Shura's Wrath

Chapter 269

Escaping from Lunar Sky Hell

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“Come, give this Spatial Stone to me. Even though my Feng Chen Sect’s primary abilities aren’t in attacking, but I’ve still lived for 2,000 or so years so I’ve got quite a bit of strength in me. Even if I fought directly against the monsters in here, it wouldn’t be so easy for them to kill me.”

Ling Chen handed the Spatial Stone over to Xiao Feng Chen, then moved back a few steps, watching how Xiao Feng Chen would extract the spatial energy from the stone.

Xiao Feng Chen put the Spatial Stone on the ground, and clenched his hand into a fist. He breathed in deeply, and smashed his hand onto the Spatial Stone while yelling.


This was the sound created by Xiao Feng Chen’s fist hitting the Spatial Stone. Just this sound showed how much destructive power that one punch had. If it was a normal stone, it would have been blown to smithereens, but the Spatial Stone was still completely fine… it was not damaged in the slightest.


Following from the massive sound of the fist hitting the Spatial Stone, Xiao Feng Chen leapt up and started jumping around, shaking his hand in pain. “Ow ow ow ow ow ow! Holy frick that hurt! ARGHHHH~~~”

Ling Chen: ⊙﹏⊙b

“Err… are you alright?” Ling Chen cautiously asked. He looked down at the Spatial Stone and confirmed that it was not damaged at all.

“I-I’m fine, how could I not be alright. I just underestimated this stone, and didn’t use my full strength. Just a mistake, a mistake.” Xiao Feng Chen waved his hands furiously as he yelled out. However, when he turned around, Ling Chen could clearly see that there were tears of pain starting to come out from his eyes.

“Should… should I try?” Ling Chen asked.

“You?? I know you have ridiculous mental energy, but I can tell from your aura that your strength is pretty weak; even if you hit it for 100 years it’ll be pointless.” Xiao Feng Chen breathed in deeply, and stood in front of the Spatial Stone again, wiping away his tears, “Goddamit, I really underestimated this stone. Just then was… half… yep, half of my full strength, but it wasn’t enough to force any of the spatial energy out. I’m determined to use my full strength and force you to spit out some spatial energy!!”

“Hah!!” Xiao Feng Chen took a new stance in front of the Spatial Stone, and gripped both hands into fists. He began to gather his strength while shouting, “Oraaaaaaa…. Watch me smash it at full strength!”

Xiao Feng Chen’s teeth were gritted together and every muscle on his body tightened. It really seemed as if he was going to every single bit of energy in his body for this one strike. He raised his fists, then smashed them downwards simultaneously.


Just from hearing the massive sound, it was evident that this strike was at least twice as powerful as the previous one. Ling Chen could almost feel the ground trembling under his feet.

Ling Chen looked over and saw that there were tears flowing down Xiao Feng Chen’s face again. However, he was gritting his teeth and did not let out any cries of pain. After everything had quietened down, Ling Chen looked over and saw that there was still no sign of damage on the Spatial Stone, much less any spatial energy leaking out… rather, the two fists on top of the Spatial Stone had become bright red, as if someone had just roasted them.

“Still not enough.” Ling Chen said as he shook his head.

Xiao Feng Chen dejectedly sat on the ground, huffing and puffing, while gnashing his teeth, “It’s indeed a Spatial Stone; looks like trying to forcefully extract some of its spatial energy won’t be that easy. However, that’s alright- with the Spatial Stone, we have some hope. Let me rest for a bit- I didn’t prepare properly just then. I’ll try again after a few hours.”

“Let me try.” After roughly calculating how strong Xiao Feng Chen’s two strikes were, and considering his peak attack strength, Ling Chen still wanted to give it a shot.

“You? Cheh, even though my attack strength isn’t that great, but I’ve still trained for 2,000 years or so. Boy, you’ve only lived for a few years; do you really think your attack strength is superior to those two strikes just then?” Xiao Feng Chen asked with an expression of disdain.

Ling Chen couldn’t be bothered replying to him. Instead, he walked over and took the Spatial Stone and placed it in front of him. He equipped the Zephyr Blade and Great Ravager, causing Xiao Feng Chen’s expression to change, “Two pieces of Celestial grade equipment… heheh, boy, you’re pretty lucky. To have two pieces of Celestial grade equipment at such strength, back then I… wait a second, those two weapons should both be two-handed weapons; how are you holding them both at the same time? That doesn’t seem right! Ai, even if you have two Celestial grade equipment, it’s still going to be pointless. Don’t bother wasting your energy.”

Ling Chen didn’t pay any attention to Xiao Feng Chen’s ramblings. He slowly raised up the Zephyr Blade and Great Ravager. It seemed that there had to be enough strength in a single strike, so in that case…

“Soul Sacrifice!”

“Battle Soul Possession!”

The max level Soul Sacrifice could cause Ling Chen’s attack power to increase by five times! At LV3, Battle Soul Possession not only increased damage by 100%, but also gave him Absolute Crit. With these two skills, Ling Chen’s strikes were almost 10 times as powerful as they were normally!

When those two glows appeared on Ling Chen’s body, and his battle aura surged, Xiao Feng Chen immediately stopped talking and stared at him in shock. He simply couldn’t believe what was happening.

What was going on? His aura suddenly skyrocketed by so much! This boy, not only was his mental energy incredible, but his battle power…

Wait, this feeling… Battle Soul Possession?

Could he be that guy’s successor?

No wonder he was so adamant in keeping his current profession; it really seemed like he had inherited that guy’s power!

You and I were like enemies, yet also like friends back then; we’ve helped each other and fought each other so many times, and in the end we even chose the same successor. Haha, perhaps this was all fate.

“Ling Tian Burst!”

“Thousand Kilogram Rend!”

The max level Soul Sacrifice and LV3 Battle Soul Possession filled Ling Chen with power, giving him a feeling like his blood was boiling. Gripping his two weapons, he smashed them down onto the small Spatial Stone…

Please work!


Under Ling Chen’s full strength strike, the resulting sound almost caused Ling Chen’s eardrums to burst. As a result of the shockwave, Ling Chen was forced to stumble backwards by a few steps, and caused him to stunned for a moment. Beside him, Xiao Feng Chen was completely dumbstruck. He was completely certain that that strike was able to split apart the earth. Suddenly, he saw that about three steps in front of Ling Chen, there was a jet black Spatial Rift about two metres tall, and was rapidly closing.

Success!! A bit of the spatial energy from the Spatial Stone had leaked out, forming a Spatial Rift!

“We’ve succeeded! Quick! Let’s go!!”

At this moment, there was no time to hesitate. The Spatial Rift had suddenly appeared and was rapidly closing. Xiao Feng Chen leapt into action, and activated “Broken Shadow”. He sped over and picked Ling Chen up, as well as the Spatial Stone on the ground, then charged into the Spatial Rift.

One second later, the jet black Spatial Rift had completely disappeared, taking all traces of Xiao Feng Chen and Ling Chen with it.

“Hahahaha, we’re out, we’re finally out! Hahahaha!!”

Xiao Feng Chen raised his head to the sky and laughed wildly for three whole minutes, until his throat was sore.

That’s right, they had indeed escaped. After going into the Spatial Rift, they were sent to a place where there were cool breezes, and plenty of sunlight. They definitely weren’t in the Lunar Sky Hell anymore. Xiao Feng Chen, who had not experienced sunlight or wind for 1,000 years laughed and cried non-stop. Ling Chen deeply breathed out, and did not disturb Xiao Feng Chen’s emotional outburst. Instead, he sat down, and took out the map to confirm where he was. He had only been in the Lunar Sky Hell for a fairly short period of time, so he had not truly experienced the terrors of that place, so his reaction was not as strong as Xiao Feng Chen’s.

“If I didn’t enter the Lunar Sky Hell, perhaps I would have never been able to find the Pisces Orb.” Ling Chen muttered to himself while looking at the Pisces Orb in the Lunar Scourge. It was simply impossible to understand how fate worked. Entering the Lunar Sky Hell should have been a terrible catastrophe for him… in fact, it should have been that he would have been stuck in that situation forever. However, what resulted was completely different.

From the map, it seemed that he and Xiao Feng Chen had been transported to a place in the north of the Forgotten Continent, a place called Wild Goose Valley. Just based on the name, it was clear that this was not a dangerous place. They had been transported to the top of a small hill.

Xiao Feng Chen had tired from laughing, and was incredibly happy, “The Forgotten Continent’s air is so fresh… I never thought I would be able to experience this air again in my entire life. Looks like I need to keep living for a long time; I can’t just come out after all this time to just die before enjoying myself. By the way, Ling Tian, where’s your master right now?”

“My master?” Ling Chen was confused, “I don’t have a master.”

“You don’t have one? Then where did your Battle Soul Possession come from?” Seeing that Ling Chen didn’t seem to be lying to him, Xiao Feng Chen asked with curiosity.

Ling Chen understood what Xiao Feng Chen was talking about and nodded, “My power is indeed the Battle Soul… but this power was inherited from a senior called the “War God”. As for that “War God”, he already died a thousand years ago.”

“Dead…?” Xiao Feng Chen’s mouth opened and closed, and an expression of sorrow flashed on his face, but was quickly replaced with his normal cheery smile, “If he’s dead, then he’s dead. At least he won’t have to face any problems anymore. Plus, it saves me the effort to go and find him.”

“Did you know him?” Ling Chen asked in surprise.

“Haha, I did. Back then, he was called the strongest human, and was the closest person to the Saint Destroyer level. As for me, I was the only person he feared. Moreover… Ai, forget it, those are all old things from a thousand years ago. You’re the inheritor of his power, so go and make this power known throughout all the land. He dedicated his whole life to his training, and his greatest desire was to reach the level of his ancestors. Looks like his wish will have to be accomplished through you.” Xiao Feng Chen wistfully said.

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