise on my honour as the young master of the Black Flames Alliance that we’ll let you go as soon as you agree.”
The young master of the Black Flames Alliance was only around 22 or 23 years old. He was slightly skinny, had a pale face and a lustful personality. Above his head hung the name “Black Flames Xuan Feng”. The piece of clothing he had referred to was the one Shui Ruo was wearing… the [Moon God Light Dress] that Ling Chen had obtained from the Moon God Ruins.

Back then, when Ling Chen gave the Moon God Light Dress to Shui Ruo, the beauty and magnificence of the dress caused Xiao Qi, Su’Er and Meng Xin to gasp in admiration. Even Mu Bing Yao, seeing Shui Ruo wear the dress, revealed an expression of admiration and envy. This Moon God Light Dress was definitely hundreds, if not thousands of times more beautiful and valuable than even the most beautiful dress in the Azure Dragon Tailor Shop. Moreover, it even had bonus stats.

Shui Ruo knew how dazzling this dress was, so she usually wouldn’t wear it around. However, when she was wearing it while training, a female player called “Pink Rosa” charged over like a madwoman and demanded to buy it. This Moon God Light Dress was something that Ling Chen had obtained with great difficulty from the Moon God Ruins, and had once belonged to a Moon God Representative. No matter how much money she was offered, Shui Ruo definitely wouldn’t sell it. As such, “Pink Rosa” called for backup- her husband, the young master of the Black Flames Alliance: Black Flames Xuan Feng.

Everyone who knew him knew that Black Flames Xuan Feng was an extremely lustful and licentious fellow. However, he was extremely caring towards his wife, and would always try to fulfil her wishes. When he saw Shui Ruo and the others, his heart nearly exploded. He immediately got his people to surround them, to prevent them from running off. Before meeting them, his goal was to get the dress for his wife, but now he also had other plans.

“Rubbish! We’ve been training here from yesterday to today; if you want to lie, at least make the lie believable!” Xiao Qi angrily retorted.

Black Flames Xuan Feng chuckled, and looked up and down her body. His eyes tended to always stop and pause on her bountiful breasts. Xiao Qi was only 16 or 17, but her body had matured quite early on, and could make almost any man fall for her. He spoke, “Didn’t you know that the area within 2 kilometres of here all belongs to my Black Flames Alliance? You’ve all intruded on our territory for a whole day, but we won’t blame you if you just sell us the dress.”

Black Flame Xuan Feng’s words sounded quite generous and magnanimous, but only he knew what he was truly thinking.

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