Shura's Wrath

Chapter 275

Little White, Attack!

Translator: WhinyWhale

Editor: Mr Voltaire

Returning back to the small house of Heart’s Dream, Yun Meng Xin, Xiao Qi, Su’Er and Mu Bing Yao were all there. When the door opened, Tian Tian popped her head in, taking a glance at the few girls nervously before running in to the equally surprised girls who were looking at her and shouted, “Hello big sister Meng Xin, hello big sister Bing Yao, hello big sister Qi Qi, hello big sister Su Su. I’m called Tian Tian!”

Tian Tian had correctly shouted out the names of all four of the girls and this was of course the credit of Shui Ruo. She had already told Tian Tian the names and characteristics of Meng Xin and the rest beforehand, and had also ingrained it deeply in her memory, so she was not too nervous even when this was the first time they met.

“This unruly little brat, who was so haughty before, has indeed become more likeable after being trained by Shui Ruo.” A slight smile surfaced at the corner of Ling Chen’s mouth as he thought silently.

Ling Chen could clearly see that the expression of those girls had turned warm and gentle after being greeted by Tian Tian, especially Xiao Qi and Su’Er where their pupils brightened up even more than when they first met Cai’Er. Xiao Qi immediately welcomed Tian Tian, reaching out to her using both her hands, but retracted back. As one could tell, she probably wanted to hold Tian Tian up or clasp her cheeks but was afraid to scare this little girl, so she bent her waist and sized her up intently. She was liking Tian Tian more and more as she looked at her. “So you are that Tian Tian. Ruo Ruo had often told us about you, and furthermore, you’re even cuter than what your big sister described you to be. Can you take off your mask to let us big sisters see your face?”

Tian Tian shook her head, “Big sister said that I can’t.”

Xiao Qi’s lips gave a wry smile as she got a little frustrated and said, “You three siblings are too much, always being so secretive.”

Shui Ruo smiled gently as she said in an apologetic manner, “I’m sorry Qi Qi, if one day big brother agrees to it then me and Tian Tian will definitely let you see our faces.”

Listening to what Shui Ruo had said, Xiao Qi got embarrassed, “Ah? It’s okay. I have already known that big brother Ling Tian is very powerful and has such a big conflict with the Yan Huang Alliance, that’s why all of you definitely can’t reveal your identities. However, even if I can’t see what all of you look like, I can totally confirm that Ruo Ruo is definitely as pretty as a fairy and Tian Tian is definitely extremely cute; only super cute girls would have such a nice voice, am I right, Tian Tian?”

“I have always been the cutest and the most obedient child who listens to her big sister.” Tian Tian, who had never been taught how to be humble, immediately agreed, of course. At the same, her favourable impression of this big sister who had praised her had also increased.

Young girls like Tian Tian would always be easily accepted and well-liked by other people because these kind of girls usually didn’t possess any malice in them, which was why they would naturally have an intimate and likeable aura. Even though Tian Tian had her face covered, but just by looking at her overall appearance, one could tell that she looked just like a cute doll. Even Shui Ruo was easily conquered by her previously and liked her so much that she couldn’t bear separating from her, let alone the rest of the girls in Heart’s Dream.

Tian Tian was encircled by the girls like a little princess, who asked her all sorts of questions while Ling Chen was left forgotten at one corner without anyone paying attention to him. He pondered for a while before pulling Mu Bing Yao to one side and asked softly, “What happened over at their side this afternoon? Why did they only come online just now?”

Mu Bing Yao used a voice that only Ling Chen could hear and said, “I was on a mission so I wasn’t there this afternoon. When I came back, Xiao Qi’s father and older brother had just left. Xiao Qi is currently ill and bed-ridden and her body is very weak now. Meng Xin said that Xiao Qi had a high fever and needs to rest for a few days, but I feel that they seem to be hiding something.”

If it’s like this……

Ling Chen immediately stood up and walked over to Xiao Qi and asked, “Qi Qi, I heard that you fell sick?”

“Ah?” Xiao Qi who was initially playing around with Tian Tian revealed a panic-stricken face when Ling Chen asked her that question, but she immediately returned back to normal and gave a nonchalant smile, “I accidentally caught a cold when I was bathing this afternoon, causing me to have a fever. It’s nothing serious, I just need to lie down for a day to get better.”

“Ah? Qi Qi you’re sick?” Shui Ruo immediately stood up and asked, feeling deeply concerned.

“I already said that I’m fine, it’s only a light fever. The fever has already subsided and I’m perfectly fine. If you don’t believe me you can ask Su Su and big sister Meng Xin. You really don’t have to worry, I’m not that weak.” Xiao Qi was still explaining nonchalantly.

Ling Chen could accurately tell at one glance if a person was lying, but he would also not dig deeper if Xiao Qi did not want to say any more, so he just nodded his head, “Then rest well, and don’t overexert yourself.”

“En, got it.” Xiao Qi stuck out her tongue as she replied. She was elated deep inside knowing that Ling Chen cared about her so much.

“Well, let’s all welcome our newest member who is joining Heart’s Dream today.” Ling Chen changed the topic and redirected the focus back onto Tian Tian. He stood in front of Tian Tian and said sternly, “Tian Tian, big sister must have already told you that Heart’s Dream is the number one guild in the whole of China. Although we don’t have many members, but our goal is to become the strongest guild in the whole of China and only the most talented people can join Heart’s Dream. Once you join our guild, you must listen to all the big sisters and work hard together with them, so you cannot be mischievous and act on your own accord. Do you understand?”

“I understand, I understand, big bad guy is lecturing people again, hmph!” Tian Tian pouted and mumbled to herself as she agreed. It was obvious that his words were not as effective as compared to Shui Ruo.

“Big bad guy?” The girls burst out laughing after hearing the nickname.

Three black lines surfaced on Ling Chen’s forehead as he helplessly said, “Alright, since you’re so obedient, I will let you join Heart’s Dream. From now on, you are Heart’s Dream’s seventh member and also the youngest one. In the future you will have to listen to all your big sisters and follow them wherever they go, and you are not allowed to run around on your own.”

After saying all that, Ling Chen did not wait for Tian Tian’s reply and sent an invitation to her.

Very soon, every member of Heart’s Dream received a notification simultaneously,

“Ding…… player ‘Tian Tian Tian Tian’ has joined Heart’s Dream.”

“Tian Tian Tian Tian!?” The girls were astounded when they saw the name.

“Isn’t this the name that was ranked number one on the Hidden Profession Rankings just now? Don’t tell me that the person…… is actually Tian Tian?”

The girls had the same reaction as Ling Chen when they saw the name ‘Tian Tian Tian Tian’ at the top of the rankings; seeing that this person was right in front of them, their faces displayed shock and incredulity. Everyone had been trying to guess who this mysterious expert, whose profession was ranked even higher than Ling Tian’s, was. However, nobody would ever believe that this person was actually a little girl around ten years of age.

“Yes, yes that’s me! I’m very powerful right?” Tian Tian answered energetically as she beamed at the girls. From her ignorant self in the past to now, she was beginning to understand what it meant for her to possess such a profession. However, it was clear that she still did not understand the idea of being low-profiled, and seeing the exaggerated reaction from the big sisters that she just met, she became increasingly pleased with herself – although she still did not know why the profession had suddenly appeared.

“Ling Tian, is this for real?” Yun Meng Xin asked in shock. Indeed, this was really too unbelievable.

“Correct, it’s indeed Tian Tian. Moreover, it was not me who gave her this profession. After all, one must obtain the profession with his or her own ability or hard work for that profession to be placed in the Hidden Profession Rankings.” Ling Chen had already anticipated that they would have this kind of reaction. Tian Tian having this profession was the most inconceivable thing that he faced ever since he entered into the world of Mystic Moon. No matter how hard he thought, the only reason he could come up with was that the creator of the game was mad. “Let’s go, we will head over to the wilderness together and take a look at Tian Tian’s profession’s abilities.”

As the average level for players was nearing LV20, the number of players in the Plains Region District One gradually fell, and before long, they found an area with nobody around.

LV10 Sheep Monsters tended to roam around the outskirts of the Plains Region. They were the weakest monsters in the Plains Region and possessed a gentle nature and would not take the initiative to attack. The members of Heart’s Dream stood in front of a few Sheep Monsters and Ling Chen took a glance towards these sheep, “Tian Tian, try to use your summons to attack these sheep.”

“Okay, let me show you!” Tian Tian was already itching to try them out as she took a step forward, pursing her lips with a serious expression and began the summon, “Little White, come on out!”

Under the delicate yell, two streaks of white light flashed in front of her as two Little White summons appeared in an instant. Seeing the appearance of the Little Whites, Ling Chen almost spat out his saliva.

Round chubby body, four short legs, one short tail, red coloured eyes, a segmented mouth with two long and sharp big buck teeth, shoulders carrying a half meter long carrot that was as tall as them. That’s right, the two summons were actually a buck-toothed rabbits that were as fat as a rubber ball and were standing on their feet, each carrying a big carrot!”

Tian Tian extended her fingers and pointed impressively towards the sheep, “Little White, attack!”

Receiving the orders to attack, the two fat buck-toothed rabbits stepped forwards with their two short legs…… even though these two rabbits were as fat as a ball, their speed and jumping strength were terrifyingly strong. Under Tian Tian’s command, they leapt out as if there was a spring in their bodies and in a blink of an eye, they each flew in front of a sheep and accurately and mercilessly whirled the carrot, smashing onto the sheep before landing on the ground.

Bang! Bang!


When the carrot had smashed down, the damage points that it inflicted shocked the girls. Under the attacks of both Little White, the Sheep Monsters with only 300 HP at most were killed instantly …… and that wasn’t all. The Sheep Monsters that were twice as large as the Little Whites were violently smashed by the carrots and flew out to around 10 meters before dropping down, becoming dead sheep. At the same time, both Little Whites disappeared into thin air after completing their attack.

“Haha, they’re strong, aren’t they?” Tian Tian put her hands on her hips while bursting with delight, feeling very proud of herself. Before she obtained this profession, she would need to spend a large amount of effort to defeat one normal LV10 monster, but now she could effortlessly kill two in an instant. Thus, she understood that she had a pretty impressive profession

“So strong, its damage can even be compared to mine!” Xiao Qi nodded as she exclaimed in shock. She was currently a LV20 Ice Mage and would only deal 500+ damage if she attacked this sheep using her strongest ability. Tian Tian’s summon had used two attacks just now and both attacks had damage of over 500. Furthermore, Tian Tian’s level was only LV10!

Ling Chen was dumbfounded. He remembered that Tian Tian’s Little White summons could concentrate their attacks to strike one target or disperse their attacks to strike multiple targets. If they concentrated the attack to strike one target, then the damage they could deal could reach over 1000. And this was when Tian Tian could only summon two; if she could simultaneously summon 8 or 10 of them at the same time and then concentrate their attack on a single target, then the damage points…… would definitely be too terrifying. Furthermore adding on to the damage, there was even a strong effect of sending the target flying.

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